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Chat log from P2 of 2020: North Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Sydney, P2 of 2020

frenzy: Go hard Cherry, your time is now
amigaman: Swans going to struggle this year?
TheMessiah: @frenzy which players are worth watching from North mate?
bones351: Pretty bloody cold down here today. Got to get to the games when there here though!
amigaman: @frenzy is Goldy a possible option
shaker: Young Taylor putting his hand up early
frenzy: Hope for new faces in the team since we got a new coach at the helm
frenzy: Goldy is the only one SC relevant
bones351: I’m liking the look of Xerri for R3.
Macca15: Toying with the idea of linking Xerri with Patton
Dream Big: Does Xerri get dropped when Ben Brown returns in round 1?
frenzy: We need rookies for SC, hope we can supply a couple today
Macca15: Possibly – but as an R3 in fantasy, hopefully he cna get some games and make a few bucks!
Macca15: R3 – more about a few games and making $’s
frenzy: Think he’s keeping Wood out the team atm
Kidult: 2 shots on goal to lloyd he has gotta be playing wing am i right?
megawatts: does curtis taylor hold his spot?
frenzy: Useless Turner out injured
bushranger: Is Bonar best 22?
RenoMan: I’ve got a Bonar for Kennedy
Kidult: Bonar probz only gettin a half coz of his hammy
The39Steps: TV reporting Hayward reported Monty.
blonde0na: i think lloyd is playing his usual role but creeping a bit further forward
RenoMan: Is Polec a premium player? I might pick him up
bushranger: Cheers Kidullt
Kidult: any thoughts on kennedy vs oliver type priced (rd13 bye players)
Kidult: he had 4 really low games 2019 to bring his avg down to 106.6
Kidult: woops clicked 2018
Kidult: 0% own him so hes a real POD
m0nty: Papley playing like Boomer Harvey, brimming with confidence
Dogs5416: Can’t watch the games guys. Info on Lloyd’s role
frenzy: It’s a smear campaign m0nty
Pokerface: dawson…
amigaman: Jeez JPK tearing it up
frenzy: Naismith going ok, cash to be made there
StuL: Is naismith clear no.1 ruck?
The39Steps: No Gould. And I dont think he is injured. Will he make the cut?
Macca15: Maybe just a case of getting a look at some of the others?
frenzy: Reckon so, Stul. At least I’m banking on it
Macca15: Though not much diff between last years team and this one!
StuL: Looking like having to slay at least one goat frenzy to fund lack of rooks
frenzy: We look like having cookie cutter rookies, no choice
amigaman: The less rookies the better. Will make for more variations in teams
frenzy: Lock in Curtis, done enough today
Kidult: Mahony looks a dud at this stafe
Jackwatt$: Mate, at that price he had done enough in the 1st quarter!
Kidult: stage*
cmperrfect: Brown will take Taylor’s spot surely?
Kidult: Who comes out of the Saints backline to fit in Carlisle btw i think Roberton might
Lynch_MOB: lmaoo
faisca7: lynch mob, good band
Yelse: where heeney playing?
Kidult: I think brown comes in for xerri and taylor stays in for woods
Jackwatt$: Brown will take Xerri position, no?
Jackwatt$: I’ve had a Bonar since trade week last year. It’s gone down now though
frenzy: Who’s in for Kane turner
Kidult: Mahony even tho hes stinking it up theres just reports everywhere about him in rd1
Yelse: wheres gould? injured?
cmperrfect: Mills primed for a big year across half back
Kidult: i dont think Gould is in there best 22
Jackwatt$: Think Robbo can play third tall behind Carlisle & Howard. In which case Battle or Wilkie would make way
Kidult: u got Cuningham,O’riordan,LLoyd the runners and Aliir,Brand,Rampe and Melican probz when hes back from injury
Kidult: o and dawson
Kidult: and Mills so many backs in this team
Yelse: would you go mills or loyd?
Jukes82: cameron or naismith?
amigaman: Giving Bonar the flick
Kidult: depends who the xtra cash brings u
Chewma: Gee Taylors a good player
jbjimmyjb: Curtis Taylor is looking fantastic, has to be in North’s best today
cmperrfect: Both @dukes
cmperrfect: Got Kodi working yet @JB?
jbjimmyjb: nup, I think it may be because the phone isnt connected to the telstra id
jbjimmyjb: it works through the AFL app though which is why it’s odd
cmperrfect: Can you still get 3 months Kayo via Beteasy for $5?
DrSeuss: Has Naismith’s role changed in the 2nd half? His scoring has slowed significantly
Kidult: @yelse wat can the xtra 147k but u if u went mills
cmperrfect: Has LTaylor hacked it today? SC is shite
Pokerface: has mills not hurt you enough?
jbjimmyjb: what are your 3 mid bench rookies looking like?
Kidult: glad to see CTaylor get a full game scored 33 pts in a half game marsh1
jbjimmyjb: CTaylor’s gonna ton up
Yelse: Was thinking of using the extra cash for made a mid pricer since struggling with rookies
Pokerface: how does bonar get 6 muppets in just over a quarter of footy?
Ash777: sympkin playing foward is not good at all 🙁
amigaman: 4 are Frees against
frenzy: See ya bonar

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