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Chat log from R2 of 2020: Brisbane vs Fremantle

Chat log for Brisbane vs Fremantle, R2 of 2020

NewFreoFan: Will be good to see Young but damn Wilson is a big out
BigChief: Young will be a great player in years to come. Wish I kept him in my side.
Baldfrog: Well Neale better go well chose him over Mccrae
Gotigres: Same here Baldfrog
Raspel31: Ditto.
Ash777: I have mcluggage and shulz so hope they do better this game.
Rebuild: Starcevich on track to beat his R1 score in the first 10 mins
Gotigres: Great start Neale. Keep it up.
jbjimmyjb: Starcevich is looking great early
pcaman2003: Plenty will have Neale as C today. He’s a good choice.
Baldfrog: Enjoying Starca so far a s well
duckky: Gee the Shockers want to make Andrews look good
StuL: Starcevich unlikely stud. Could loop him
pcaman2003: How could Scultz be denied such a good tackle? Bewildering sometimes.
nbartos: very young team do freo have, building – Again
m0nty: same old Dockers, always crabbing
NewFreoFan: Yeah, plus new coach and gameplan which the break won’t have helped
Gandhi: They actually look like they have a decent bunch of young players this time though
Ash777: wtf shulz on -4
nbartos: nice clearances freo
thiccgucci: worst decision of my life risking Luke Ryan
frenzy: A Starc reminder to all those that traded him
Baldfrog: When Ryan is good he is very good but when bad is like a bout of gastro
nbartos: martin v darcy in the ruck – massive sc diff
NewFreoFan: Ryan suffers from the injuries of our backline, when Pearce and Hamling are out he has to be more defensive
Gotigres: oh no, my opp has Starcevich. Never thought I would be worried about that.
thiccgucci: Doesnt look like he is even playing an intercept role nor trying atm
BigChief: @nbartos Big O rucking most of it so far.
nbartos: ah ok, cheers BC
thiccgucci: that would make sense @newfreofan
beerent11: Nice start captain lachie
Yelse: where fyfe been
beerent11: Yep straight swap Ryan to Stewart for me if this rubbish keeps up
StuL: This is the worst qtr fyfe has ever played. No soft home games. He might stink
thiccgucci: wish i didnt take the captain off neale and onto gawn
StuL: Lyons has a spray coming
beerent11: Gawn will go very big too thicc
StuL: Anyone banking Grundy or roll the dice? Tempted to go Gawn. Depends how close my game is.
Ash777: someone at CD hates schulz it seems
MercAm: @Stul didnt bank grundy and went or Neale, and so far beauti start
frenzy: Max might get a spell if they’re in control and the young bloke take over
Coutzy: @StuL banked Grundy myself, but opponent doing the same made the choice easy
Misternick: Crazy Neale isn’t getting tagged
pcaman2003: Even with 2 clangers,not sure why Schultz still -1
StuL: I think i bank unless i need need gawn to win
thiccgucci: i think melbourne v carlton will be close
StuL: Thks guys
Ash777: someone tell fyfe that neale isn’t on his team anymore lol
blonde0na: up the blue baggers
Baldfrog: Think Melbourne should win easy
pcaman2003: Fyfe will be nice and cheap soon.
beerent11: I took the risk on Neale
pcaman2003: How will Bennell go today guys? Will he get through ?
FlyinRyan2: what is fyfe doing
Baldfrog: Probably not pcaman
beerent11: Hayden young is just in time to ease the zerk worry
Misternick: @pcaman2003 I am taking Bennell’s score over T Browns 43
beerent11: Fyfe will pull his finger out soon.
NewFreoFan: Fyfe sookling up deluxe
GobChuck: Brown loophole bombed, play McInerney from swans or Bennell?
jbjimmyjb: fyfe looks like he could not care less, neale is all over him at stoppages
thiccgucci: traded out brayshaw lmao rough week for me
StuL: Bennel no more than 60-80. If he goes bigger, bonus
cmperrfect: Anyone get sucked into Bewley?
CamT: Bennel 50/50 chance to get through the banner without a calf tear.
Baldfrog: He played bad 1st round thicc cause his foot was stood on
Crave: brayshaw had lots of issues in the first game with his body, was always going to bounce back
Majump96: Brayshaw showing his worth
StuL: I didnt get the bewley love. Wish i listened to phantom and ditched fyfe. But adopted a keep all guns policy
pcaman2003: Bennell tempting but worried about another breakdown. Maybe in a couple of weeks.
CamT: dodged a bullet with Bewley. It was either him or Darcy Fort for a while :O
blonde0na: is bewley actually being played as FP and not on the wing coming outta HB?
thiccgucci: i think so @blonde
cmperrfect: Fyfe just loping around. Looks disinterested
BigChief: Was that really Fyfe’s 1st kick?
