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Chat log from R1 of 2020: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R1 of 2020

pharace: Bugger you Brisbane, had Deven and then when left out swapped him for Brander, remains to be seen, but good kid!
benzammit: To those commenting that VFL went bust….
benzammit: Why is the as the AFL born out of the VFL …..?
benzammit: Victorian football is the heart of AFL
Baldfrog: Ben I was working at the Sanfl when the Vics came over asking if we would join the Vfl
Fatbar5tad: Read Football Incorporated. Tells the whole story. Without 1987 licence fees there w
benzammit: VFL was the elite level for 100 years build a bridge n get over it.
benzammit: Inaccurate Baldfrog they wanted 3 clubs
facebook23: cram it ben
Dead_Ned: need neale and titchell to go big
benzammit: Righto FB
duckky: Crap – I had pickett on the bench with Robertson as my loophole
MercAm: Ok will Cegular be a hit or miss, and neale please just do you!
benzammit: Hope Starcevich shows something.
lukefield9: no-one:
lukefield9: ben: tells the entire history of the VFL
facebook23: LOL luke LOL hahaha spat my doritos over my keyboard
BestCoast: Its still the VFL
benzammit: lol passionate lads I’ll stop, absolute garbage being talked VFL
benzammit: Without the VFL this competition would not exist Bestcaost. Full stop done
facebook23: nah love ya to bits benny. we going for hawkas or bissy mate?
duckky: Can you lads concentrate on the game as this is likely to be the last round of the year. Plenty of time for that chat
BigChief: Back on the game guys. Enough of the negative chat.
NewFreoFan: VFL is pretty garbage though hey πŸ˜‰
Apachecats: Close between Collingwood and Port for minor premier.
BigChief: 100% agree duckky.
benzammit: Dawks
BestCoast: Benza if it wasn’t for the West Coast the VFL would be fuc$$$
NugzNiggle: Benzammit. Go grab an ice cold gin and tonic.
OllieC: agreed dukky
duckky: Why is Supercoach suddenly live?
StuL: What has happened to titch? Didnt take long
benzammit: Looking forward too seeing how Tich bounces back.
Apachecats: Port get it by 10% percentage at the moment.
benzammit: Monty taking on Newscorp Ducky.
Kidult: not a good sign sicily higher af to sc
facebook23: wow!
duckky: Titch probably went to the loo
Baldfrog: Cmon Neale need ya son
amigaman: BestCoast you suggested calm in the other match, I’ll do the same for you πŸ™‚
Apachecats: Gin makes me cry ,go a good Bourbon though.
benzammit: Beer lads beer.
facebook23: loving the essendon turnout for a neutral match
Baldfrog: Crying not good for us old buggers Apache
aussie59: Deoch Agus Bi Subh
aussie59: = Drink an be Merry
duckky: Its either that or mow that lawn facebook
Apachecats: Hope you’re well stocked up for the siege baldfrog.
Kidult: bloody neale knew i should’ve backed u
Apachecats: I give up aussie ,Gaelic?
benzammit: That’s typical Aussie
Grimes Jr: can’t believe i traded neale for macrae last minute. not that it will matter given the state of the season
Baldfrog: Yeah first thing I hoarded bugger the food
BestCoast: Apache treat yourself to a bottle of Whistlepig
benzammit: Your better than me Baldfrog, I can’t get it stocked before I’m into the next case.
aussie59: @ Apachecats.. lolyeah mate, but when i looked this time it said drink and have a jam???? oh well
cmperrfect: keep it up Capt Neale!
StuL: Doh doh doh. Not sticking with Neale
duckky: 4:30 PM Press conference on future of season. West Aust closing borders.
benzammit: Musics good too Aussie
Apachecats: Catcher in the Rye BC ,master of malt.
DrSeuss: Had Neale most pre-season then swapped to Bont in the last day. Neale will outscore him in the 1st quarter.
MercAm: Place your bets, what will happen to the afl???
benzammit: What’s A “gee ” Aussie?
Baldfrog: Poker Neale looking OK gamble paying off so far
benzammit: 6 week shutdown Merc
duckky: If they give the Brownlow after one gae – will Grundy finally make it?
Apachecats: Got rid of JPatton at the last minute thank God.
