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Chat log from R1 of 2020: North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for North Melbourne vs St Kilda, R1 of 2020

bushranger: Hi everyone, I’ve taken a punt on Gresham. Fingers crossed
BigChief: Nice start from Roberton. Hope he goes well.
bushranger: Two kicks in first minute, cracker start, d’oh a free against
original: addition of MG, since when? love it
Ash777: yay live sc
original: dropped sturt 5 mins before the start for max king. ergh and he is on field. genius at work
bushranger: Agree Chief, he deserves some luck
Ash777: I have Long & king
OllieC: fielding taylor over kin.. go son
BigChief: Hey m0nty, Josh Walker is not in the North watchlist.
Kidult: i actually thought some1 like macmillan would do good the way defenders have been scoring
BigChief: @Ash m0nty got SC scores going last night. πŸ™‚
BigChief: Ouch. That’s going to hurt.
original: what time of injury?
original: type
Pokerface: oh gresham what the hell
BigChief: Walker landed on his neck in marking contest @original
Kidult: walker out for game
BigChief: Walker failed concussion test.
NewFreoFan: Walker failed concussion test
zoomba23: Walker out just what we fucking needed
zoomba23: Oh and it’d be good if you could learn to fucking kick for goal Polec
zoomba23: That miss was absolutely pathetic
BigChief: Settle zoomba. Only early and North not out of it.
NewFreoFan: Polec has always been a butcher, no idea why the Kangas pay him so much
Kidult: slow down longy i took u out.
StuL: Taylor on the park ffs.
Stu7: Come on Howard you dudd!
HolyNorf: Not looking great so far can’t lie
OnTheRocks: You fucking plodder Taylor
zoomba23: BigChief I’ve seen this North Melbourne before. And it only ever leads to one outcome
original: taylor to sturt. locked and loaded
BigChief: How is everyone’s SC going so far?
amigaman: Haha players scoring before start of play. So much for Live
BigChief: Long rolled right ankle.
OnTheRocks: Taylor to an inanimate carbon rod
BRAZZERS: lol gotta love these rage traders
Apachecats: Season over ,South Australia just announced its closing it’s borders.
Ash777: He was going well too πŸ™
BigChief: @amiga game into 2nd 1/4 mate.
amigaman: If we have 30 trades and only 17 rounds, may as well rage trade
shaker: Oh well at least we got 1 round in
StuL: Come off it. Hpw can you close state borders? Ridiculous
BigChief: Tassie has basically closed borders.
zoomba23: SA doesn’t even have a big enough population to man its borders. How tf they gonna close them
footyfan88: SA in lockdown from 4 pm Tuesday, game over
Apachecats: Stul its true.
StuL: Come on Taylor. Double figures
Kidult: just relocate the teams who cares to play in sa
masterhc2: ah well, it was always a matter of time. At least I got one multi win, now back to punting on syrian table tennis πŸ˜›
StuL: Port and Crows can both forfeit
BigChief: There will be at least 1 more week as Port play Adel next week.
Kidult: 2 of 18 teams is easy to relocate
Stu7: amigaman – yea thats nealry 2 trades per round
NugzNiggle: You there Taylor? Roberton?
Pokerface: come on gresham you knob
Ash777: it’s raining where’s brad scott
original: my sc team is hilarious. by far my worst ever attempt. roberton king and taylor the cherry on top today
amigaman: @BigChief I was talking about live broadcast, not scores
StuL: How did Taylor go so well last game? Looks out of his depth today
Stu7: Come on Ziebell do something
BigChief: Ahhh my bad.
Raspel31: Got no one ithis so can simply enjoy. Go you Sainters!
Stu7: Hey Stu L – Taylor 95 last week
Apachecats: At least Essendon will go through undefeated this year.
StuL: 2 at HT will have to be a record. Taylor is this years Balta
BigChief: I think Ryder will kill Marshall’s scoring.
amigaman: CD doing it’s best to crucify Gresham
Raspel31: I live in a void Apache- is the season called off?
masterhc2: ‘gently on the left nipple’. I think @m0nty is starting to feel the social distancing…
footyfan88: If the Saints win today it will be the first time they have gone an entire season undefeated.
Pokerface: greshams been doing that himself amiga, he’s been butchering it everywhere
amigaman: Said that about Marshall 1st Marsh round
Stu7: Is Long playing after the kankle roll??
Stikman35: This game isn’t a great one.
Pokerface: look at his disposal efficiency
BigChief: @Raspel no it’s not called off.
