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Chat log from R1 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Geelong, R1 of 2020

CozzieCan: Carn the cats , terrible pre-season let’s have a big one .. fingers crossed !!
CozzieCan: J Steven out calf injury.. FYI traded him just in time
Kidult: he wasn’t playing as the call was made Wednesday
Pokerface: tuesday even
Stu7: GWS of to a flyer
DrSeuss: Missed a Cogs kick off the ground
frenzy: did De Boer go to Danger
StuL: We have hardly touched it
Baldfrog: Yeah frenzy
Fatbar5tad: We suck
BigChief: GWS to win by 17 points.
frenzy: Danger will go fwd to shake the tag
Kidult: went cogs to kelly last minute lets see if it bites me in the ace
CozzieCan: Chris Scott flower off m8 , your time is up
DrSeuss: Come on Cogs – back on the ground mate
StuL: Scott should have gone after butchering 2013
beerent11: Cogs had to about the best midfield bargain this year
RenoMan: If Gawn gets injured would Fort be worth looking at to replace him?
Kidult: he is a fwd not a ruck
zoomba23: Cogs is gonna go forward a lot this year and score 80s beerent. Don’t think that constitutes a bargain
Stu7: What happened to Fvck Narkle?
beerent11: We’ll see zoombaaaa
billnats: fort is a forward
Kidult: well the coniglio to kelly move is 17 pts down for 87k more.
Stu7: What happened to a Kennedy ?
Kidult: hammy
Stu7: Gee I picked some dudes
Stu7: Gee I picked some dudds this SC season
Ash777: How is gaj on 50 with those stats…
Kidult: Narkle is only a dislocated finger
Stu7: Thanks Kidult
wadaramus: Cumming you HACK!!
Ash777: nvm I skipped over the CP
Stu7: Cheers
Kidult: those 200-250k types i had in team b4 rookies got named actually done well in townsend, Langdon, Bewley
m0nty: SC scores now updating live
NewFreoFan: Whitfield’s stopped this half
CozzieCan: Thanks mOnty love ya work m8
The39Steps: Well done Monty. U are a legend!
Kidult: looks like those who went jacobs over naismith are winning aswell
BigChief: m0nty for PM
The39Steps: *mOnty
Kidult: we need 8 ruck spots and 2 mid spots this year.
Stu7: Earth to Z Guthrie
wadaramus: m0nty rules!!!
The39Steps: *m0nty!
Danstar: I put in Guthrie Z too… idiot! Lol
StuL: Ratugoloea is not AFL standard. Scott loves him and Guthrie though
Danstar: Looks scared to get a touch
Pokerface: not for 100k extra kidult
The39Steps: @Kidult – I gambled and went Jacobs/Naismith (R) which gave me Heeney as M6. Let’s see how it all plays out.
RenoMan: Does anyone think Perryman will do better then Greene for the year?
DrSeuss: Cogs has gone to sleep this quarter it seems
Stu7: Scores down again
Stu7: Come on Fvck Narkle!!!
Danstar: Scott must be the worst coach in the Afl by far. Great list can’t get nothing out of them
Fatbar5tad: Diabolical defensive structures. Instant goal everytime GWS go inside 50
Danstar: I hate these ruck battle free kicks.
Fatbar5tad: @Danstar. Spot on mate. Scott is fucked.
Ash777: Looks like Fort Has stopped.
MercAm: Y did I flower-ing go for Green, ahhh
Kidult: @ash had a couple fa
Kidult: Maybe the way this has panned out could b ash in for Cumming and Williams in for Green
StuL: Ffs. Scott messing around with the ruck again. Just pick a ruckman and play him.
StuL: Fort has been ok. Probably be dropped.
BigChief: Williams in for Kennedy
StuL: Blicavs in the ruck now
DrSeuss: ANy time now Cogs
StuL: Scoty had no faith in Smith, Abnott, Stanley, now Fort. Maybe you are the problem jerk?
Kidult: hopefully fort can kick 2-3 then
Ash777: Blicavs should of been ruck from the start.
Danstar: Z Guthrie for the tip
Pokerface: i went to the jerk store, they were all out of Scott
Danstar: Literally just running around trying to avoid the ball
StuL: Our best ruck was given to Gold Coast
BigChief: Blicavs is not a good Ruck. Scott is a spud coach.
Stu7: Is Guthrie in the showers already?
StuL: We delisted Ruggles and Thurlow for that Guthrie spot.
Danstar: Even richo didn’t even realise he was playing when he got a touch lol
Danstar: Guthrie looks fresh like the game just stared. Only
Danstar: Guthrie only
Danstar: Guthrie won’t need a shower after this game
Stu7: Be lucky to have burned 100 calories!
Danstar: Sorry about the multiple messages
Stu7: Ha ha good one Danstar 😂
Stu7: Ha ha good one Danstar 🙂
beerent11: Had Jacobs till they shortened the quarters and went nicnat instead. Hope I don’t regret it
Danstar: And Selwood biggest sook. Always looks to ump for a free
Stu7: Jacobs will have a good year I’m tipping
BigChief: @beer I went NicNat to Naismith. I am happy with that move.
Kidult: 86 from fort im happy
StuL: I knew Greene would kill us
frenzy: hope he gets another game next week Kidult
Kidult: 2 trades a week idm
Kidult: taking it 1 week at a time with this virus about.
Danstar: Someone at fox knows no more scores gonna happen lol
Kidult: still a ton of pts to come
StuL: Get rid of Scott finally when we finish bottom 3 please
StuL: I’m ok with Fort at r1. Stanley is not an r1. Got to give the guy a chance. I bet he gets dropped.

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