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Chat log from R2 of 2020: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, R2 of 2020

Baldfrog: Well done Figjam getting to 250
GobChuck: Who we all got playing tonight lads
Baldfrog: Stewart and that’s it
frenzy: thanks for dropping Fort cats, really needed that
GobChuck: Danger Titch Sicily and Ceglar tonight, big one incoming
Gotigres: Watch Sicily score 130+ now that I dumped him for Neale.
sammyo7: Another draw tonight lads?
Baldfrog: Sicily to get reported
Lodgy: Lets go hawkers! Wingard and Titch wax it up tonight!
Baldfrog: That fanzine really shows who has slow inter8
Baldfrog: Internet *
Dead_Ned: Danger with the C, Titch and Ceglar
beerent11: Evening friends, hope we get a good one tonight
beerent11: Only sic and ceg here
StuL: Great start.
Lodgy: Howe long until big boy is back rucking? Cegs starting to realise it aint easy being the no.1
Pokerface: cegs will stay there. big boy too important where he is now
Pokerface: you cant make statements like that based on 10 minutes
beerent11: Got the c on Stanley so far so good
beerent11: Not really
bushranger: Worpedo and the Chad for me
beerent11: Big boy back frees up sicily
Lodgy: I just rate mcevoy as a ruckman. And if rhys stanley killing him there, id rather have hawks best ruck there
Jackwatt$: What is that icon for figjam?
beerent11: Liam shiels – shield
pcaman2003: You can start now Titch.
BigChief: I think McEvoy a little slow for CHB
pcaman2003: Duckwood back to his usual
Pokerface: well put him where frost is then and turf frost
NewFreoFan: What on eartth was McEvoy doing then
Pokerface: icicle frost? hawhaw
Baldfrog: Why not try Patton useless everywhere else
Pokerface: perhaps switch frost and patton.
Apachecats: good one PF.
BigChief: I have Stewart only in this 1.
Dogs5416: Any chance titch
NewFreoFan: Not sure about Shiels as a tagger
thommoae: Pretty sure Patton kicked that ‘fluffed his lines’ rushed behind
Pokerface: m0nty are you being impartial with your live game blog???
pcaman2003: Hawks looking very ordinary. Need great improvement from here
Jackwatt$: Has anyone played m0ntys new game yet?
beerent11: Cats have bews dragging Sicily away from the play
Jackwatt$: I’m surprised he hasn’t given it a mention on here
blonde0na: guthrie putting some attention into titch at centre bounces?
StuL: It’s never over against the hawks. My whole 40 plus years.
twinpeaks: Ugghh who else went Titch as captain?
heppelitis: Good come back by the Cuban Ceglar
frenzy: Cegs doing okay now
blonde0na: guilty
Raspel31: A year ago I had 5 players from these 2 teams. Now I have none
DrSeuss: Took the C off Titch last minute. Multiple Cats putting work into him at every stoppage. Guthrie, Narkle & Jelwood
Lodgy: Cegs getting his points against the big rat
Baldfrog: When’s the EPL back Raspel?
Raspel31: 17th baldfrog.
Baldfrog: Cheers
Dead_Ned: ffs danger captain. Needs to LIFT
BigChief: Perfect example of McEvoy being too slow right there.
NewFreoFan: Big boy waaaaay too slow to play back there
NewFreoFan: Is Shiels still tagging Danger?
DrSeuss: Titch getting going now
pcaman2003: Titch slowly warming up
beerent11: Cmon sicdog
RenoMan: Wish I had Parfitt
Baldfrog: You do a lot of wishing Reno
NewFreoFan: Pretty sure you don’t Renoman
RenoMan: 61 is good score before HT
Baldfrog: Least you wont have to wish for a win 2moro night should win easily
frenzy: someone poke the Cuban pls
RenoMan: I think you lot could surprise some people this year Baldfrog
NewFreoFan: Ablett protected species
BigChief: Fucking soft Ablett.
Baldfrog: Footy is soft these days
beerent11: Fist bumps much more safe than high fives
BigChief: 100% agree @Baldfrog.
Baldfrog: Chief its this that’s turning me off footy slowly
pcaman2003: Defend Hawks FGS.
