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Chat log from P2 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Richmond, P2 of 2020

StuL: Giants just need to stay fit and should be winning flags
frenzy: They bat deep
Baldfrog: Only 10mins in but they look impressive
penguins00: Surely Pickett will end up with 100% ownership
RooBoyStu: Lift Ash or you’re out of my team
RooBoyStu: Dusty a lock
Baldfrog: At only 123k you would think so Penguins
NateRocks: We got lucky that Pickett was injured when they signed him
Pokerface: slow down Jelly. Too many people aware of you already
Pokerface: and keep going Jacobs. suck more people in
Tig-Train: Choo choo
The39Steps: One free for the qtr if those stats are right. Presume it is a fast flowing open game? (not watching.)
Pokerface: plenty of ballups 39
Kidult: i cant pick some1 at 630k+ and missed 15 games over 2 years
Pokerface: good,i hope you don’t.
Tig-Train: Kidult I agree… not starting with either kelly or cogs myself
penguins00: @The39Steps It’s fairly free throwing but umps aren’t paying anything that would be considered a soft free.
amigaman: So does that eliminate T. Mitchell?
Kidult: worried martin is gonna b a 30% mid 70% fwd this year
Tig-Train: That’s different @amigaman
Tig-Train: 70% fwd would win him a Coleman medal…
Kidult: tmitch is a dif story played all 22 in each season just missed 1 entire season
Kidult: i still wont start titch coz he could get a couple rest games
amigaman: $630,000 + missed 15+ games. Why is it different?
amigaman: You need to give a better reason, not just fob off my argument
Tig-Train: He is 630k because he missed the whole season, he was 700k at end of 2018
Kidult: titch is just 1 injury josh kelly is 5
NateRocks: Gave you what the difference is
penguins00: Kelly has only played a full season once
Pokerface: CJ gone as soon as Nank back i guess?
Pokerface: Kelly got a full pre-season for the first time ever. He is good to go
amigaman: Whatever
Kidult: i think this year they cant play 2 rucks
Tig-Train: Wow @amigaman salty much haha
Pokerface: no room up forward with lynch and jack
Pokerface: 700k still fits the ‘630k+’ criteria i believe…
amigaman: Nope, just hate stupid arguments. BTW where did you finish in SC last year?
Pokerface: bit of an irrelevant statement tig
Chewma: Why not wait to see Kelly staple a good run of games together, hes only raising max $60k anyway
Kidult: each to their own if u wanna risk it thats fine im just going different path
Pokerface: cos he is my round 1 captain
Pokerface: and will be the highest averaging mid this year
Chewma: The thing for me is that they’re muscles issues not just contact injuries. That’s why I’m waiting on it
Chewma: Watch him get 50 disposals today and be my round 1 captain
lukefield9: what are people’s thoughts on hately/hopper?
Pokerface: that same statement could be applied to gawn.. why not give him 5 games to see if he is right, he isnt rising in price
Chewma: Because he doesn’t have a history of muslce injuries Poker, that’s why.
Kidult: alot of hammy/groin awareness
Baldfrog: I have a Bonar for Hately
Chewma: Not a history as extensive as Kelly’s anyway. There’s no doubt he has the highest ceiling, but theres an element of risk
Pokerface: what exactly is .. ‘awareness’
Pokerface: i’m aware of my groin
Pokerface: hately not guaranteed enough guts time
amigaman: I’ve avoided Jelly in the past, but has to be considered given good pre-season
Kidult: well u can certainly knock that 1% chance of ash in rd1 on the head
Baldfrog: Rubbish Taranto out to mid season so hately good till bye
Pokerface: there’s alot more than hately competing for spots there baldy
Pokerface: especially once ward back. and even mid season with taranto back, you are stuck with hately
Kidult: whos playing on martin when hes fwd
Pokerface: midfield is not the place to go playing midpricers
Baldfrog: Sorry Mr Expert
Baldfrog: Ward is delidio 2,0
Pokerface: eh?
Pokerface: just giving my opinion, rather than calling other people’s opinion rubbish. chill dude
Pokerface: ok put it this way. hately didnt get the guts last year. yes taranto, last year conigs, kelly etc. this year add green
Kidult: would b so nice if Nyoun plays as the 3rd tall defender that def/ruc handy if got b.williams
Pokerface: slow down josh 😉
FlyinRyan2: How is dusty only on 17 SC points
casey22: Hately spent a lot of time in my team last year for no return
Kidult: scores update at end of qtrs
Gandhi: SC scores update at end of each qtr
NateRocks: Because SC only updates at end of 1/4
casey22: Like Titch at Sydney, deserves game time BUT!
FlyinRyan2: ah alright cheers
frenzy: Hately’s spot to lose atm though
Pokerface: great analogy casey i agree
RenoMan: Stop Jacobs ur tempting me
Kidult: wats every1s expectation avg out of pickett?
Baldfrog: You do realise that last year was Hatelys first in the Afl sheesh
amigaman: Not convinced with Jacobs. Getting whacked for taps by Soldo and a kid.
jbjimmyjb: Jacobs is going up against problem the least competition he’ll get all year
FlyinRyan2: like 65-75 for pickett
frenzy: 64 ave Pickett
Pokerface: pick him then baldy. i won’t be, but you are free to
Pokerface: gambling on a 2nd year breakout is fraught with danger imo
Baldfrog: I will and when Jelly gets injured I know Hately will still be playing
amigaman: GWS kids are really good. Trouble is JS
Kidult: im expecting him to be dropped the way rookies have played out so far lol
Baldfrog: And I bet your starting Pickett?
Pokerface: lol
Pokerface: who isn’t starting with pickett? take whatever rookies you can find!
RenoMan: Is Haynes a good pod?
