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Chat log from R2 of 2020: Collingwood vs Richmond

Chat log for Collingwood vs Richmond, R2 of 2020

upweydons: Back
upweydons: Back
amigaman: Welcome back everyone
frenzy: we back, thank flower
frenzy: welcome back peeps
BigChief: Time for football.
blonde0na: good to be back!
HolyNorf: Evening lads
Pokerface: pedal m0nty, pedal
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
Regis124: Hello?
m0nty: ah, just a clock issue, fixed now. πŸ™‚
exatekk: Wahoo!!
BOMBRBLITZ: Any live SC scores this year?
wadaramus: There we go, normality restored πŸ™‚
dipstick: yessss were back. PS m)nts its 2020 no need to pedal, just get an electric motor
original: ahhh i can stop drinking now this is back up
BigChief: @wada well some sort of normality πŸ™‚
casey22: We’re back!
wadaramus: BC, it’s the “new normal”!!
valkorum: Footy is back
Baldfrog: Thought Monty was still listening to his jock Reynolds podcast
wadaramus: Grundy VC making a slow start.
wadaramus: SC scores, yeah baby, good shit m0nty!
dipstick: all my fantasy teams are rooo-ted
valkorum: Pickett 12 points for the quarter and hasnt touched the ball
Baldfrog: I have T Brown and Noble combined for 10 points
RenoMan: Pies to win by 60
RenoMan: I wished I picked Daicos
dipstick: really disappointing the made qtrs 16 mins like Ansett Cup
las_cons: how the f is martin on 30 at qtr time with 3 clangers…sc favours him so hard
frenzy: Cmon Chin lift!!!
dipstick: m0nty is boss fantasy score site
dipstick: anyone know how bad naismith hammy is? Might hang on if Cameron gets 80+
Nuffman: really @las?? I see an Elliot on 10 SC with literally nothing next to his name…
dezlav: Anyone seen Martin since qtr time??
Pokerface: no, las is right. CD rig it for dusty. and covid is created by 5G phones. yeah.
valkorum: Great – Grundy gone down the race
dezlav: @pokerface. Ha HA, too funny
MercAm: Flower what’s a matter with Grundy
Baldfrog: Didn’t take long poker
Nuffman: oh gosh.. @Poker… really?? Everyone knows 5g only spreads COVID! It doesn’t make it
StuL: Grundy just gone for a tinkle
dipstick: is the flame based on 80 tons or the old 100 tons m0nty?
heppelitis: tiger crowd roaring after that
Gotigres: vc Grundy disappointing so far
m0nty: flame is based on 80 this year
valkorum: at least you only have him as VC, I put the C on him
dipstick: @m0nts awesome. i knew you’d be on the ball!!! also, great interview on JR site. Can i blow any more smoke??? ;
Stu7: Grundy will come good
monkebuket: issue+monty=fix
Gotigres: seems a bit strange valkorum
Jackwatt$: Hearing m0nty on Jockreynolds was like seeing Ron Barassi coaching Carlton
StuL: Pies look like they hired a hair stylist
Stu7: Whoops Grundy goneeeee
Jackwatt$: Which Brown do i have in my team? Oh, I just know I’ll have the dud!
RenoMan: Dusty will finish below 60
BigChief: OMG I forgot to take C off Cameron from rd 1
dipstick: any BTC people here?
Stu7: Richmond only one goal scorer worrying times
BigChief: Martin is still protected. SMH
frenzy: come the flower on Chin
DrSeuss: Darcy Cameron about to overtake Grundy? Glad I traded Brodie in this week
BigChief: How was that not HTB against Dusty?
Pokerface: not a bad score from Darcy considering no goals and only 3 HO. can improve on this
Yelse: what is with these SC scores
Yelse: players look so tired
valkorum: @bigchief because the tackle that should have been holding the ball started high
Pokerface: what do u mean what is with sc scores?
BigChief: @valkorum the 1 on the boundry was high, the 1 in middle no way.
valkorum: The one on the boundary was the one I thought you were talking about
Stu7: Watch colliwobbles lose this
BigChief: Oh no. The 1 where he fended off in middle.
Ash777: Higgins the freak
pcaman2003: Free goal Tigers
Pokerface: muppet for score review umpire
exatekk: fk. what a load of crap!
Trindacut: Jeez, thought for a second Richmond were going to get robbed of that Higgins goal
