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Chat log from R1 of 2020: West Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R1 of 2020

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
frenzy: howdy
Gandhi: Carn Eages!
Kidult: go low gawny
BigChief: no real interest now 🙁
MercAm: Currently on 2295 with Brander to go, think this is going to be my best season avereage yet haha
Kidult: Im still interested in Gawn vs Nicnat only battled once back in 2015
amigaman: I’m with you BigChief
Ash777: I have yeo n oliver with brander on the bench
StuL: Gawn under done so probably shouldnt have got him. He will be 100% in Novemnmver
zadolinnyj: i need gaff to get 30, cripps to kick 3 and wc to win by up to 39
BigChief: @zado not liking your chances.
Pies20: Why get interested when the season is probably done
MercAm: @Zadolinnyj what were the odds on that
sMiles: Because it is likely the last footy we get for a while – enjoy it while you can
Pies20: OK enjoy the rest of the game then
Gandhi: Why wouldn’t you enjoy the last game you will see for months? Don’t understand that attitude
StuL: Still special eagles rules in perth
zadolinnyj: 81 to 1 merc am
StuL: Where is this gun melb midfield?
Pies20: Gandhi out of all of us thought you would make the season go longer
zadolinnyj: kermit the frog incoming. jetta
Ash777: Lets do the time warp again.
zadolinnyj: like a game of hot potato at the moment
beerent11: Nice start nicnat
Dead_Ned: stay low gawn and oliver
Kidult: very interested to see how viney goes as he injury free and fitter than ever with new fitness guru
zadolinnyj: viney my only good choice
gotigers04: need petracca and oliver to get 214
OnTheRocks: Hit a target Telly
Apachecats: you’re safe gotigers
Pies20: I’m more worried if i got enough $to get through this than gawn playing well just saying
The Ogre: Anyone got the latest snow reports?
BigChief: $$$ not my worry groceries is a bigger issue.
frenzy: Max getting a touch up atm
BigChief: You can go earlier this year @The Ogre
amigaman: Spoke to my local supermarket today about the Chinese pro shoppers. They had no idea
Kidult: Gawn got smacked by Nicnat in their only other meeting in their careers.
StuL: Nicnat giving gawn a bath
The Ogre: Think it mighta been Rnd 1 for many a year Chief
BigChief: Harmes is wasted at HB
footyfan88: Took Jacobs over Gawn, happy days so far
amigaman: Took NicNat over Gawn. Happy so far
footyfan88: Jacobs 134, wait and see on NicNat
Kidult: weird gaff is at 50 MG from 14 disposals
Kidult: Looks like Kreuzer should b right for rd 2.
amigaman: Probably doesn’t matter now, but I’d back NicNat in over a full season
BigChief: not really Kidult. He HB backwards alot
frenzy: lol Kidult
footyfan88: was going to go NicNat, not sure of durability
Kidult: any1 got players other than the rucks in this?
footyfan88: Hurn and Brander
zadolinnyj: viney
The39Steps: viney. brander on bench.
zadolinnyj: brander, bedford
amigaman: Brander
beerent11: Nicnat monstering them like old school predator
beerent11: Yeo and petracca and brander
zadolinnyj: mic at come a long way since acting as the guy with the egg in cool runnings
StuL: Gawn said to pick viney.
zadolinnyj: nicnat
BigChief: Gaff and Brander
The39Steps: What’s with Yeo free kick against count! Like Mumford.
nbartos: dirty player Steps
amigaman: That F/A count is Toby Greene esq
Kidult: i had Viney but went to Cogs but then at last minute jumped to jelly
amigaman: Also only WCE player with a F/A
Kidult: some1 with a mid pricer team is gonna likely get 2.7k+
Kidult: Have Gaff,Hurn,Petracca with Brander on bench
frenzy: if I didnt flower up the rookies on the bench, what could of been
gotigers04: plsss petracca and oliver lift
Struda: yeos hard tagging oliver, probably getting done for holds
amigaman: My wife just told me new Coronavirus cases have dried up in China. Promising if true.
Ash777: wtf yeo. wtf simpson.
