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Chat log from R2 of 2020: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R2 of 2020

Apachecats: Is Pickett in or out?
Kidult: Out for 1 game Spargo got 2
Kidult: Neale-Bullen replaced
missmagic: guessing j.hunt is the late in for pickett,afl website and here very slack
BigChief: @missmagic Hunt was selected Thursday. ANB has replaced Pickett
Kidult: Interest in Jackson,Bennell,Rivers,Pittonet
Ash777: billy n gary together again
missmagic: thanks,not affected re fantasy,they were very good with young and wilson in other game
thiccgucci: interested to see how viney performs SC wise
MercAm: lowkey want viney to flop
thiccgucci: Curnow running with Viney
las_cons: this is petraccas year
Kidult: Oliver will get off to a flyer if Curnow on Viney
thiccgucci: Massive start so far from petracca
Misternick: Is Curnow seriously tagging Viney?
Kidult: and his coaching career lasted 2 seasons.
thiccgucci: Yep, teague trying to teach us a lesson for point chasing
BigChief: Blues disposal is pathetic.
sMiles: 2×13, hey? Think Bennell should be 17
StuL: The season will be half over by the time rookies mature. Just need enough cash from Viney to sideways to cogs.
thiccgucci: I agree Stul. Im gonna trie ride viney to cunnington
Kidult: Gawn to get his BE by half time haha
StuL: I got him for fast cash. I only gave up roberton and fort for him
thiccgucci: Rivers looks really good
StuL: Gawn to Naismith ppl said? Nah
zoomba23: Rivers can play
zadolinnyj: could be a record by gawn today
exatekk: Agreed StuL. Just a dumb move
StuL: Clack clack clack.. Carltons spoon collection
seanfc99: how are we guys
Juzzo: gawn C
Kidult: Williamson might be a goer with Newman injured
PowerBug: Might be a tombstone this one 🙁
Apachecats: Betting Viney turns into one of those sucker buys.
thiccgucci: love me some docherty
teddyt: yeah because the carlton coach has brain damage and decides to tag Viney instead of oliver or petracca. Working out well
beerent11: Easy money apache keep him for a couple of rounds
thiccgucci: im impressed by petracca TOG
zadolinnyj: went from maybe trading gawn to putting a C on him. never trade a premium
BigChief: @StuL both Geelong and Carlton 5 spoons each.
CozzieCan: Where’s M.kreuzer?
zadolinnyj: viney tackles so scores well. 22 with a tag good.
heppelitis: 268 points from 5 players that qtr for me…happy days
StuL: I think Geelong has 1 when i was a baby. Carltons are all recent and enjoyable
frenzy: can see why crows got rid of betts and mcgoven
StuL: Big Max, like the hamburger. Yea. No not like the bloody hamburger.
exatekk: I rated McGovern at the Crows. But he has lost his desire.
Gotigres: I have Neale as captain and was happy until Gawn’s score. Both opps have him as C 🙁
BigChief: I thought Carl had a chance to win this, but they might be lucky to actually score.
Jackwatt$: Oh no I took Starcevich score as E but now I want Rivers again. How do I reverse it?
seanfc99: @jackwatts similar tossing up to go doedee or take the ton
Jackwatt$: The only time I ever make anyone C or VC other than Gawn & Grundy is when they play each other. Works well
Kidult: If the tag stats on Viney I think the coach will lose support from alot of their own supoorters
exatekk: Yep. Gawn & Grundy. The perma-captains
arbel: wow viney killing me
pcaman2003: I see Viney back to his hot and cold self. Who got sucked in?
Lawls: Trading gawn out allowed me to get Howe and Neale, so i don’t mind doing that
thiccgucci: I think it may be on petracca now
Kidult: stays*
Ash777: glad to have doc reliable back
Apachecats: yes from me PAC man
rustyc: Curnow tagging Trac not Viney
Misternick: Curnow now tagging Trac very tightly
StuL: I only traded junk for viney. He only needs 70 plus to make some fast cash
pcaman2003: Apache…hope he gets better for you. Sucks today so far.
Baldfrog: Told yas last game demons easy
beerent11: Exactly stul viney purely a money maker not a keeper
DrSeuss: Need Harley to start getting a few easy touches.
Kidult: Wonder if they will give Jackson a full crack at ruck in the last and manage Gawn
Kidult: surely will b up by like 70 by then
Apachecats: Starting to get a few touches pacman but 100 target looking a bit hard.
frenzy: Cripps can extract a digit also
BigChief: Great pickup by Carl getting Betts. Hahaha
Apachecats: Cripps obviously saving himself for a massive 2nd half.
Baldfrog: Betts is a money seeker thanks goodness otherwise we would still have him
Fatbar5tad: Captain Cripps. Shithouse
Apachecats: Cripps 1 sc point for the 1/4.
Apachecats: Same here Fatbar.
pcaman2003: Opponent has Cripps so I’m not unhappy.
jbjimmyjb: viney is hurt
beerent11: Comeback!
BigChief: Cripps will still get 100 CD love him
Apachecats: People who bought Viney are hurt.
Pinoy: Betts and McGovern sold to Carlton ..Go crows lo
beerent11: There’s a bit of houlihan about setterfield
BigChief: @pinoy Gibbs is starring so it’s a lose lose.
Baldfrog: Gibbs is our worst ever decision
beerent11: Realistically viney averages 75 to 90 for the season but will go up a lot in price if he gets his be
exatekk: BE of -19. people will make cash.
