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Chat log from P2 of 2020: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, P2 of 2020

amigaman: Would be happy just to be competitive
Pokerface: so everyones back on jack now!
Pokerface: what a stupid comment Lyon. ‘Phillips playing for a round 1 spot’. There is no other option, twit
Tig-Train: Commentating is pretty much stating the obvious thing lol
frenzy: Stanley not starting, hmmmmm
Kidult: load of nonsense when u see it urself its only helpful for the vision impared
StuL: Yea Smith is our best ruckman. I said scott needed to play him 2 years ago
Kidult: Guthrie at 190k might be handy
Kidult: Geelong is a tough team to read there is so many mid/fwd types to know whos gonna play majority of the game in there
StuL: No Close. Another rookie down
Baldfrog: Think Stevens and Geelong did a con job on St Kilda
Kidult: @stul thats fine i think ill have Brander,Taylor and Crocker up fwd
m0nty: Bombers look as if they spent the off season practising that drill where you have to handball not kick
Coutzy: Haven’t been a good kicking side for about 15 years, why not commit and go all in on handballs?
Kidult: nice looking fwd line Whitfield,Parish,Macpherson,Steven,DSmith
BOMBRBLITZ: I think Parish will easily be a top 10 FWD this year
Baldfrog: Kidult you sure McPherson can keep it up?
Kidult: smith might become brayshaw tho
Kidult: if hes there I50 kicker then yes
SneakySC: I feel I have too many mid pricers in my team, but there are so few rooks this year
Pokerface: fort f1, naismith f2. i just made 900k
megawatts: stanley out for the yr?
Kidult: their*
Ash777: Dont trust scott and his rucks.
zoomba23: Is Smith mainly playing fwd or mid
Yelse: how long is cockatoo out for
Pokerface: all forward in q1 zoomba
Ash777: smith is mainly playing forward yelse
Pokerface: irrelevant question yelse. don’t even think about it. put that thought out of your head.
Ash777: I mean zoomba23
Kidult: they dont got much choice now who is on their list other than stanley,fort as a sole ruck
Pokerface: ratugolea, blic as a chop
Baldfrog: Good to see figjam playing centre today and not forward
TheMessiah: Anyone looking at Narkle? He is currently in my team
Kidult: i spoze they could use a combo of Jenkins,Rat and Blicavs and just leave out stanley,fort
Pokerface: hmm.. noble or BZT
Kidult: who is figjam
Baldfrog: Danger
StuL: Why is fort not ruc-fw? Lame
Keeper27: @TheMessiah Narkle has been in my side for a while now
Kidult: i got both atm noble d4 and zerk d5
DrSeuss: Snelling not quite so great this week…was hoping he might be a sneaky POD
Kidult: Duncan and Selwood to come back who goes out
Baldfrog: Have Noble as well
Pokerface: both wasn’t a presented option kidult. there is only one spot.
Baldfrog: Same Dr Seuss
penguins00: These teams can’t buy a goal today
Kidult: also cam guthrie to come back
Kidult: id go noble then
Kidult: but zerk has more cash potential
Pokerface: hmm
Pokerface: im after cash potential, neither is a keeper
Baldfrog: Noble just looked comfortable in that collywobble side
Pokerface: noone to really push him out that i can think of
Ash777: how long is hooker out for?
Kidult: yeh noble likely to put u 200 pts more ahead by time u trade out
RooBoyStu: Steven will suck ppl in and then miss games with mental health. Should get bonus trade if u start with him.
Kidult: could be rd2/3 or rd8 they are playing catfish
Pokerface: you expect noble to outscore BZT by 20-25 per week??
Ash777: Steven looks happy to be out there. Besides His mental health was partly due to injury.
Yelse: bucks likes noble and only persons can take his spot are scharenberg and the big Q
Kidult: i just meant by rounds played
jfitty: Devon Smith looking good
Danstar: Doesn’t have to see his teammate who makes him quince
Jackwatt$: Hooker could pllay forward. But Ambrose may push him out
Pokerface: yeah but at worst id want that upgrade by byes, hopefully sooner.
heppelitis: McGraths been terrific…how can he only be 16 sc near half time?