Kidult: some1s gotta make room for Graham and Higgins
FlyinRyan2: yeah barely any good rookies this year
Baldfrog: Starting a second year breakout is frought with danger
Chewma: Just need to relax I reckon baldfrog
Baldfrog: OK bandwagoner
Kidult: can any1 see Mcintosh in richmonds best 22?
Baldfrog: Ask poker 🙂
RenoMan: What does every1 think about Rioli? could kick 50 goals ad avg 100??
Baldfrog: Hard to tell Reno no from me but dunno really
cmperrfect: Taranto out, Hately in? What do we all think?
amigaman: So Jye Caldwell starred in NEAFL yesterday. Another throwing his hat in the ring.
RenoMan: yea I think no too
Pokerface: why so aggro badly? miss out on tp again today?
Pokerface: i did 🙁
jbjimmyjb: Reno don’t go near Rioli, our small fwds are role-players and never score well consistently
Pokerface: picking pickett is being a bandwagonner?? lolol
Baldfrog: Why so opinionated Poker missed out on bitty?
Pokerface: this chat is for discussing opinions on teams etc. the rest of us don’t see it as a personal attack if disagreed with
Pokerface: dunno why you are chatting if not to hear other opinions and just spout your own?
cmperrfect: So happy Kodi has decided to work for me this year, phew.
Kidult: switched out Ash for BZT hoping he stays in till rnd 6/7
Baldfrog: All I said was I like Hately don’t remember asking you for your opinion?
jbjimmyjb: @cm is Kodi working with telstra free pass again?
cmperrfect: BZT gonna play Rnd1 you think @Kidult?
Pokerface: think i might have to do the same kidult. BZT is solid JS wise for now. Hill to Ash yesterday..
Pokerface: baldy so someone asks about hately and hopper, you can give your opinion on the question, but others can’t? got it
Kidult: last weeks injury list had hooker at 5-8 weeks and ambrose at 8 weeks
frenzy: Ash needs a big second half here or he’s on the pile with the other showers
Kidult: so heres hoping
Pokerface: when is that mute button coming m0nty
cmperrfect: I upgraded to v18.6 too @JB
Kidult: hooker been out of training for months so might have to play fwd if not going vfl
Baldfrog: I 2nd that Poker
cmperrfect: I thought Ridley might come in b4 BZT… We’ll see soon enough.
casey22: Like to imagine some debates on chat as an adult sometimes arguing with a 12 year old.
Kidult: kinda hoping they need a 195cm player than 2 192cm players in Ridley,Francis
wadaramus: Is Cogs playing on ball? I thought there was talk of him playing forward?
jbjimmyjb: @cm my Kodi still doesn’t work, it errors when I play live match
Pokerface: rotating mid and forward wada
amigaman: I think Dons have to pick BZT. Too short otherwise.
wadaramus: Hmmm, he is tempting at M4.
cmperrfect: Subscription Type=Paid (in-app purchase) and my linked user name/password is in the settings too
frenzy: Is de Boer tagging
Kidult: bzt likely get that resting ruckman type
Pokerface: m4? that’s a light mid. where did you spend up?
Pokerface: tags aren’t used in preseason games
DrSeuss: Poker – you reckon Cogs at M4 is light?
frenzy: So it’s a no then poker
Pokerface: Dr S – yeah ive seen alot of teams with an Oliver+ at M5
Pokerface: its a no frenzy
DrSeuss: Mmm interesting – I think I have spent up more FWD and Back this year – light in the mids with more rooks in there
Pokerface: admittedly that was before all the defensive rookies disappeared this weekend, so might be alot of restructuring needed
Gotigres: Jacobs +350k is starting to look attractive to me
cmperrfect: Naismith for me if picked Rnd1
Pokerface: sinkers was named ruck with naismith at ff tomorrow cm
StuL: I know jacobs is playing nobody but r1 v us. Also playing nobody. Should lock in a good price rise
Gotigres: I’m not convinced yet that Naismith plays every week with Sinclair
blonde0na: the issue with Jacobs is if GWS are going real well, he’ll probs get rests to be fit for finals? Idk though
Pokerface: if he does turn out as main ruck tomorrow and is servicable, im tempted at the price too
Pokerface: buddy still 6 weeks away
NateRocks: Jacobs might go ok week1 but rd2 vs max you’re Def losing out
Pokerface: week1 only affects 1 week of price changes
frenzy: Cmon Ash, big finish
Gotigres: Surely Green keeps his spot now
bones351: 24 playing for GWS and Davis definitely coming in which 3 go out?
NateRocks: Handed off a goal to the captain that has gotta help
bones351: Green has to stay in. Not confident with Ash. Was great last week though.
DrSeuss: Any GWS fans know if Cumming’s role has changed this year? Worth considering?
Kidult: corr will go out for davis
Kidult: ash wont start cumming probz get dropped for williams
DrSeuss: So Cumming has played more of that Zac Williams role? Hence the decent numbers Kidult?
bones351: Yep Williams is another one to come in if fit
Kidult: when williams is a defender yeh but can play better aerially
Kidult: hope whitfield goes at this scoring will b at a nice price
Gotigres: What has happened to Mumford?
blonde0na: some fairly inflated scores due to marks here
Kidult: 2 me he looks like a 2 players in 1 a williams/corr type
duckky: Hi all. Another sad game for rookies hey?
Valens: SC scores not scaled?
frenzy: Sauce should rope a few
Valens: Rookies a massive problem this year ducky!
NateRocks: Nah tigers will give us Jones
duckky: Dimma was talking up Collier-Dawkins… looks like a no from here
Kidult: lol i think the stats for kelly and coniglio HB to Kick ratio is name reversal

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