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Chat log from R1 of 2020: Richmond vs Carlton

Chat log for Richmond vs Carlton, R1 of 2020

m0nty: Welcome to season 2020 at FanFooty… long may it go on!
Gotigres: Well done Monty. Thanks.
ReggieOz: Footy is back!
frenzy: hello
RGriffen: m0nty preparing for a coaches box podcast return after the appearance last night
zadolinnyj: Ladies and gents. Another year and footys back
m0nty: if only!
zadolinnyj: Thanks again for this site Monty. Love your work
zadolinnyj: Hope the sponsors realise everyone will be on here
J.Worrall: GoTiges
Ash777: This is too weird
GobChuck: we are badk ladz jeez this feels weird
wadaramus: Well, we have footy to watch and SC to stress over, fuck yeah!
zadolinnyj: How long till we here a player abuse someone
RGriffen: Dow still a hack
Gandhi: Cheers m0nty, good to have footy back
wadaramus: Umpires straight back into it…
travo: soft
RGriffen: nice backline
travo: whos the genious that decided the umps wear yelllow
Ash777: atleast we can finally discover if umps really do get influenced by crowds for giving frees lol
frenzy: ground control to major Tom, your circuits dead, theres something wrong
Gotigres: Tigers lucky so far with frees
blonde0na: umpires gotten off to a flyer already here
RGriffen: how are blues still in the comp
RenoMan: I wish I picked Lambert
zadolinnyj: Kicking for goal may be better without crowd distraction
RGriffen: Jack Martin spud
beerent11: Supercoach to be updated at breaks?
NewFreoFan: Poor Carlton
Jukes82: baggers are just rubbish travo nothing new
beerent11: To be fair they’re playing the top team
RGriffen: you heard of the ASU curtain of distraction? It actually works and this is completely opposite so goal acc should rise
blonde0na: Richmond are so good, their players can 1 handed handball it apparently
StuL: People were saying Carlton will.rise? Nah. Another spoon.
th3rio: kreuzer down what a surprise
zadolinnyj: Man of glass down. Poor guy
Ash777: They have no fwd line so kind of guaranteed blues will be sucking atm
NewFreoFan: How can that be advantage when everyone stopped
NoneyaB: anyone get suckered in by kreuzer…again? lol
travo: still doent feel like start of seasojn, still practice match feel
zadolinnyj: Everyone vCard on Cripps I assume
Stu7: NoneyaB – not I
exatekk: no
beerent11: 17 rounds 30 trades should be interesting
Gelly: did anyone tell the blues the 1.5 meter distancing doesn’t apply tonight
Tangent: Who do yous have as Captain?
travo: thoughts so far ? still has a practice match atmosphere to it.. guess carlton feel the same
jbjimmyjb: Cripps isn’t even in my team
wadaramus: Crippa into Grundy.
RenoMan: Why did I trade out Vlaustin for Crisp
exatekk: VC Grundy, C Neale
NateRocks: Went Dusty into Grundy
RenoMan: Weitering could be a pod??
zadolinnyj: C on Grundy currently
zadolinnyj: C on Grundy
zadolinnyj: Is it still the same amount of total sc points per game. Could be big upgrades with less game time
StuL: Grundy into Gawn. Why change a good thing?
Yelse: just got home. took macrae out for cripps while driving.
Raspel31: Well I’m back more one eyed than ever having had my detached retina re-attached. Hallo to the old and welcome to the new
NewFreoFan: Got off ya phone while driving Yelse
wadaramus: Very skillful Yelse!
zadolinnyj: Super an for Riewoldt?
wadaramus: Haha, hello Raspel, gee whiz fanfooty is back!
DrSeuss: If you could take a mark Dusty – that would be ideal
Yelse: why don’t they put crowd noises/sounds over the speakers. add some atmosphere
Raspel31: Evening Wada.
BigChief: Gday all. Nothing has changed for these 2 teams.
wadaramus: Docherty has started well, was a bit unsure but early signs are good.
zadolinnyj: Raspel
wadaramus: I agree Yelse, pump out some fake crowd noise!
Raspel31: Zado- good to be back.
zadolinnyj: Newman dislocation
zadolinnyj: Bring on some Seinfeld canned laughter after each car;Luton disposal.
casey22: data down?
zadolinnyj: Maybe some benny hill music when they miss goals
wadaramus: picket rookie not performing to expectation, lift!
casey22: data up!
frenzy: norfs got unfair advantage this season
blonde0na: why arent the umps in green
Stuart88: What’s the go with jack martins score
wadaramus: Please elaborate frenzy.
