Chat log from R1 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide

Kidult: i think anderson and rowell will get to 180 pts combined
BigChief: Lienert missing from Port
frenzy: VC Rowell, the keeper
Pokerface: geez, lift rowell!
m0nty: go the Cannon!
snake_p: get the icon out monty
BigChief: lol m0nty.
jbjimmyjb: m0nty any reason for no live SC score updates?
Gotigres: Haven’t seen the canon symbol for quite a while
m0nty: I am working on it, may have a solution soon
Kidult: king with a cannon never ends well.
Kidult: sounds like theres a turkey at the ground
DrSeuss: So Mcpherson, Houston and Budarick playing great so far
billnats: My forward rookie selections will be the death of me this year
amigaman: Butters -7. Did he murder someone
MercAm: Rowell has been very disapointing so far
snake_p: just the ball amigaman
BigChief: You are tough Merc.
amigaman: What?
Gandhi: Did you expect a BOG in his first game?
Pokerface: i expect him to win the brownlow this year gandhi
Kidult: Powell-Pepper could be a cheaper dpp fwd option
StuL: Come on Houston you dud.
BigChief: Is there an issue with the other game not loading for anyone else?
DrSeuss: Houston doing anything?
Danstar: Put Houston in last minute :S
BigChief: @Kidult wait for the muppets from SPP
Stu7: Georgiades off to a flyer
wadaramus: Houston and Dawson fools gold?
Pokerface: yep BC, seems to be dead
amigaman: What’s happened to the GWS v Gee scores
Kidult: yup just goin on the pressure act contested players in winning sides seem to goin well
Danstar: Was about to ask same thing amiga
beerent11: Took Howe as a pod against houston. So far so good.
Kidult: Georigades and Rozee gonna be an awesome duo in couple yrs
exatekk: so GWS scores have fallen over?
NugzNiggle: Lukosius having a blinder.
Kidult: m0nty only has 1 plug available so he switching between games to pedal power up.
beerent11: I’m sure admin will have it sorted quick
Pokerface: can give you a player score from that game if you want
Baldfrog: Monty needs toilet paper to
Pokerface: been down all quarter beer
Kidult: 48 to 32 on in the live feed
Pokerface: noone wants a score from there?
The39Steps: Fort please @pokerface.
pcaman2003: Greenwood getting flogged. Looks totally lost.
Pokerface: fort 46
The39Steps: Many thanks @pokerface.
DrSeuss: Houston, Budarick, Mcpherson all useless
BigChief: Maybe Suns believed all the hype from Marsh games.
Ash777: well my team is a complete shambles 🙁
bones351: Tom Green please poker
Pokerface: green 25
Stu7: Gee I’ve picked some duds so far is SC 🙁
bones351: Ugh thanks poker
Pokerface: key guys: cogs 68, whit 65, jacobs 63, jelly 51
Pokerface: danger 55, narkle 55
wadaramus: First round quickly going pear shaped!
bones351: The increased uncertainty around rookies means most of has picked a few we normally wouldn’t Stu
DrSeuss: Agreed Wada – will be lucky to score 1400-1500 in AF I reckon
Stu7: Is Narkle still injured? And if so what is it anyone know? Cheers
frenzy: next round will be different again
wadaramus: Thanks for the scores Poker!
Stu7: Just saw Pokerface’s update so looks like he’s okay
Pokerface: no he’s been out there
BigChief: Scores back up
Pokerface: other game up now
Stu7: bones351 – cheers
wadaramus: Let’s just be thankful we have a first round.
Ash777: I hope this round is an anomaly those poor peforming players we expect to do well score better.
wadaramus: some, and then so if fantasy footy!!
Stu7: Cheers
wadaramus: I’m drinking, but i’m not drunk…
Zabs: Anyone have T Greene score sc
SilverLion: Lift DMac
Stu7: Which green?
circle52: Other game now back up if you wish to check
m0nty: SC scores now updating live
billnats: you’re a good man monty
Danstar: Giants cats game ?
Apachecats: thanks mOnty
Ash777: get going dmac pls
wadaramus: Thanks a a bunch m0nty you legend
Danstar: All good. Sorry didn’t see your comment circle
amigaman: Nice of Lukosius to turn up at 1/2 time
wadaramus: Fuck me, DMac is a fucken spud!
DrSeuss: So looks like Brayshaw and Darcy Macpherson as my 2 first rage trades
circle52: still the +1 though remember.
pcaman2003: @Wada. Hasn’t touched it since half way through 2nd qtr
circle52: How was that deliberate when he was bumped as he kicked it.
Stu7: Young Green 26
StuL: Almost didnt go Rowell. I dont believe the hype
wadaramus: 4 fuk sake pca, he was supposed to be an inspired pick!!
wadaramus: Lift Gold Coast!
Kidult: looks like a corkie to the quad on Hartlett the way he motioned
Pokerface: geez the live scaling formula needs some tweaking
Pokerface: 3/4 of the match gone, only 2/3 of the points out
MercAm: I mean same thing happened with Wlash had a shower 1st game, but still this is shower from Rowell
Pokerface: oh thats better
StuL: Houston almost acceptable. Def scores will be low this year. No.junk time cheap points
Pokerface: 63 at 3/4 time is more than acceptable merc
amigaman: Also less total game time than last year
BigChief: Merc is expecting Rowell to score 150
Stu7: DMac all the hype for sh1t
Kidult: hope trac goes well took out rozee b4 the crows game
Stu7: Rowell and Georgiades having a great outing
Gandhi: DMac just having a mare. He should bounce back.
Pokerface: don’t pick gold coast mids gandhi
BigChief: Only Rowell @ Poker
Pokerface: yes sorry, meant gc ‘premium’ mids

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