Yelse: thinking now of not going Gawndy and just upgrade to them later in season when they drop. use it on other guns n midpric
Jackwatt$: Anyone starting figjam?
Kidult: BZT could go out in 3/4/5 i think noble has 8-9-10 at worst
Baldfrog: If you want money poker pick the cheapest as I reckon Noble will avg 70-80 per week
Baldfrog: Me Jack
Danstar: Grundy will score 160+ against dogs round1. So don’t see his price dropping till late late
Pokerface: hmm, i didnt think JS was an issue for BZT
amigaman: BZT not going anywhere. Hooker long term
Pokerface: 70-80 is more than acceptable at that price
Jackwatt$: What about Ambrose?
Pokerface: danstar english isnt an easybeat any more.
Pokerface: and with no treloar and adams issue, think the dogs mids will be on the end of alot of taps from both
FlyinRyan2: is snelling a good pick ?
RooBoyStu: Bzerk easy better option. Kidult like the 18 yo at a BBQ pretending they have lived life.
StuL: Fort could be a bargain r2. Pity you cant pick him as a ruck
Pokerface: not really giving any reasons there rooboy.
Yelse: Thats what i was thinking @pokerface
Ash777: They just said hooker 5-6 week injury. not sure how accurate that is
Kidult: i have them both idm
Yelse: how many not starting whitfield?
StuL: Please Chris Scott. Just pick a ruckman this year and stick with him.
NateRocks: Hooker said rd 3-5 physio reckons bit later
Jackwatt$: Who is BZT playing on? Why is there no Tomahawk symbol? Does m0nty still do symbols? Or is he too cool now?
RooBoyStu: Yelse I’m not starting him
Baldfrog: I’m not at this stage Yelse
Kidult: looks to me like Scott wants to combine WCE talls with Richmonds mid/fwds
Kidult: lots of them
StuL: Fort has killed it so Scott will take him off for Stanley
Jackwatt$: Parish a little disappointing so far. He’s practically a local on these parts, should.know this stadium better than mos
Kidult: zac guthrie is tempting but idk if his brother will kick him out
Baldfrog: Stul is Constable injured?
Kidult: parish very low tog so far this preseason
SneakySC: If Fort is locked in for ruck in round 1. I think he’s got Rowan Marshall potential for SC last year
duckky: Phillips is an interesting ruck option.
RooBoyStu: Baldfrog think Constable busy on long weekend lol
Baldfrog: Big call Sneaky
StuL: No Baldfrog. Constable always seems first to be dropped
frenzy: Feeling lucky sneaky, I am
penguins00: Constable played in the VFL game before this one
Baldfrog: Thanks Stul
duckky: Fort off Second half. Stanley on
Kidult: slaps head
StuL: Chris Scott will wreck Fort for us
Kidult: stanley will score well now against a tiring ruck
Yelse: menengola once upon a time was a good SC player what happened to him
StuL: Hooker said he could be back r3-5. Bzt iffy then?
Kidult: fort is 264k fwd btw
Kidult: any essendon supports in know if BZT ever been trialled fwd?
Yelse: stevens loos overweight
Ash777: ye bzt wont make any cash if hooker comes back rnd 3
Kidult: thats if he goes back and not fwd
Ash777: They said early Steven will probably a 60/40 mid/fwd.
Kidult: parish on fire now
Coutzy: @Kidult couldn’t tell you for certain but would be surprised if he had. Led the VFL side for intercept marks
snake_p: ash what are the odd Hooker plays forward when he comes back? Bombers forward line average
Bails81: Ash, I didn’t realize the commentators coached the Cats
StuL: Ok. Fort is our no.1 ruck. Just pick him there and leave him Scott you donkey.
amigaman: Hooker will play fwd as other options are all injured
Ash777: Towsend playing himself in to a key forward spot.
Kidult: Stevens scoring well even with low de good sign if he stays on the park
Baldfrog: Dahlhouse has gone backwards
RooBoyStu: Adelaide or Geelong for spoon
casey22: Zerk looks a must have!
Baldfrog: Probably us but Sydney not far behind
NateRocks: That’s being kind to Carlton Rooboy
duckky: Snelling looked good last week, not this week.