StuL: Same Dr. Def rookies not being named meant having to find cash
frenzy: six weeks to do 2 trades, i’ll go insane
duckky: game
Kidult: Idm now if its suspended i got a fix to last me a lil bit
MercAm: haha @frenzy
benzammit: Lol Ducky, Na Sheil or Cunninton ! Grundy pays ruck.
footyfan88: @MercAM season over
BestCoast: Apache nice very nice
cmperrfect: Keep it up Capt Neale
MercAm: ohhh nah dont reckon the season will be over @footyfan
Kidult: cunners scaled to 185
benzammit: He is flying, Neale could take Charlie home here
MercAm: According to Supercoach they have Neale at 70
Dead_Ned: loving this from neale and titch
Apachecats: 9 Brownlows to be given this year guys.
benzammit: No not over, played through wars…..well sorry the VFL did, oh wait same thing.
Baldfrog: At this rate Neale will get 280
cmperrfect: Make the most of this Gents, I doubt there will be a Round 2
Apachecats: *and Dirty Dawn if you are out there.
Ash777: atleast I can cancel my Kayo subscription
dipstick: SEN saying AFL season postponed for 8 weeks. Is it true?
duckky: rumour that the WC vs Mel game is cancelled. Roumor of snow in Vic too exciting for the dees
Baldfrog: Ben you need the potato symbol
lukefield9: @Baldfrog or the muppet
Baldfrog: Haha Duckky
Apachecats: SEN are optimists.
BestCoast: There is a wanted matures add on this site and the woman has more crack than Harlem
Raspel31: Lachie Neale- loves ya. I will have your children if you keep going. Hard to pik a team in hospital after eye sugeryc
Ash777: how they going to enjoy the snow if the national park is closed aswell as resorts
Apachecats: Reckon that one would be true Ducky lol.
MercAm: Give Neale the cape
Baldfrog: Gee raspel this time last year you had a broken leg
cmperrfect: wheres the Cape m0nty?
duckky: Big mouth Barrett reporting whole season suspended indefinately
Apachecats: Thats a heap of crack.!
Baldfrog: And Tottenham hiring Morinho you’ve had a bad year
BestCoast: Raspel you didn’t strain your eyes looking for LFC YNWA
Baldfrog: I have no girlie ad πŸ™
Struda: I thin kthe ball is chasing Neale today
original: Blues were gon win this year too. Can’t take a trick
Raspel31: No- broken elbowBalldfrog- moving it around.
Apachecats: Actually not getting a lots of ads this year mOnty ,how’s the budget looking.
frenzy: cannot stand Barrett duckky
Baldfrog: Oh sorry Raspel
dipstick: LOL Oprah Winfrey was found smuggling 40 kilos of black crack into Harlem in her underpants. 1995 I think it was
duckky: Neither can I frenzy. Dunno why the AFL emplyed him
Baldfrog: Dipstick if I comment I’ll get banned lol
BestCoast: how do you pull a fat chick, piece of cake
duckky: I thought it was much more than 40 before her diet dipstick
Raspel31: Some daft Irishman clocked me in the back of the head- dtached retina- all good lads though typing skills poor
dipstick: @bc with a tractor?
BestCoast: Speedy recovery Raspel
benzammit: To the disappointment of many….chat soon hope Neale double tonnes n yes up the big V
Raspel31: Very hard with no flour in supermarkets.
Baldfrog: Raspel you should take up table tennis much safer
BestCoast: Cheers benza
Raspel31: Cheers Best- good to be back- in a blurry sort of way.
Team Flog: Well, missed Robertson’s inclusion..
Yelse: Season officially postponed
cmperrfect: golf courses about to get as busy as supermarkets
Baldfrog: Dukky is WC vDees still on?
duckky: I learned that eyepatches are so not chick magnets
benzammit: Onya BC loved the banter;)
Raspel31: Moving to pocket billiards= cheers Bald.
Team Flog: Robertson was my loophole, now missed Grundy’s C and Pickett’s 93!!
duckky: It is at this stage. Betting money has big pull.