Sloan4Pres: Went with Gawn, got a bad feelng about Grundy this year
Raspel31: Phew- pulled out of Kreuzer last minute- does open up cheap ruck option.
zadolinnyj: He was average first 1/4 but coming good this 1/4. SC updated in breaks
frenzy: we always play to empty stands
Tangent: Suns top 8
zadolinnyj: Dusty feed off crowds you think?
NewFreoFan: Weitering holding Lynch well
wadaramus: Pull your finger out Dusty.
DrSeuss: Should have put the VC on Docherty rather than Dusty
zadolinnyj: The bigger the lead the longer dusty stays up forward
DrSeuss: Should have left Marlion on the bench as well
th3rio: yay dusty
DrSeuss: Ok thats better dusty LOL – Now its your turn Marlion
wadaramus: Extract the digit Pickett.
frenzy: Dimma will do it for you next week DrSeuss
beerent11: Any interesting ruck duos? I’ve Grundy nicnat
beerent11: Think the short
zadolinnyj: Surely everyone has Pickett on field
Raspel31: Phew-was in hospital till 2 hours ago and put C rather than VC on Dusty- go lad.
beerent11: Quarters will help natanui
NateRocks: They must of
NateRocks: They must of loved Dusty’s toe pokes
DrSeuss: Haha could be right frenzy
Breezey: I think Pickett is doing well for a 2nd gamer
zadolinnyj: Dies marking get a point for every blink?
zadolinnyj: That should be does blinking get dusty sc points
jbjimmyjb: Martin had 3 direct goal assists which is worth about 20 points
zadolinnyj: Jayden short my pod
DrSeuss: I think Dimma put Pickett behind the ball for a while in the 2nd and he just got a bit lost
wadaramus: 22 points at HT Breezey?
Raspel31: Cripps, Doch, Lamb, Dusty and Pickett for me in this- who you got lads?
Ash777: looks like murphy early is going to be back above 100 avg
travo: everyone has pickett
zadolinnyj: Cripps, doch, pick, short, dusty
BigChief: Cripps, Doc, Dusty and Pickett on bench for me.
wadaramus: All but Lambert for me Raspel.
BigChief: Suns will beat Port.
beerent11: Had Murphy second half of last year ash. He went pretty well
beerent11: Short is a good pick with no houli zad
Pokerface: you are judging his average by the first half of footy in round 1?
travo: they still gunna play the bush fire ads in winter ?
zadolinnyj: Agree beerent. Hopefully trade up on Houli return
casey22: What dt/sc score to take for Dusty in captain loop?
RGriffen: both teams looking around 1200 AF total for the game
zadolinnyj: McGovern almost takes a lot of marks but doesnt
NugzNiggle: Evening ladies and gentlemen.
DrSeuss: Why is Dimma playing Pickett in the back pocket?
Yelse: has there been any adjustments for SC with the decrease in qtr time?
BigChief: @Casey shorter game I think 115.
RGriffen: Nank tog is awful. no way tigers play 2 rucks next week
Yelse: and does this mean the BE prob not gonna get reached by most premiums?
Raspel31: With only 17 games points are deducted from first half Yelse- joking.
exatekk: anything 110+ you’d consider.
MadPie81: Carlton on the improve, just what I like to see
zadolinnyj: Good pick up else. Could reduce all values. Leaves Grundy and Gawn likely to reduce
Ash777: sc scales to 3300 so shouldn’t affect scoring unless you player butchers it
beerent11: 3300 points still the number I think so shouldn’t change much
DrSeuss: Damnit – traded Jack Martin out with 10 minutes to go tonight
zadolinnyj: Is it still scaling to 3300?
BigChief: How was that in the back against Murphy? He touched it .
Struda: this has 13% scaling on top of the actual scores
frenzy: qtrs still going 30 odd mins however
zadolinnyj: In my face. Short 0 possessions
DrSeuss: Pickett having a much better 3rd quarter
Yelse: so def scaling by the sounds of it. so Grundy shouldn’t really get affected?
