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Chat log from R1 of 2020: Adelaide vs Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Sydney, R1 of 2020

zadolinnyj: Go you crows
Pokerface: #graismith
frenzy: will be popular Poker
Pokerface: naismith only in 11% of teams frenzy
frenzy: people will be looking for cash later on
Pokerface: they don’t have much time to restructure!
frenzy: could even grab Pittonet after next week yet, now Kreuzer out for 4 months
Pokerface: absolutely in my plans
frenzy: and I think slow burn rookies might stop to a crawl with 2 week rolling ave
MercAm: Laird, Naismith & Lloyd, here we go!!
Kidult: Gonna b interesting to see Aliirs score as that intercept player.
BigChief: Smith and Naismith for me.
Kidult: held off on heeney coz of his hand.
StuL: No Heeney this year. Too all.over the place.
Hadouken: Has smith got a fractured motivation or something ?
Hadouken: or just not getting near it ?
Ooost: McAsey had a green light next time, therefore I picked McAsey fingers crossed.
Kidult: he still should b top 6 fwd tho
Apachecats: Same Ooost
wadaramus: I just saw B.Smith on the telly so he is there…
Apachecats: Heeney just goes missing too often.
BigChief: Remove finger Smith and Naismith.
Struda: Why did people start lloyd? just curious
wadaramus: Effective metres gained, nice one Smith!
Apachecats: Lloyd is always there to pick up the chips in the last quarter Struda.
Pokerface: did anyone elses Fox Go just go kaput? just on this channel?
Pokerface: oh back now
wadaramus: Mine still OK Poker.
Gandhi: Yeah mine was out for a minute too Poker
Kidult: No crowd = no chips = no LLoyd
Pokerface: thanks wada
exatekk: At some point you have to have him in Struda
DrSeuss: Bargain basement Naismith outscoring my ‘premiums’ Lloyd and Smith.
StuL: Stay down seagull
Kidult: well done Naismith contest mark to finish right on siren
wadaramus: Nice kick Billy…
Fatbar5tad: Dawson MIA
Ash777: that minute of commentary silence was like being at the game lol
wadaramus: Smith & McAsey killing me in defence!
Struda: You gotta, true, i didnt like his starting price tho haha
MercAm: Lloyd ;(, Maismith is destroying it right now, keep it up mate!
Gandhi: Good to see Seagull not getting fed so far
Stu7: McAsey & Dawson in my team – 10 points between them 🙁
a1trader: Ben Davis looks ok for a rookie
hinsch: stu feeling your pain put Dawson in at the last minute maybe a non playing rookie would have been better value
Pokerface: gimme that price rise sam!
Struda: Even in the last 2 night games there wasnt time to gull
exatekk: Knowing what we know now Struda, i wouldnt have paid his starting price either. oh well.
Stu7: To true – hinsch
cmperrfect: FF server struggling with 25M ppl at home now
Stu7: Mighty straight kicking!!!
Struda: he’ll be top 6, so not the biggest loss
Kidult: Swans are gonna b good in 3-4 yrs with Mcartin and Blakey
Pokerface: will marry you one day sam.
LuvIt74: Had Lloyd all along and thankfully changed my mind right at the end to free up some cash, expensive defenders lose value
wadaramus: Me too LuvIt, I promoted B.Smith to D1…
barra17: mmm parker
Pokerface: you probably should pick any uber mids then either luvit. depreciation means most lose value
Pokerface: *shouldn’t
zadolinnyj: No kick ins for sydney so Lloyd low
Ash777: who you celebrating to papley lol
Struda: Lloyds had 2 kicks in 35 minutes of football, not his usual style
Stu7: McAsey & Dawson 0 nos score this round.. hmmmm
Ash777: since kick ins aren’t going to be many what that means for sicily
hinsch: Did Dawson self isolate after his first kick
wadaramus: McAsey on the chopping block with BZT.
Pokerface: 35 minutes would make it the third quarter
Kidult: Good game of footy to watch
zadolinnyj: Lol Dawson. Glad I didn’t grab him
Struda: pokerface time on exists pal
Pokerface: time on is for the bits where they aren’t playing football. pal.
Hadouken: wtf smith, really
shaker: Smith to Laird first trade
Bazza2014: evening all.
Struda: When you say 30 minutes of footy have been played, you generally assume thats the first quarter
Bazza2014: happy with Papsmear
Pokerface: not when they are 16 minute quarters you dont
BigChief: I got banned for saying that last year @Bazza2014
Pokerface: lol chief
Bazza2014: oh really, strange.
Stu7: McAsey & Dawson still no score this round.. how is that possible
Yelse: hopefully the AFL doesn’t shorten the quarters next year
wadaramus: Well that quarter sucked.
oc16: look on the bright side, at least we didn’t pick chayce jones
CozzieCan: only laird for me this game .. need a big one from him
LuvIt74: Lairds score is ok so far
Stu7: Dawson rockets to 13
Ash777: Lloyd back on track
BigChief: I guess rules are different for everyone.
MercAm: Naismith is awesome
Stu7: Why did they shorten the quarters?
Pokerface: chief wants a banning!
benzammit: Lloyd lol 6 touches? What’s the f with his score?
Pokerface: in case they need to compress games during the season
Fatbar5tad: Dawson first rage trade
SilverLion: CD loves seagull
LMartos: I know scores are heavily inflated but Lloyd 53 for 6 touches, they must have been golden considering only 100m gained
amigaman: Most rookies a big disappointment so far
zoomba23: Lloyd 53 off 6 touches. CD are taking the piss
Pokerface: current scoreboard: naismith owners 1, gawn owners 0
frenzy: Lol Poker
Kidult: people starting on the bench don’t really need to come on till end of the short qtr now very low TOG
exatekk: pokerface wat?