beerent11: Howe is backing up from round 1 nicely
MercAm: Im flower-ing fuming right now. What a horrible call. Clearly in front of the line!?
Raspel31: Agreed beer and lower the anger levels ladies
Snarfy: Nice grammar m0nty! Turgid play (meaning overcomplicated I assume)….I would of said turded play!
Trindacut: Chuckin a collywobble Merc. That was cleanly grabbed before fully crossing the line.
Dead_Ned: starting to regret not getting howe
dipstick: why is darcy cameron a P plater?
BigChief: @dipstick played 1 game for Sydney
Raspel31: Starting to regret everything.
DrSeuss: Has Pickett touched it in the 2nd half?
Pokerface: you’ll still be taking grundy vc score
beerent11: Brodie can still get a vc score from here
MercAm: What is this umpiring, bloody atrocious
LuvIt74: traded out Macrae, Rich, Mcasey, BZT & Green for Hurn, Howe, Viney, Robertson & Rivers yesterday spewing Robertson isn’
Raspel31: I don’t think there is a sane person in the world who has not looped Grundy
StuL: Pies build a big lead to choke again? How much do they do this in big games?
Yelse: What grundy score do you take as VC
LuvIt74: Hoping Howe turns in to be a keeper but if not a great steeping stone
StuL: OK. What the hell. I thought Jack would nail that.
LuvIt74: Are prices still going up/down after round 3 or after round 2
dipstick: @yelse same as always. 125+
beerent11: Reckon Neale will go big yelse so 130 +
LuvIt74: Yelse 125 i’ll take
beerent11: Will be a fun sc season with 30 trades 17 games.
duckky: This must be tha AFLW score. The 6,6,6 rule wouldn’t let this sort of scoring happen.
dipstick: howe is good for top 6 def if magden stays in
Ash777: this game is AFLW scoring
Raspel31: Hmm- Neale interesting beer. Hmm?
Stu7: Grundy what a come back
BigChief: Whitfield is a good option as C
dipstick: a bird in the hand is worth 3 in the bag
twinpeaks: Taking Yeo over Adams really hurting so far. Will have to see if he and Dunk deliver this week
beerent11: Pendles is a modern great
twinpeaks: I think if Grundy gets to 90-95 that would be a take – bird in the hand as the Dip suggests
Raspel31: Pardon me- I am a mere Englishman But tose wo jumped on the Jack Viney wagon- nooo,
beerent11: Madness twin
pcaman2003: Does B Taylor know the difference between Howe and Crisp. Useless caller
LuvIt74: @Twinpeaks obviously DT ?
LuvIt74: Grundy’s points are fluctuating from 109 to 120 dunnoo why
twinpeaks: I meant AF as opposed to SC yeah
Ash777: go the draw!
Ash777: lol what a way to restart the season
MercAm: what pathetic umpiring
duckky: I hate the stunned silence whenever there is a draw
beerent11: Went against all my better judgement rasp. Purely a cash grab
StuL: I wanted both to lose. Good result
twinpeaks: !! GF preview. I think I will see what Cogs can do v Roos
beerent11: Jezza you beauty!
MercAm: gg umpiris u got your result
duckky: Luckily everyone would have Pickett as M8
frenzy: heaps of SC scales coming still
VodkaHawk: That ridiculous umpire goal cost the Pies the game
dipstick: @twinpeaks no bird in the hand or in the bag brother πŸ™
MercAm: @vodkahawk thank you, what pathetic umpiring, 2 goals just given for free
LuvIt74: think i’ll be rolling the dice with Neale as Captain this week
exatekk: Shouldnt need cash by Rnd 2 beerent11. Call it what it is, points chasing
Ash777: that was a mark on the line so dont know how you could think otherwise.
MercAm: @Ash777 that must be inclusive and be umpiris call, you cannot say that 100%
Pokerface: no, its a cash rise grab
Pokerface: as you do in AF
shaker: Typical Pie supporter never happy unless they get twice as many frees
BigChief: No way I am trading Howe unless he gets injured. He will dominate.
frenzy: got on this week @chief
Stikman35: Happy with pies defenders tonight. Usually our downfall.
frenzy: 300 points to come yet

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