Ash777: hopefully HS resets from rnd 2
Ash777: dont believe anything that comes out of china
BigChief: Agree Ash China are liars.
amigaman: Yep and you may well be correct Ash
Apachecats: with you on that Ash
Struda: fuck how many times does the umpire want to bounce it towarrds nicnat
Struda: if you thin china would lie about that youre kidding yourself
Struda: They have a chance to overtake the US in world power, they aint gonna be lying about something as easily proveable
PowerBug: Stick to the footy please
Ash777: you mean how china didn’t lie that it came from US
Apachecats: Was going to say its going to be a long season for melbourne supporters but nah ,no it won’t be.
amigaman: I’m torn on China, they did try to cover it up at the beginning
Struda: havign absolute government power sure helps with this sort of thing, our governments weak as piss
StuL: Footy gods will make sure Kelly is never what he was at us
zoomba23: China lie about everything bro. Don’t trust their cuntish government as far as I can throw them
NugzNiggle: This beer is so good. Just need some popcorn but I’ll stick with beef jerky.
Apachecats: Pity the poor doctor that alerted them in December .then they waited 4 weeks to inform the rest of the world.
StuL: Not happy. I hope i will be in r2 in november. Gawn will go 180
StuL: Its absurd how many bounces have favoured the eagles.
NewFreoFan: Just checked in, Yeo 6 FA? What on earth?
The39Steps: Will horse racing continue?
Kidult: Just hope enough americans got to watch to grow the game and we can resume b4 the nfl starts back up again
Apachecats: Planning now for 2021 ,for starters no Roberton ,no McPherson.
zoomba23: Gawn you overrated flog. Do something
Apachecats: He’s going for mummy’s record NFF
amigaman: Hurn absolutely killing it
Apachecats: Kidult should be pretty good in california and NY ,they’re locked in their appartments.
StuL: In Texas amd Florida theyre ignoring it. Going to spread like crazy there
Apachecats: Good to see NicNat playing so well after all he’s been through.
The39Steps: Over-hyped list: Roberton, Bulldogs, Dees, Roberton, Brodie Smith, Zerk-T, Darcy Mac, Roberton, Dawson, Dogs and Dees
Struda: imagine starting macpherson
Apachecats: I don’t have to imagine it Struda ,groan.
The39Steps: Add Bont, Dunkley and Houston. And Roberton.
StuL: I only got robo in after williams and watson missed. Still a doh
Apachecats: Pretty good list 39 ,did you mention Roberton and Dees.
StuL: All def but docherty have sucked so houston is ok now
StuL: Ok hurn too
SilverLion: Gotta love how the site keeps crashing every couple of minutes
SilverLion: At least ya got 2 months to fix it m0nty
BigChief: No issues here SL. Must on your end.
TyCarlisle: Its a free service, i hope people that complain get banned
SilverLion: Stats keep going blank
amigaman: Think he means the scores disappearing, then coming back later.
pharace: Ha, TarnishedLion
BigChief: Click refresh and they come back.
Apachecats: I’m getting blank screen now and then ,have to keep refreshing the page.Don’t ban me though.
amigaman: A refresh often fixes it
SilverLion: Can’t have an opinion aye Carlisle?
MercAm: Ok finish strong Brander, get to 70 please!!!!!!!!!!
Apachecats: Glad Carlisle not running this outfit.
Ash777: commentators caught onto the bounces
OnTheRocks: Telly, 3 figures minimum pls
SilverLion: Yeah a refresh fixes it most of the time, just annoying though
Gandhi: 7 FA for Yeo lol
Apachecats: Telly just the 2 CP ,too many team mates beating him to it.
Ash777: wtf is yeo doing
Apachecats: Lost the stats and refresh no longer fixes it.
Apachecats: Back again.
V@lks: Chose Yeo over Gaff 🙁
Apachecats: He’s going for double figures Ash.
TyCarlisle: Blokes complaining about a free website
Apachecats: You should just ban us all then Carlisle.
gotigers04: wake up oliver
Danstar: Need JJK to kick at least 1 goal to win my
Danstar: Multibet
Danstar: Apache. Have to close the tab and open a new one
Apachecats: He’s certainly due for one Danstar ,good luck.
amigaman: What browser are people using when having problems
Danstar: Heard all this talk about he fully fit. Barely look like he can get up
Danstar: I’ve used safari and brave. Both have that issue
Apachecats: Google Chrome.
amigaman: I’m uysing Firefox, so it’s not browser based
sMiles: BS call on Nic Nat
LuvIt74: I’m on 1989 excluding Gawn & Olivers score so I’ll score around 2200
The39Steps: Viney’s score all the more impressive when you consider TOG.
LuvIt74: Thats probably my best 1 round score but sounds like it’ll be below average
frenzy: trash can Maxy
Gandhi: Great play by Bedford there
Apachecats: See you all in 2021

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