BigChief: I should have taken Laird over Smith like I do every other year.
Trigger: Brodie Smith disappointing so far…
wadaramus: Amen to that BC.
BigChief: Lloyd must have 25 spoils to have 53 SC
BigChief: Is Murphy a viable pick at 295K?
Wends: Hey all, great to see some of the old names here 🙂 Smith in the rooms I think @trigger
shaker: Think Bewley might be a better pick
DrSeuss: Smith and Brayshaw look like my first 2 rage trades at this stage
BigChief: Good point shaker. Bewley much better and cheaper.
RGriffen: Brodie Smith done according to the app
shaker: I’m afraid Chief my trades will be trading out spud premos
DrSeuss: Murphy forward tag on Lloyd I reckon
CozzieCan: Man these adds are annoying , won’t let me type lately..
colin wood: evening gents.
Danstar: Cozzie. Use brave browser. It stops the adds popping up
Ooost: Fischer McAsey is my rage trade lol. Look at him!!!
Kidult: hopefully they dont rest Naismith in the last 30% of game time.
wadaramus: Man these Crows are annoying..
DrSeuss: Fox Footy saying Smith hasnt come back out – First round gets even worse. Time to hit reset
Trigger: Rage Trade: Smith to Howe +50K
CozzieCan: Cheers danstar will do that . Hadthe same
RGriffen: CD has had the line through Smith since half time. He’s finished
Danstar: I’ve topped crows to finish last on the ladder. Along with Sydney second last
frenzy: Ctrl Alt Del DrSeuss
CozzieCan: Thanks @Danstar much better .. was frustrating seems to happen at the start of each year on FF .. grr
StuL: Carlton last. Nth second last. Probably us 3rd last.
Kidult: I think swans will b 15th with Carlton,Adelaide,Suns the 16-18
NewFreoFan: Wtf was that free kick
Baldfrog: Lol after last night Doggies must be in the mix
CozzieCan: Stul .. have a feeling we might upset the giants tonight m8
zadolinnyj: I think bulldogs could be in that lower group after their display
Wends: Smith being ‘closely monitored’ after knock to the chest: ABC
BigChief: Carl, Melb, GC and Adel bottom 4. Not sure on order.
DrSeuss: That free kick is BS – had hands on his shorts – was a great tackle
CozzieCan: Sydney to finish top 8 this year .. L.Franklin back soon
NewFreoFan: Only way Dogs finish near the bottom is if they cancel the season after round 1
zadolinnyj: Just a cheeky reply to lounge room experts
CozzieCan: Did Sam Reid retire from Sydney ??
zadolinnyj: Crouch brothers very quiet. And not. Getting. Own ball
CozzieCan: @zado no greenwood to help them this year lol
LuvIt74: whats with the scores lagging big time
Kidult: injured preseason so not match fit atm
LuvIt74: Are the scores updating after each quarter?
BigChief: @Cozzie he is injured atm.
zadolinnyj: Considering where terrible we are only 14 down
CozzieCan: @Chief ahh cheers .. thnx m8
Ooost: yes @LuvIt74
DrSeuss: Adelaide forward tag on Lloyd it seems – Murphy and Sloane when he is forward.
Kidult: yes @luvit
footyfan88: crows to finish 19th
Danstar: Dogs have bad games every year. I mean last year lost to GC, blues, freo and saints twice
zadolinnyj: Rookies not going to generate much cash at this rate. Mid price theory looking a better option so far
zadolinnyj: Gibbs continue pre season hack form. What happened to him
RGriffen: Smith back!!!!
DrSeuss: Brodie Smith back on perhaps – now just need him to touch the ball
Baldfrog: I asked for him to be retired Zad they didn’t listen
BigChief: @zado he went to Crows.
footyfan88: from best kick to one of the worst
shaker: Might have to make our cash with some fast trading of premos
Baldfrog: Dunstall your out of line
zadolinnyj: Lucky we gave the farm away for him @chief
BigChief: Yeah Adel got that 1 wrong.
Stikman35: Another rookie winningggggg
cherries08: Lazarus!
Kidult: have Mcinerny/brown/Pickett(e) at this rate i woulda been happy with either 3 on field.
CozzieCan: Stay low Lloyd .. want you back but to pricey
zadolinnyj: Remember the hype on jones
Baldfrog: Brown on field or Green tonight?
BigChief: I had Jones, but got rid of him pretty quick.
CozzieCan: J.Noble from Collingwood was good (rookie) 74 sc last night $215k
Pokerface: where did dawson come from?! he was holding up the list
CozzieCan: @ T green mate .. looks the goods
zadolinnyj: Crows were playing short game in pre season but this has been bomb the ball. Weird
Kidult: starting on the bench might not get much tog lol
DrSeuss: Smith back on the bench – came back on for 1 tackle. Awesome.
zadolinnyj: Sturt was good
Stu7: Dawson has lifted
Pokerface: big clutch points up for grabs
DrSeuss: Why wouldn’t you have Lloyd doing kick-outs?
zadolinnyj: Lewis Taylor is a spud
Kidult: tipped sydney go away adelaide
zadolinnyj: Brodie smith to kick winning goal
Baldfrog: We don’t deserve to win this but Cmon Crows
zadolinnyj: Walker pressure kick
zadolinnyj: Fail
Bazza2014: crouches smacked in the middle. not relevant
shaker: Surely Gibbs will be dropped again
Kidult: leinert in for bonnar
zadolinnyj: Crouch boys started bad this year so far. Matt crouch especially
Baldfrog: Hope so shaker
frenzy: Naismith yeah, you gun
Pokerface: sam sam he’s our man
pcaman2003: Laird poor 2nd half. Only 20pts.

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