Apachecats: South austalia is closing its borders from Tuesday Rasp
amigaman: @footyfan88 It will be the 1st time any team has
BigChief: @Stu7 still in rooms and didn’t look like coming back
Raspel31: Cheers BigChief-just had eye surgery from soccer and find it hard to read,
footyfan88: or 9 teams in a season @amiga
Stikman35: We will find a way to continue our field of dreams Apache
a1trader: My opponent has Pittard, Taylor and Roberton πŸ™‚
Pokerface: 5 muppets in a half.
Apachecats: Hope so too Stikman
benzammit: Last few games for 6 weeks enjoy.
Stu7: Thanks BigChief πŸ™‚
amigaman: Funny how muppetts don’t seem to affect certain high profile players though
Stu7: Who’s on Ziebell?
Apachecats: Trying to break Mumfords muppet record.
Baldfrog: Being a Muppet doesn’t affect many on here either Amig
Apachecats: Who is on Ziebell
frenzy: please deliver me a spoon Norf
Apachecats: Sorry Who is on first.
Tangent: Had Goldstein then traded out for Rowan…
Fatbar5tad: Taylor FMD
Baldfrog: We’ll fight you for it frenzy
Bevstin: Taylor to Sturt FML
Fatbar5tad: @benz all games in state in round 2
frenzy: in this shower dog season, we might only get a couple of games in
Ash777: I think the season will start back up in a couple months if all goes well.
Bevstin: roberston in for birchall
Baldfrog: Least with closed borders Richmond and Pies get 17 games at the Mcg
amigaman: @baldfrog was that a cheap shot
Baldfrog: Lol not at you
Pokerface: dont let facts budge that confirmation bias amiga
benzammit: Uh good one fat bar…but this would give us another week, but the clubs won’t like it due to match prep, good idea but.
original: OH MAN can’t loophole grundy
frenzy: hahaha origanl
Yelse: when do pricers change in SC?
original: i missed the start of this game due to baby so didnt loop xerri
original: means i also get robertson over pickett
Kidult: hmm to take the 94 with a donut or give roberton a go.
amigaman: Don’t let rudeness stop you from being an expert poker
Baldfrog: Gresham out of 2nd half
original: @yelse after week 2 this year.
Pokerface: amiga if you spam conspiracy theories on here you should expect it
Pokerface: @baldfrog what happened to him?
MercAm: The Taylor pick was something else
Baldfrog: Knee injury they just said
original: @Kidult, what if donut also meant grundy C – can you make the choice for me?
frenzy: we need marshall to play fwd all season long
amigaman: Shove off poker. You are far too keen on your own opinion
BigChief: Long back on ground. That’s good.
frenzy: minor PCL injury Poker
Pokerface: yes amiga, give your opinion but others have to keep theirs to themselves. yawn
Apachecats: Bit of a tiff going on in the room.
Pokerface: knee – yikes
BigChief: Back to the game guys.
amigaman: Cheap shot specialist poker considering some of the crap you post
Ash777: Razor ray having a mare
Valorlonga: so what are the odds of Taylor getting double figures here?
Pokerface: the only time i tell people to keep their opinion to themselves is when they carry on with stupid CD cheating comments
Pokerface: now ziebell gone
Pokerface: medial ligament just said
Baldfrog: Geez poker uve killed my argument for later
amigaman: @BigChief I will honour your request and just put him on ignore
Pokerface: go straight to red cross, he won’t be back
Pokerface: lol baldy
Kidult: sorry @original was busy in thought on adjustments myself
Bevstin: how bad is Gresham’s injury
m0nty: bit gunshy on the cross given the events of yesterday
Stu7: Ziebell f@ck!!!!
Kidult: Gawn from how Goldy is playing will likely go 200 as i went safe route and looped naismith
Pokerface: PCL means its trade bev πŸ™
BestCoast: Maybe a kiss and make up boys
Pokerface: you’ve given yourself a rider in the red cross description now.. πŸ™‚
Pokerface: social distancing BC. can’t kiss.
BestCoast: Rookies firing the best rookies in years
original: just going to cop robertson and miss out on Grundy C and pickett, cmon titch
BigChief: Ahern done. Ice on Hammy.
Kidult: if Mcinerny can get to 78 pts with how slow his output was in 1st half Roberton can match pickett
Baldfrog: Frenzy you might need to pull on your Norf jumper soon going down like nine pins
StuL: Better qtr taylor
lisapizza7: give c taylor the cape
BigChief: Here come North @zoomba πŸ™‚
Pokerface: gresham to fort locked in. good upgrade.
beerent11: SA border closing and wa not far away. Probably the last footy for a while today
StuL: Fort will get dropped by our donkey of a coach
Baldfrog: Thomas could be a star if he’d work harder
Ash777: Long back helping my sc
BestCoast: Carn Norfs do it for RooBoyStu
Kidult: damn that petracca to sympkin could have worked hehe but if i did he probz woulda got injured.