Kidult: Pittonet still looks a handy r3 money maker
Crowls: So good to see Bennell playing again. You can see the class when has the ball
Pinoy: at least Gibbs we got 1 season plus we got Betts and Jacobs …think we will trade with Blues anyday
beerent11: Clarry just quietly killing it too
Baldfrog: Who do we want from blues besides Cripps?
Crowls: given the excess trades this yr, cost of money grab is worth the trade. Say you went cripps to viney, 200+k spend
BigChief: 1 season for 2 1st round picks? Yep great value indeed.
Crowls: Clarry looking so much fitter now, nice balance between size and mobility
StuL: Not keeping the c on gawn is my biggest screw up so far.
Kidult: Well Rivers outscored Noble at D5 for me
Crowls: cripps 44pts for doing nothing
Baldfrog: Glad silk got no suspension
CozzieCan: Carlton picking up J.Newnes , terrible idea .. was useless at ST Kilda
Crowls: got stracavic 99 as my E, BZT onfield
TheBoy89: First comment since 2017 damn
frenzy: thats why they sacked SOS
Crowls: what silk got off!!! no way, def sling tackle
Baldfrog: Miss SOS already Frenzy
Kidult: o wow didn’t know he scaled that much Walters got a nice chunk also
Baldfrog: 1k fine
TheBoy89: Everyone Join Supercoach Jords Discord Server
BigChief: Glad Silk got off. Nothing in it.
frenzy: I bet you do Baldfrog
Grimes Jr: Silk did the comp a favour
Jackwatt$: Think I’m in a league with Jords and giving him a belting! Gawn captain!
Baldfrog: You Vice have some rain coming hasn’t stopped all day here
Ooost: Just put Brander on the bench to loophole the stracavic 99
Baldfrog: Vics *
TheBoy89: Jack join the discord server
Jackwatt$: There’s so much content on the ‘net these days but there’ll only ever be 1 m0nty
Baldfrog: Jack give it a rest m8
Jackwatt$: Ok
Grimes Jr: Carlton really suck
Kidult: I can see 5 130+ demons coming
frenzy: blues last 3, lol
Pies20: Jackwatt$ been around for ages back off lad’s
Jackwatt$: Thanks Pies. Sorry fellas, I get a bit carried away when the Dee’s are red hot
frenzy: pittonet will be a good cow
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you Cripps
wadaramus: Crippa you hack!
BigChief: Cripps can’t kick set shot goals.
zoomba23: Always been a shit kick for goal has Cripps
cmperrfect: Gawn could make he BE at this rate
wadaramus: I’ve never been a fan of Carlton since they used to flog us in the 90’s.
BigChief: @m0nty I think you have Casboult and McGovern mixed up. in game blog.
wadaramus: But right now, carn the Blues!
frenzy: dees packed up, Lol
cmperrfect: About as good as Danger @zoomba
Lawls: Okay Gawn you can slow down a tad please to make me feel less bad
Lawls: Still think I’ll be ahead in net points
wadaramus: Rivers is a real dasher off half back.
BigChief: Agreed @wada he looks good, but will wait and see against a stronger opponent.
wadaramus: Like the way he takes it on BC, busts a move to get things going forward quickly.
Struda: 804 points so far this game jesussss
Apachecats: 225/3 for me Struda ,not great.
beerent11: Viney came good
jbjimmyjb: If viney averages 95-100, he’s definitely worth it, he’ll gain at least 100k which is great
pcaman2003: Apache…See Viney coming good for you.
Struda: hell gain 100k in 2 weeks with 85s
blonde0na: why don’t they pay dropping the ball in the tackle anymore?
Struda: Gawn C, Tracc, Oliver, Viney, Rivers, Doch and Crippa for me
Kidult: Gonna be some massive scores with Neale or Gawn C, Fyfe and Starc on Field
Apachecats: looks like tonning up PCA ,nice come back.
zoomba23: I get the sentimental appeal, but Eddie’s past it. Big mistake from Carlton
Kidult: Wish we had more than 3 ruck spots need Pittonet+Naismith next week
pcaman2003: Feeling bad for Cripps owners. He’s sucking big time today
frenzy: i have a feeling for cripps also
Baldfrog: Lost my feeling about an hour ago
Baldfrog: Think Dees need TMac in the back line
Apachecats: I have a feeling Carlton will get up here.
BigChief: Carl terrible kicking at goal.
wadaramus: Cripps you hack!!
zoomba23: Lol
wadaramus: Come on Cripps!
DrSeuss: Bennell has done ok for 50% game time
Apachecats: Did someone mention Cripps?
beerent11: Cripppppaaaaaa!!!!!!!
pcaman2003: Agreed Seuss
mattmac24: Cripps as captain was looking really bad.. what a quarter!!!!
Breezey: Seriously if these Dees pelicans lose this then they can pull out of the comp
frenzy: how long
pcaman2003: Cripps gets a couple of touches and suddenly jumps to 106?
NewFreoFan: Stats when it’s close at crunch time always earn more SC
NewFreoFan: Could there be another draw?
mattmac24: A couple of touches and a goal to get within a point. That’ll get a lot of points this season.
Struda: contested marks pcaman
BigChief: Carl blew that.
Kidult: Docherty went backwards by alot
AuroraBore: Yeah Walsh lost the game for his team then
Struda: this scaling is cooked
mattmac24: 222 points of scaling left
BigChief: @aurora I would say the missed shots from McKay, Betts, Martin and Cripps x 2 was worse than Walsh.

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