Gandhi: Well at least we got a weekend of footy before the apocalypse
BestCoast: That’s all we have benza banter and beverages
Baldfrog: Cheers Duckky
duckky: I jut missed Pickett @Team flog. Sad that you have Robertsoon as C
Raspel31: Indeed Gandhi-days it all really
BestCoast: Raspel pocket billiards drives me nuts
dipstick: Survival of the fittest fellas. They reckon empty shelves for 12+ months. Most of it going to China from pro shoppers
Raspel31: Working for me Best- too hard to type. Carn Neale.
footyfan88: confirmed, season postponed
Baldfrog: Hawks getting the run of frees here
frenzy: I flowered these rookie selections this year
StuL: Who’s they dipstick?
Kidult: will finish this round off but postponed
dipstick: Suppliers. Mate at Toll so no more containers coming in. Woolworths no pasta coming from Italy. Whatever is in country.
Pokerface: @stu he means himself. facts were never his friend.
Raspel31: EPL you serious
Kidult: no games b4 june at the earliest
Ash777: lol pasta doesn’t come from italy
benzammit: Leaving dipstick we produce flour, pasta is easy to make, staples can all be sourced locally….relax n enjoy the craic!
Gandhi: dipstick = fake news
Pokerface: we produce our own you dipstick
frenzy: neale postponed the rest of this game, has he
benzammit: A lot does ready made Ash.Packaged product.
Baldfrog: San Remo here in Adelaide makes pasta
dipstick: @ash ohh OK. Barillo and home brand are made in Italy. But please yourself boss.
benzammit: Plenty Australian made though 40%
Pokerface: good grief. oh theres french wine, therefore we don’t produce wine. facts and logic. try them.
Apachecats: Selling a bull tomorrow ,he’ll end up in bolognaise sauce probably.
Raspel31: I think we say goodnight chaps. Even mammal love day had been banned. Let’s find a way to keep in touch.
Apachecats: Gillon looks like not much sleep.
BigChief: Fuck you China.
cmperrfect: fkn China, covering it all up
Baldfrog: Chief most of our cases have been from USA
Raspel31: I doubt he had a great night Apache. Damn- I was looking at 2200.
cmperrfect: and where did all the Chinese travel to ? Europe and USA
BigChief: Baldfrog but where did it start? The Chinese Government ordered their research offices to destroy evidence
dipstick: I’ve got 2 close Chinese buddies and they drive around buying food all day and sending it home. They making $1000s daily
duckky: Dees vs WC game is still on. 2 Month hiatus.
cmperrfect: exactly, China killed the whistle blowers
duckky: AFL will run games up to 1 December to finish season if need be
Pokerface: yet again, dipsticks source of info his ‘buddies’.
Raspel31: How can you blame a virus you catch on anyone- well said Bald
BigChief: Gil looks fucked.
dipstick: Anyway point is be safe fellas and prepare. Esp if you have kids. Chocolate will be the next to go.
a1trader: @cmperrfect – that is a stupid thing to say
cobrakai00: 2 bus loads of Chinese hit my local Coles last weekend.. im 100km from Melb city
Ash777: they can have the chocolate
Baldfrog: He does Chief looks a bit yellow
Apachecats: well said Dipstick.
Raspel31: He is indeed very yellow but that’s jaundice.
Ash777: No premiership this year too. Those with academy kids might aswell tank.
BigChief: @a1trader what cmperfect said is factual.
frenzy: Lol Raspel
Raspel31: I caught it from my Norwegian lover. Let’s not ask her age. No more racism lads.
cmperrfect: Li Wenliang contracted the virus while working at Wuhan Central Hospital. He had sent out a warning to fellow medics on
pcaman2003: Footy is finished this year,so catch up next year . Keep safe!
BestCoast: Number hit song in China, just a woking the dog
cmperrfect: 30 December but police told him to stop “making false comments”.
cmperrfect: it’s not racism guys, if China locked itself down, the world would be a better place right now
Baldfrog: Thought it was McDonald’s bat burgers
wadaramus: Thanks for the chuckle BC.
