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Chat log from R1 of 2020: Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood, R1 of 2020

Yelse: bont or macrae
amigaman: macrae
frenzy: macrae
Baldfrog: Yeah I took Macca
Grimes Jr: macrae or neale
amigaman: Tags hurt neale
nick2397: You wonder how Collingwood supporters would be watching, instead of hoarding from supermarkets
Baldfrog: M0nty can you social distance our names don’t wanna catch anything off Norf supporters 🙂
Yelse: cavarra worth it?
Baldfrog: Na Nick they ram raid them
Baldfrog: Dunno Yelse no nothing about him
Ash777: I have grundy vc with xerri loophole C if he performs. I will trade xerri out if he doesnt.
frenzy: xerri to who
Ash777: Tyler probably
Ash777: I mean taylor
hinsch: anybody got any good defence rookies that are actually playing
frenzy: macrae on the bench, thanks bevo
StuL: Dont like short qtrs. No.good for SC
Baldfrog: Is Macca alive?
StuL: God has the C on Noble
hinsch: SC scores are pretty even at the moment
zadolinnyj: Lads and ladies
Apachecats: hinsch ,theres Bezerk ,Brander and Mcasey
wadaramus: Footy is still good quality despite the no crowd situation.
BigChief: This game already better skill wise than last night.
StuL: Come on dogs.
Tig-Train: Doesn’t help that only 1 side last night has skill…
Grimes Jr: some of these free kicks are awful
Apachecats: Missing the live SC updates mOnty.
AuroraBore: IS there a reason why SC scores arent being updated from the start this season?
RenoMan: Easton Wood pod???
DrSeuss: So much for English having any impact on Grundy. Someone please slow him down FFS
Yelse: grundy should go huge
Gelly: because champion data are not at the ground
Baldfrog: Still has the atmosphere of a Neighbours episode
StuL: Who said no Grundy?
Apachecats: Yeah that free to Phillips was ordinary ,was brought down by a perfect tackle.,then an arm on the shoulder after he was
wadaramus: Go Grundy!
zadolinnyj: Dunkley destroyed me early last year. Could not do it this year
StuL: Adams seems to be tagging Dunk. God damn it.
DrSeuss: Umps looking after Grundy too. Guess I shouldnt have tried to save the money
BigChief: The players tackle etc but wont touch hands after a goal? Strange.
Pokerface: wash your mouth baldy. #neighboursendgame
DrSeuss: Get a touch Bont
Baldfrog: I don’t understand all that either Chief
casey22: I repeat same for past 3 years. Replace this Cr&p pink font for the blue
frenzy: not this season Crisp
Baldfrog: Watching English very lazy atm
original: Trading noble out 5m before bounce not working for me
RGriffen: Magpies on track for a massive DT and SC total. Could be the highest for the year
RooBoyStu: Go Noble
DrSeuss: Whole Dogs side looks lazy – Tyler Brown on my bench outscoring Bont
Pokerface: how do you do that original – there was noone else to pick?
frenzy: looks like Sweet will get a game next week
Hadouken: week 2 is clearly correction week
NewFreoFan: Dogs looking garbage
DrSeuss: Same original – was tossing up Noble and Crisp just before lockout – somehow decded on neither
Yelse: how is wonton 27 he done nothing and frees A
Apachecats: English 8 SC,must have been a great tap out.
amigaman: Tyler Brown very handy rookie
Raspel31: Think we all happy with T Brown so far but in a limited season will rookies have same impact?
Sixty656: Took Dustys 126 last night… looks like getting smashed by Grundy
Apachecats: Any one know if they have pruned total SC points per game?20% less game time now.
Ooost: Grundy 😀
BigChief: Same here @Sixty
jbjimmyjb: Its still 3300 total Apache
Sixty656: Still 3300 points
BigChief: @Apache they didn’t last night mate.
Apachecats: Reckon there will be only one round of footy this year rasp.
Raspel31: Methinks too Apache.
DrSeuss: Did anyone fall for the English hype? I know its Grundy but do something your beanpole
Jukes82: do prices change after round 1 in AF?
Schillaci: Switched VC to Grundy from Macrae at the last moment
Apachecats: got English Seuss ,groan.
th3rio: dunkley is killing me
NewFreoFan: Dogs for wooden spoon?
DrSeuss: Umps loving the pies too it seems. Bontempelli, Dunk and Macrae doing very little, looking disnterested
duckky: English, Johanisson and Young are allergic to leather tonight
Baldfrog: Dogs players need preety Orange cones next to them
DrSeuss: Rough Apache – at least he cant get any worse?
th3rio: Do you think DT and SC will get canned for the year if thats the case?
Stikman35: Cox done
frenzy: put them kids back on FFS bucks
Ash777: I’m watching a train wreck atm
BigChief: Grundy might be level with Dusty at 1/2 time.