Baldfrog: And Norf Nate
Ash777: Who would be better really? Zerk or Mcasey?
NateRocks: Norf will improve when brown back though
Baldfrog: Norf defy logic usually tho
RooBoyStu: Geelong should start minus 12pts for these t-shirt preseason shirts
RooBoyStu: Bet type on Tab higher finisher North $1.7 Carl $2.1 easy money
StuL: Norf for spoon. But we look like we might be one year too old and over the cliff atm
noobcoach: Just turned on, any reason Parish SC so far behind DT
Baldfrog: They said earlier that Brown is having another scan tomorrow
duckky: SC scores updated at end of quarter noob
Kidult: @noob he smashed q3 and scores only update at qtr times
StuL: Have we ever won in the stupid t shirts? Lose them please
shaker: You keep recruiting old players Stul
Kidult: wow zerk i take back noble outscoring u
Kidult: pls do this in rd 1-6 tyvm
Ash777: Looks like GAJ is well cooked now.
Jackwatt$: Screw this, I’m picking BZT as a premium!
megawatts: will bzt keep his place after rd 5-6 tho?
Jackwatt$: B-Zerk is going Berserk!
duckky: Will selwood coming back affect Steven’s scoring?
RooBoyStu: Duckwood waiting for duck season
Baldfrog: GAJ needs his wings back I mean elbows
Coutzy: @Jack if he keeps going at double figure interceptions per game you would have to think he’s undroppable
heppelitis: Essendon likely to start him at FF…we are essington!
Kidult: Do we have another Doedee/Hore defender on our hands
Ash777: oh dons also have ambrose coming back.
Kidult: hopefully this is a 1 off fwd role for parish with stringer being out need him to be a consistent CBA attendances
Baldfrog: No one touches the Hore
Kidult: if he plays like this francis will go out for ambrose and hooker fwd
Ash777: Francis is not playing his usual role it looks like.
RooBoyStu: Danger left 1 rabble to join another lol
amigaman: Wish I could pick D. Smith in 2 positions
Baldfrog: No Norf supporter should ever call another team a rabble
RooBoyStu: Baldfrog our last flag 99 yours 98…. rest my case
Ash777: Also Francis out over a rookie? not likely.
zoomba23: Baldfrog cos your mob’s such a raging success isn’t it
Kidult: cant see menegola in their best 22 anymore with selwood,duncan to come back
Nuffman: Last time Norf were relevant? 99
Baldfrog: Lol so is yours remember the Messiah Brad Scott lol
RooBoyStu: @nuffman essendons finals record of last 19 years after 2000 flag please remind me
RooBoyStu: @baldfrog i called for his head 1 year in
Baldfrog: We made a Granny in 2017 when was ur last?
Chewma: Didnt the crows win it in 2017?… oh wait
Nuffman: oh, I’m not questioning our bad finals record… I’m just saying that even with such a poor record, we’re still more
amigaman: RooBoy taking on the bar!
Nuffman: relevant
RooBoyStu: Last time Essendon relevant 2000 one year ahaad wow but not really. Made more prelims north.
Baldfrog: The bandwagoners back
Baldfrog: Just 9years late hey rooboy?
Kidult: at this rate 200k player backline + docherty seems the go 2 me and upload mids/fwd
Nuffman: Hey RooBoy.. when was the last time North surpassed 50,000 members.. oh.. wait
Baldfrog: Kidult join in lol
RooBoyStu: @nuffnan need dank and weapon back to rise lol
CozzieCan: Gonna be a long year with you lot lol
amigaman: Much better pre-season Bombers
Nuffman: @RooBoy… pretty sure we finished above you guys last year… hmmm
Kidult: thoughts on having merrett,shiel as the wingers and parish,heppell,smith the mids
Nuffman: @Cozzie *hug*
Kidult: with mcgrath the 4th
RooBoyStu: Jabbers win
Baldfrog: Love the banter
Nuffman: @Kidult: I’d swap Parish and Me0rrett, but that’s just me
CozzieCan: D Smith best rookie
SneakySC: Well, this is going to be a tough year for rookies.

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