Stuart88: Good J Martin
Ash777: grundy might start slow anyways.
beerent11: If anything the dominant players might score higher with scaling/ less time
SpookFraser: Heyyo, anyone care to explain how scaling works
Ash777: Looks like Jack Martin will be Blues top goal kicker this year.
wadaramus: It’s black magic Spook.
Sloan4Pres: feel sorry for carlton, richmond get an armchair ride
RGriffen: Prestia kicking goals from 50. OMG season is over
Jukes82: the season is over for 17 clubs not named richmond anyway mate
Coutzy: @Spook someone at Champion Data picks out the players on their team, and they get a bunch of extra points
Ash777: calm down jukes it’s only carlton
beerent11: 67% owned doesn’t really matter for Grundy ash
NewFreoFan: Still can’t believe that Lynch has only 1 point in a lead like this for Richmond
beerent11: Nice crippa vc
Ash777: yes but captaining grundy early might be a mistake
BigChief: Lynch has been flogged by Weitering
beerent11: All we need from Pickett already
zadolinnyj: Accurate Coutzy
beerent11: Usually monsters the dogs ash
BigChief: Pretty sure I will be taking Dusty’s score as my VC
RooBoyStu: Me too BigChief
Tangent: Who do yous have as Captain?
zadolinnyj: Might use rankine as my loop hole player
Raspel31: Does anyone truly think we’ll get through round 1 before the game is banned?.
beerent11: Nope raspel
zadolinnyj: Think the government needs footy mate so quite possible. They have 15 extra players available if virus hits
wadaramus: Let’s just enjoy every game we get Raspel.
beerent11: I was surprised
Yelse: SC scores look higher than normal
beerent11: I was surprised we started
zadolinnyj: Would not be surprised if the afl is getting massive gov funding to keep playing
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly wada.
BigChief: @Tangent Grundy and @Raspel yes.
Ash777: AFL wants to do a mini draft. So more rookies to come in soon.
Coutzy: @Raspel I think the AFL are pretty desperate to keep going. Have never cancelled a season before.
NewFreoFan: Hard to do a mid season draft when none of the state leagues are playing to give players a run
Yelse: whitfield vs danger vs fyfe who would u choose?
zadolinnyj: Mcgovern nick name if i was a teammate would be ‘almost’
Raspel31: I’d go Whitfield Yelse-as I did.
Ash777: fyfe is set to play 100% tog with rests in the fwd.
DrSeuss: Richmond defense looking pretty average
zadolinnyj: Need a 32 point margin
StuL: Danger will get th DeBoer treatment
BigChief: I have them all Yelse
beerent11: Fyfe. Danger gets de boer
Ash777: Game on!
Gotigres: Tigers have forgotten this game is worth 4 points
beerent11: Cmon baggers!
DrSeuss: Carlton getting a lot of frees since half time
TheLegend6: @DrSeuss Vlas is a big part of the back 6, he’s a big out
DrSeuss: Yeah agreed Legend – has certainly gone down hill since he went down
beerent11: With less games we can trade around de boer
TheLegend6: Is SC updating live or qtr by qtr? Haven’t been paying attention
zadolinnyj: 1/4 legend
Ash777: lol the shot of the seagulls
Tangent: I put Cripps as Captain for SC
Yelse: Seagulls… great crowd
RenoMan: Rioli could average 90-95
zadolinnyj: Hard to come back with shorter quarters
NateRocks: @Tangent why?? Surely VC instead
NewFreoFan: 16 minute quarters and Cripps still goes 30+
Gotigres: Bruce just said Prestia is a superb kick. lmao
Yelse: Who is everyone using as loophole
BigChief: @GoTigres that 1 was though.
beerent11: Crippa closest to the pin sc 133 for me
Ash777: xerri. but not too phased about loopholes this early. more generating cash
BigChief: Cameron for me Yelse
Gotigres: Yes BigChief. Even Prestia can fluke a good kick.
Raspel31: Macrae-yelse- conservative I know.
zadolinnyj: Rankine
beerent11: Some bloke called crauford
RGriffen: Taking Doch VC score in AF
BigChief: Star for Prestia? Surely you jest m0nty. He wasn’t even best for Rich.
Tangent: 104 points and Lynch not even a goal
LuvIt74: great game by the blues overall
gotigers04: cripps robbed???
zadolinnyj: Good start
Yelse: wtf cripps
amigaman: Are SC points for real?
zoomba23: Cripps 6 kermits and only 2 tackles. That hurts

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