Yelse: why does braywshaw always have so little game time
thiccgucci: Fyfe will still find the ton
DrSeuss: Starcevich on my bench while Walters is on field 🙁
nbartos: would rather be surfing – can ya blame him lol
beerent11: Here he goes
StuL: Ok fyfe not dead. He’s looked terrible though
Ash777: here we go again
frenzy: Brayshaw TOG sinks him every week
pcaman2003: Massive leap by Aish from 26 to 52 in one hit.
BigChief: Rich stinking it up.
nbartos: jeez freo doing much better than i thought they would
Ash777: no lyons to drag them down
GobChuck: alright settle down brayshaw, gonna be hard to afford you next week if u keep this up
BigChief: And just like that Fyfe goes to top of Freo SC
NewFreoFan: Thank god for Tabs’ hands
cmperrfect: CD luv Fyfe
StuL: Fyfe has played 4 good mins of footy in this game. But that 4 is good enough.
MercAm: how the hell has fyfe done that
StuL: Ok stace pig. Looping him
Yelse: if brays haw player 80+ game time would get 120+ easily every time
cmperrfect: 9 touches and 2 goal 2nd qtr, go Nat
Crave: Brayshaw really needs to build his tank
Misternick: Go away Fyfe, was gonna get you soon 🙁
beerent11: Superstar #7
cmperrfect: Cape for Fyfe m0nty
pcaman2003: Schultz to be dumped soon if he doesn’t get the pill.
Baldfrog: You realise Brayshaw is only 20yo lol don’t expect much
NewFreoFan: Brayshaw needs to increase his disposal skill too though
cmperrfect: Starcevich looks a keeper
shaker: Starcevich keeps this up and BZT will be back on the field
cmperrfect: Brayshaw similar to a young Jobe Watson
nbartos: hamling and pearce would make the freo defence look a lot better of course and maybe hogan up fwd
Majump96: Brayshaw just needs TOG
Stikman35: Took Jobe longer to get up to AFL pace
thiccgucci: need a good half from ryan or he becomes stewart
NewFreoFan: Great comparison cmperrfect
Baldfrog: And Jobe never had his jaw smashed
nbartos: dirtier than baz halls punch that was Bald
NewFreoFan: Brayshaw will be Freo captain one day I reckon
CozzieCan: Feels great to have the footy back.. was going insane
Baldfrog: Freofan you sure he’ll stay in WA
NewFreoFan: Yep, definite
Gotigres: Wonderful Neale
cmperrfect: Cmon Lachie, 150 please
Baldfrog: Neale nearly passed Grundy already
StuL: I think Darcy has got injured every game i have seen him play. Another glass man
cmperrfect: Darcy another Gumbleton haha
cmperrfect: Neale $11 for Brownlow
StuL: Cockatoo would be up there for fragility. Gets injured in lockdown
Baldfrog: Lol Stul
BallsyBot: when you have neale captain, fyfe and starc on field 😎
Baldfrog: M0nty where has the Clugg gone?
nbartos: fyfe another brownlow imo
thiccgucci: good quarter from Ryan
Kidult: Who would have thought Fyfe could outscore Neale after the 1st qtr
CozzieCan: Nice Fyfe round 2 hero for me
StuL: Fyfe was on 6 at qt. And he looked it. Glad i ignored phantom now
thiccgucci: What did phantom say about fyfe?
Yelse: comnnn Lyons 6 more possis for my multi got help you
Baldfrog: How much you spend on these multis Yelse?
frenzy: bring it home Andy
NewFreoFan: Hah I have the same need Yelse
NewFreoFan: Need some boo crowd noises for this umpiring
wolfheart: fyfe v neale.a boss battle royale with cheese.
Yelse: These same game multis get good odds but geez 16 min quarters worst
cmperrfect: Cmon Lachie. Get amongst it
Kidult: Watch now B.Williams will come in late as I have E on Starc
StuL: Boooo! I dont care. Im going for fyfe and Starc
Yelse: seriously Lyons lift
pcaman2003: Schulz costing me. Buyers remorse!
MercAm: Far out CD absolutley love fyfe
Ash777: phew I thought you meant dogs b.williams was out
V@lks: Got him too Ash 🙁
V@lks: whoops meant pcaman
Kidult: hehe sorry Ash
thiccgucci: neale is so clean and composed. best mid in the comp?
wolfheart: The Big O. Marks like a rock star, kicks like a blind man.
cmperrfect: Neale star, Fyfe gun
sMiles: Berry Nice, Little T
sMiles: if you had kicked the freaking goal
Kidult: cmon Starc raise the bat!
PowerBug: Cameron X Factor?
wolfheart: can the dockers pinch it?
wolfheart: nope. Umps make sure of it.
BigChief: nope. Lions win
thiccgucci: loving this as a Ryan owner. got like 4 free kicks here
sMiles: Lions deserved to lose in the end. That was shocking finishing
Breezey: Loving this as a Neale and Walters owner
Yelse: Do prices go up after this round?
MercAm: @yelse yep
Dead_Ned: bewley not great, but fyfe neale and starch 🙂
Stikman35: Starcevich should have been at pies. Triplett. Is he related?
frenzy: 2 stars?

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