Schillaci: Looks like I made the right decision by not getting Cavarra
zadolinnyj: Going to be a lot of smacking as crowd spirit won’t get you back in it
NewFreoFan: Bevo may kill a man at half time
Apachecats: yeah Seuss just no match tonight ,if theres more games he’ll average his 85 -90 like last year ,big if on more games tho
DrSeuss: Bontempelli do something – stop hanging off packs and get the ball yourself
original: This is uglier than last night
upweydons: Belting
OnTheRocks: Nothing Noble about this performance John, get in there
wadaramus: Thank fuck I didn’t pick any dogs premiums!
zadolinnyj: Exactly what he is doing zuess
original: Agree DrSeuss. U and me making Same picks this yr
Apachecats: Dogsplaying like theres no tomorrow.
StuL: Dogs no good at Marvel without their 12000 fans
duckky: Laughs at the experts who picked the Dogs as a top 8 side this year.
Stikman35: Bont cmon. Oh god I’m perplexed.
BigChief: Bruce already a better ruck option over English
wadaramus: Keep going Grundy!
duckky: Dogs need an experienced ruck to work with English. Leave him exposed like his and he will be leaving
zadolinnyj: Bont still on 27sc at moment. Grundy 81
Ash777: I know it’s worrying but it’s 1 game in a new enviroment. Obviously dogs have not adjusted well at all.
RenoMan: Why did I C Cripps over Grundy
zadolinnyj: Hope Bont gets 20sc for every toe poke like dusty last night
Gotigres: I hope Noble has sunscreen on.
zadolinnyj: Why would you not loop hole Reno. Crazy picking captain before vC plays
The39Steps: Dogs been reading their pre-season press. Will start eating their own tomorrow.
pcaman2003: Crikey! English touched the leather for a 2nd time. Celebrations!!
DrSeuss: Why did I choose Bont over Macrae? Captaincy obviously doesnt seem to be working for him
th3rio: might mean he did take the loop zado
frenzy: dogs got a fetish for Baileys
duckky: Why Gotigres… Is Bucks or Eddie bending over?
AuroraBore: Any chance Dunk could pull his finger out? gonna cost me 100 bucks
th3rio: dunkley keeps resting off wtf
Snarfy: English is pathetic. He can’t go for the ball without looking at Grundy. as a result he doesn’t know where the ball is.
Jackwatt$: Put the VC on Grundy and C on Macrae. Forgot they were playing each other. See you in 2021 fellas
Pokerface: are links still available here for marsh series games?
jbjimmyjb: I wouldn’t be too worried about dogs players yet. The entire team hasn’t touched the ball
valkorum: Liking my last minute change of Dunkley to Conigs… so far
pcaman2003: Kayo sports not add free anymore?
th3rio: might be okay yet Jackwatt$
zadolinnyj: Lol watts
valkorum: @pcaman2003 its a channel 7 feed, so you get adds
Gotigres: @Duckky, I’m worried he will get burnt from the lights as he is so fair skinned
Baldfrog: Pcaman no BT so happy watching 7
wadaramus: Don’t give up on 2020 yet Jackwatt$!!
pcaman2003: @valkorum. Cheers! I’m wiser now.
zadolinnyj: Noble needs a ghost symbol
bones351: @poker home page, fantasy resources, game archive.
PowerBug: Macrae is going alright. Has 50 SC at HT still
MercAm: SC score surely not right???
DrSeuss: Opponent has Grundy C and Macrae – I have Bont….
zadolinnyj: Raise the bad Grundy. Who said last night he is no good early
valkorum: @pcaman2003 it also says it constantly in the top right hand corner 🙂
MercAm: nvm, already 100 for Grundy, well just gonna but him on the C now haha
Pokerface: cheers bones
BigChief: @MercAm the SC scores getting updated at end of each 1/4.
bones351: Xerri about to get his first gig as Captain
frenzy: Ctrl Alt Del DrSeuss
Ash777: Has anyone able to change their captain choice mid game?
DrSeuss: haha I am close Frenzy
Ash777: or do I have to wait til after game to change my C.
StuL: Smith is taking mid points from dunk
BestCoast: Greetings one and all
Schillaci: Grundy you beautiful beast.
MercAm: @bigChief cheers mate
bones351: Actually it’s a worry that Xerri could be a late in
MercAm: come on Noble and Bont, get your hands dirty
amigaman: Changed C in Dream Team, but can’t in SC
amigaman: If Xerri late in, just trade him
DrSeuss: Just gotta hope that Bevo puts a rocket up Bont – stand up and get involved – you are the captain
original: Also couldn’t change vc and c while team was incomplete
LuvIt74: Those with Grundy as vice captain will be wrapped
BestCoast: VC Grudy we salute you
Milldawg21: jeremy howe bit of a sc steal i reckon
bones351: Yes amiga, just thought that. Change to Comben from the same team.