Baldfrog: Beer we are only closing the border cause BT is due back
Pokerface: if he’s named this week, that’s all we need for the trade with the 2 round prices and 30 trades
beerent11: πŸ™‚ baldfrog
benzammit: Happy with simpkin, gunna be a Bolger tho A grvade
Kidult: They could actually play the rd2 with showdown then cram more games in a short period
Kidult: if they relocate the 2 teams to melbourne
Baldfrog: Surprised they kept it at 30 trades
Ash777: I had simpkin but traded to brayshaw πŸ™
benzammit: A bolter to A grade**
Pokerface: souvalarkey.. how long you been holding onto that one Dwayne?
beerent11: Cmon shinners!
Pokerface: i miss dennis
Baldfrog: So do I poker
benzammit: Need a few hit copped a couple of misses
Stu7: St Kilda what a usless tale you live on to tlel, try any way to lose a game wont you!!
BestCoast: Would love a good Souva double meat extra chilli and garlic sauce
Apachecats: Probably have to rewrite the whole program if they started fiddling
Ash777: 4 teams. No doubt WA will close too.
benzammit: Bont to Sheil, then rookie swap
shaker: Goldy kickin butt
Baldfrog: True Apache
Apachecats: * so still 3300 pts per game keeps players at their values and 30 trades.
Pokerface: hold bont. carlton is not collingwood
pcaman2003: King gained 4 pts since 1st qtr. Spud!
Baldfrog: Ash think that scene on Bondi beach has scared a few state leaders
Pokerface: reckon they kept 30 thinking these top up players will be coming in for condensed fixturing down the track
BestCoast: 30 trades my fingers are burning lke hell
benzammit: Well worst premo, strategies with 2 round price change;)
Pokerface: HS have said its pretty easy for them to change trade numbers, and they are ‘flexible’ to future afl changes
Ash777: No doubt there.
shaker: If the AFL is shut for a couple of months will all the rookies we have still be playing when it comes back?
BestCoast: Should of kept it at 3 round price change
original: king to sturt. someone to someone
NewFreoFan: Probably kept 30 to get people trading every round so they get plenty of website traffic in the short season
Pokerface: reckon you treat this round as a normal round 2 ben – get any rookies about to jump in price you missed. sturt, george..
Baldfrog: Only 17rounds tho BC
benzammit: I’ve got the good scoring rookies so don’t need 2 rookies in. Cash generation for constant downgrade up grade.
Struda: 2 round makes sense, its not a big change
Pokerface: really don’t want to see you challenged in a dual m0nty. won’t end well.
beerent11: They didn’t have enough time to change too much before the first game
Ash777: bet a few rookies wont be in like GWS will have williams, n ward back.
Struda: cummin and another out, hately could come in for green too
Kidult: other game 5 mins kick off sooner.
BestCoast: Will be interesting Baldfrog trying to get my head around how we will end up with full premo
Pokerface: robertson a late in for birchall!
Pokerface: if anyone using him as a loophole
Ash777: depends how long kennedy is out for
NewFreoFan: Billings has stopped in the second half, and Ross
benzammit: Got cummin Murphy looking like a good replacement .
Baldfrog: Oh bugger poker
Stu7: Do we get another round to look at Rookies or does the prcie change happen after this round?
BigChief: Higgins now sore.
Ash777: Yes Ben long racking that score up
BestCoast: Cheers Poker
Pokerface: you looping him bald?
benzammit: Next week 2 rounds Stu7
Raspel31: For the first time I;m not even thinking of upgrades. Week by week.
Baldfrog: Next round they change Stu
Ash777: Price changes next round if there is 1
Kidult: go roos 3 players down and still in it.
Baldfrog: Was poker but have to hope Neale goes OK now
Bevstin: fark me taylor, defs ying yang
Stu7: benzammit – thanks mate – so te rice wont increase after this round?
benzammit: Live Supercoach Monty, Herald sun will be Sharky
Kidult: they change after round 2 in the lead up to rd3
Stu7: Thanks Ash777 and Baldfrog
benzammit: Next but gotta predict ealier
Pokerface: ouch
Fatbar5tad: Taylor FMD
Pokerface: can you trade him to someone else?