DrSeuss: Titch has slowed again 🙁
TheMessiah: Don’t watch the NRL and then the AFL. Fuck our sport is soft.
BigChief: Netball has more contact than AFL nowdays.
Lodgy: Umpires are back 2nd game in… back to calling nothingness. Let them play
Raspel31: Narkle just gave Sicily s French kiss. Out of here. Can’t let my kids see that,
scrappers: i hate to say it as a victorian brought up on afl but it looks like a girls game these days. get in to nrl more now! sad
Raspel31: Okay, captains this week lads? Grunty was a tad down. Going Neale. Thoughts?
exatekk: Gawn here
Stu7: Neale too
V@lks: Going Gawn against Shittonet
Stu7: Come on F@ckNarkle
Baldfrog: Neal or McRae not sure yet
pcaman2003: Does Ablett even have an opponent?
Stu7: If I had Macrae I’d go him over Neale
Baldfrog: Am leaning that way Stu7
zadolinnyj: geelong clean
Raspel31: Given op Im leaning Neale baldgfrog , but??
pcaman2003: The hapless,hopeless Hawks this half
Baldfrog: Just think Freo might target Neale Raspel that’s why some doubt
NewFreoFan: Yeah Danger has completely broken the tag this quarter
Baldfrog: But after watching tonight’s softness I doubt they will lol
NewFreoFan: Baldfrog, don’t know who we’d tag Neale with. Maybe Banfield. Think Neale will go big anyway
Yelse: why aren’t ppl considering Gawn
Baldfrog: Don’t have him Yelse not enough money
Baldfrog: I asked I’d I could buy Yawn on afterpay but they said no
The39Steps: Fantasy duds – Hendo 610k, Shiels 704k, Patton 510k, Smith 647k.
Raspel31: Agree Newfront- he can break the tag better than Macrae
The39Steps: Umpires still terrified by Geelong ferals. Free kick count 18-9.
NewFreoFan: Always enjoy a good autocorrect take on my name haha
BigChief: Is Wingard in trouble? I am not sure of rules on that now.
Baldfrog: Probably Chief
Yelse: need worpel and duncan to get to 20 possesions to win multi 575 bucks
Baldfrog: Good luck yelse
BigChief: @yelse. They will need help to get there I think.
blonde0na: is that head slamming into the ground hard enough for you lads? 🙂
Baldfrog: Head slamming lol he got up fine
pcaman2003: Burgers might be gone I think.
BigChief: Nothing in that tackle. Free kick yes, but nothing more.
thommoae: Silk is sunk. A coupla weeks in that.
boges11: Anyone else have incorrect prices for Miers and Titch?
Baldfrog: Silk is frustrated
Yelse: Damn worpel seriously
beerent11: Won’t be seeing Darcy fort for a while
NewFreoFan: Gunston didn’t want anything to do with the ball then
Ash777: never go for a cats ruck
RenoMan: pornhub login
DrSeuss: Titch run out of gas after halftime?
RenoMan: omg guys!! wrong tab lol!!!
blonde0na: hawks mids well beaten tonight, not much ball going around
beerent11: Get titch about round 7 I reckon
pcaman2003: Long year for Hawks coming up. Clarko a lot of work ahead.
The39Steps: @pacman – perhaps clarko needs a change of scenery and players need a fresh viewpoint?
twinpeaks: This is a training drill
twinpeaks: Also Joel Selwood looks real tasty at that price
beerent11: Till he gets a 75 next week twin
BigChief: If Selwood stays as a mid and not wing he is well and truely worth it.
The39Steps: You know things are bad when Rohan kicks a goal against u.
beerent11: Don’t go back to 20 minute quarters please
mattmac24: Would honestly say hawks are playing bad just because it’s in Geelong
VodkaHawk: Lol, this is embarrassing, most would would locked in a Hawks win.
The39Steps: @mattmac – don’t sugarcoat a turd.
mattmac24: When a team hasn’t played there for 28 games.. I wouldn’t expect much from them
NewFreoFan: VodkaHawk who tips against the cats at home?
beerent11: 8 cats out scored the top hawk
frenzy: when your RUC leads the CP’s you got issues

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