Raspel31: i really hate to say- but lol Bestcoast
dipstick: Chinese isn’t even a race LOL such ignorance using such weaponised words
m0nty: back on the game please
Kidult: rocket up Sicily cmon ya dud
wadaramus: How good is Neale, was my first picked after picking him last year, what a shame the season is shot.
frenzy: 8 week bans in order m0nty
Baldfrog: How long will Hurley get now lol
Raspel31: Your last chance to ban any one Monty. Well, for the forseeable future. Of course people will spek their minds.
a1trader: Patton was a waste of money
Raspel31: But yep= Neale is a must have gun. He might be 75 next season?
Gandhi: I thought Patton would actually make a good impact and then get injured at some point
Apachecats: Just popped outfor a while ,anything happen while i was out?
Pokerface: pick it up clug
NewFreoFan: Feel for our women’s team, undefeated going into the prelim all season
Baldfrog: Yeah Freofan they looked the best this year
Apachecats: Keep it clean NewFreo.
Apachecats: Sorry NFF ,just read the first bit.
Baldfrog: Why won’t they pay htb very frustrating
Kidult: without the crowd they haven’t payed as many of the frees that were actually there
Baldfrog: I know all those soft forward frees
Apachecats: yes kidult ,will be interesting to see how the frees flow in the WCE game ,no crowd influence.
Raspel31: I will have your children Lachie- as lpng as I’m driving. Keep it up lad.
StuL: Some dodgy freesto gws last night. Wc will still get some softies
Kidult: lions look as slow as the doggies this round
Jackwatt$: m0nty what are you going to do regarding pricing next year on SC, if only 1 round is played?
Jackwatt$: Will Grundy & Cunnington cos $1,000,000+ due to season average?
zoomba23: Is Gunston playing the QB Sicily role
Baldfrog: What u on Jack I want some
m0nty: I don’t run the comps dude
Jackwatt$: Half beer, half lemonade
BigChief: Please share what you are smoking @Jackwatt$
NewFreoFan: m0nty is in charge of all fantasy football, you heard it here first
Jackwatt$: Fanfootys been around longer than SC!
wadaramus: A shandy
Apachecats: Any one got any news on whats happening to horse racing ,presuming its all over.
wadaramus: Everything is fu*&ed Apache.
Baldfrog: Hope not Apache then I’ll have no vices left at all
masterhc2: anyone else realise may not be able to punt for months and look for markets in the dees wce game?
Baldfrog: I’ll have to hoard toilet paper soon
Apachecats: Getting through a nice bottle of red on all this news ,Alkommi
Apachecats: *from West Australia.
Apachecats: *Alkoomi
Apachecats: hic
Kidult: This toiler paper thing just shows we have learnt nothing so many apocalypse movies/shows
Pokerface: good point master. anyone done the form for moscow table tennis which is still on?
Kidult: and u never see them chasing toilet paper they all want food/water
Pokerface: might multi up pandur and demidov in the early games.
Pokerface: also is the 1.10 on offer for david on survivor easy money?
wadaramus: While he still has one immunity idol yes!
Pokerface: bit slow on that mic mute boys
Pokerface: what about the special for Moana to finish second at 3.25 wada??
Pokerface: actually he’s 1.30 at sb!
Apachecats: SMartin off ,but who really cares.
Baldfrog: You guys must be bored to watch survivor
Kidult: was on track for 2.3k b4 this game
Apachecats: Knee surgeons will do really well out of this round.
Pokerface: ooh thats good for ceglar
wadaramus: Moana to finish second is definitely better value!
Apachecats: As they say ,it’s an ill wind that does nobody any good.
Pokerface: hey theres a big arb there boys. beteasy have the other 4 as a group for 5.50. sportsbet have david 1.30.
MercAm: Come on need Neale to get 1 more disposal for my multi
Baldfrog: My wife is used to my ill wind
Apachecats: Just keep the blankets well tucked BF
LuvIt74: Evening all.. What’s the average score looking like guys?
wadaramus: Below average LuvIt!
Pokerface: about 2450 luvit
Apachecats: Hi Luv it ,reckon with Grundy as C looking at high 2200’s
Apachecats: He said average Poker.
Pokerface: that’s average isn’t it?
Apachecats: Nah.
LuvIt74: Im on 1988 with Oliver and Gawn left
BigChief: 1963 with Patton, Bailey, Gaff and Brander left.
LuvIt74: ok so i might be under average by 50 to 100 points

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