Apachecats: Hi BC ,hows the weather up there.
bones351: I’m not having any trouble subbing players or changing captain
Raspel31: Should I have brought Grundy into my team? Joking of course.
MercAm: Guys am I that pissed right now, or did the games times change???
bones351: Won’t make the change till the game is finished thought. Keep going Grundy!
wadaramus: Let’s hope Grundy can deliver an awesome SC Captain score from here!
BestCoast: Cheers, Apache benn mild next two days 29 so no complaints
Raspel31: Bulldogs just touched the ball- amazing.
duckky: afl has changed game time to keep finishing time about the same.
frenzy: shhhh live SC scores
original: Cmon bont sheeeesh
zadolinnyj: Bont trying now
Apachecats: Booked for a week in July ,not hopeful though BC
DrSeuss: How many HTB on Bont already? Just use the ball and get involved
BestCoast: Hopefully it disappears a quick as it comes
snake_p: English come on at half time?
pcaman2003: No BT is a real bonus Baldy
zadolinnyj: English watched Zac Dawson first game for pre season inspiration
th3rio: dunkley is coming finally
DrSeuss: Dogs just terrible – heaps less possessions and 11 less tackles than Pies. Just disinterested
zadolinnyj: Pretty sure noble was the bad guy at the start if davinci code
Raspel31: That’s what is wife said last night th3rio
original: Bont just doing 0
zadolinnyj: Glad I changed mind on Moore
wadaramus: Nice one Raspel 🙂
The39Steps: Brexit weighing on English’s mind?
original: Didn’t know naughton was playing WOW
BestCoast: Carn Grundy 150 please
RGriffen: suns should get compo for every game Keath plays
biggerz: G’day Lummas you stooge
DrSeuss: Get back on the ground Bont
poolboybob: English is a total crab. Always gets monstered by good rucks
Stu7: Grundy such a gun
Stu7: Grundy 170 I’m tipping
V@lks: lol @39steps. Need a big last Krispy Kreme..
pcaman2003: Macrae only 9 pts for the 1/4. Ouch!
RGriffen: could have 1 touch this last quarter and no hitouts and he will probs get 170. This game is over
MercAm: What a shocking quarter by Macrae and Bont
original: Luke bev praying the season gets shut down. Just checked their ruck stocks. Ouch
DrSeuss: MercAm – you spelt ‘game’ wrong
circle52: Do not fear CD will look after them still around 950 points available for last quarter
RGriffen: Bont has sucked for pretty much the whole game. For like 10 minutes of the 2nd he turned up
MercAm: @DrSeuss tooshay
MercAm: Hopefully Noble can get 85+
Raspel31: Is tooshay like shandy or did we mean touche?. Pedant- moi?
DrSeuss: Bontempelli about to be outscored by English – touch the ball you long haired muppet
original: Bont at half forward. Great smh
The39Steps: Best thing about this flogging, Eddie everywhere,can’t steal the limelight.
original: Not shocked Elliott didn’t pass
gotigers04: where tf is crisp
zadolinnyj: Like shandy Raspel. Also like shamwow
Yelse: pies defenders hardly seen the ball.
valkorum: @yelse thinking the same thing. Brought in madgen to hold money til I can swap to Young. oops
amigaman: Worked that changing the C. You have to save your team first
frenzy: mag glass for bont m0nty
Trigger212: Bont – 3 kicks so far…
zadolinnyj: Thought I’d get past 2 games before regretting a premium
DrSeuss: Bontempelli just running around 10m off the ball – useless toss
zadolinnyj: Bont two toe pokes not included
Trigger212: Pretty happy I traded Bont to Danger at the last minute
exatekk: trade him out then Dr
original: Great start to Bonts leadership sheesh.
DrSeuss: Exatekk – extremely tempting believe me
RGriffen: bs AF junk time saves Crisp kinda
BestCoast: DrSeuss he smash a 150+ as soon as you do
The39Steps: Conclusions..dogs won’t bark much, if grundy gets injured pies will dive,.
pcaman2003: Massive failure of Dogiies mids
frenzy: watch the CD love to Bont
RGriffen: massive AF game from Mapgies. Don’t think too many teams will crack 1500
DrSeuss: Will give him a couple of weeks BestCoast – can’t play any worse than what he served up tonight
BestCoast: He will
pcaman2003: Macrae 30 pts 2nd half not good enough.
poolboybob: Why oh why did I start with Crisp
Yelse: do those numbers add up to 3300?
gotigers04: how is crisp only 51???????
DrSeuss: Dogs started believing their own hype obviously
MercAm: They only need to add an extra 233 points, so bont aint gonna be given that much love
BigChief: No Yelse.
exatekk: shades of Grundy last year, had a stinker first game and people trading himn out LOL
zadolinnyj: Gawn may go bigger?
RenoMan: I need to get Howe in ASAP

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