Kidult: bloody have budarick on field over taylor and looked good at ht
Bevstin: he was on the chopping block an hour ago
benzammit: Taylor very good if Roos scoring
benzammit: At least u have him Kidult
Bevstin: saves some points for me for Gresham going down
StuL: Incredible turnaround Taylor. Roberton a shocking choice. Probably not in if we had more rookies
Baldfrog: Yeah probably but I like a gamble lol
beerent11: Gotta be easier for the debutants with no crowd. Would feel like an intraclub
StuL: Change the draw to all derbies next week so we at least get r2
Pokerface: lol
Raspel31: Why am I suddenly a passionate Saints supporter?. Go Saints.
benzammit: Back rookie a shortage needed a gamble player StuL
Apachecats: Victoria and NSW going into lockdown in next 48 hours.
Pokerface: wont lose too much wouldnt think, and you have an extra cash cow going round
Kidult: 1% on cunnington loving lif
Apachecats: NSW closes its borders also.
Ash777: See you all in a couple months
Raspel31: Very good point Beer.
benzammit: Not knowing who’s gunna get Sunday games yet is frustrating
BigChief: If Vic go into non essential lockdown footy will be done. πŸ™ Damn China.
Apachecats: Lucky the Olympic Games are still on.
Baldfrog: Kidult I had Cuntington last year and he killed my season
Pokerface: lol Apache
Fatbar5tad: Footy should be classified as essential.
benzammit: Happy being in Cairns at the mo locking you infectious Mexicans
Jackwatt$: Dad reckons it might go back to a VFL system. Those were the days when men were men and best on ground would get
pcaman2003: Roberton and King gone home already?
Baldfrog: Lol Apache that’s all just talk atm
Pokerface: footy is a business not a service
Jackwatt$: A bottle of Jack Daniels. Remember that m0nty?
Grimes Jr: Andrews just made a statement for Victoria
Apachecats: I would pick HBennell before Cunno.
beerent11: Bullshit umpiring there
pcaman2003: As soon as I speak……Bingo! King goals.
Fatbar5tad: Football provides morale – essential.
Apachecats: Its true about the shutdowns Baldfrog.
footyfan88: Typical Vics, always 2nd to SA.
Baldfrog: Jack tell your dad that the vfl went broke that’s why we have the Afl
Kidult: 400-550k mids seem the ones out the blocks.
Jackwatt$: has their been anyone in the history of the game come back from giving birth and dominate as wel as
benzammit: Like the look of long. Who mentioned him.fairplay
StuL: No footy, live music or travel. Might as well not be alive
Pokerface: not in 2017 footyfan.
Baldfrog: Na Apache was commenting about Olympic Games
benzammit: No it Didn’t Baldfrog!
BestCoast: Cuntington 160
Jackwatt$: On a serious note though
beerent11: Double ton in the mix now
Kidult: around 300 pts to come cunno could double ton if hat was winning goal
Jackwatt$: Daisy Pierce has
benzammit: It is the AFL baldfrog, bloody croweater
penguins00: Cunnington easily best on
a1trader: think Roberton will be the most traded out
Jackwatt$: Sorry fellas that statement was a little jumbled. Damn m0nty limiting me on how much I can say πŸ˜‰
Apachecats: yeah Baldfrog its hilarious how they keep saying it will be on ,I’m offering 100/1.
Baldfrog: What Ben?
Kidult: 2300 will b very underpar in rd1
Jackwatt$: Do you guys ever get halfway through saying something and m0nty let’s everyone know half the story?
benzammit: VFL never went Broke, totally inaccurate
Baldfrog: I won’t even take those odds Apache
pcaman2003: Roberton will be my rage trade this week.
BigChief: Well there ya go @zoomba.
Apachecats: I’m always getting my posts cho
Apachecats: *pped off.
Kidult: cunnington 101 at 3qtr time surely scales to double ton with that winning goal
frenzy: hows Taylor merc
Fatbar5tad: LMAO the VFL was fucked in the mid 80s. Only had about five clubs not in debt.
Valorlonga: can we all just say, wtf was that roberton
BestCoast: Benzammit most of the clubs were on their knees
benzammit: Your an Essendon supporter Apache!
StuL: Who decides what “essential” travel is? Just say footy is
beerent11: 167 points to scale. Give cunners 40
benzammit: If they are full length they would climb
FlyinRyan2: Anyone else’s team gone to s***
zoomba23: BigChief they must’ve swapped with the girls at HT. The mens’ team never does 5 goal comebacks
benzammit: Not most inaccurate again.
Stu7: Typical St Kilda let your fans down
lukefield9: scaling hasn’t happened yet has it?
Breezey: The league has just been shut down

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