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Chat log from P2 of 2020: Collingwood vs St Kilda

Chat log for Collingwood vs St Kilda, P2 of 2020

Kidult: cmon tbrown cement ur spot
amigaman: Can we get trhe 2 late ins for saints included please Monty?
StuL: Carn saints
Gotigres: Cameron not playing?
Baldfrog: Bit surprised Saints only using 22
amigaman: Thankyou
Baldfrog: Oops lol
amigaman: 24, 2 late ins
Kidult: Cameron wasnt named in vfl practice squad friday but i think he played
Baldfrog: Yeah page hadn’t refreshed
Kidult: yep doberton a lock ive seen enough lol
amigaman: Roberton off to a flyer
Ash777: we’ll have to see how roberton pulls up after the game
frenzy: Grundy off counting the big contract
penguins00: @amigaman he’s looking good
Kidult: im gonna watch Dunstan very close up till rd 10 see if he could b rd12 pick up
Baldfrog: Fish and crisp trying to suck me in again
Ash777: where is savage?
Pokerface: any news why gresham a late out?
amigaman: He & Ross managed apparently
Pokerface: ok cool thanks amiga
frenzy: Yep afl web by says rested
Ash777: does anyone know what grundy got in the origin game?
amigaman: Max King going to be an absolute star
Kidult: long scored 64 pts from 11 disposals 5 marks 5 CP last week
frenzy: Wats the go with Grundy
Gotigres: Any other Collingwood defenders to come back in? Noble and Madgen interest me greatly.
beerent11: Grundys you’re against a younger version of himself
Kidult: its good 2 be back site crashed for me
beerent11: Rucks just cancelling each other out
Kidult: looks like people gonna go Gawn/naismith at this rate hehe
Apachecats: yes beerent 25 SC between the 4 of them to 1/4 time.
cmperrfect: Nic Nat + English for me
penguins00: Max King is great to watch
Apachecats: Gone Grundy and English cmperf
StuL: King the next Kosi.
lukefield9: @StuL don’t you dare!
Kidult: im thinking some1 like Howard under the Marvel roof could be taking alot of Intercept marks and be cleaner with his
Nuffman: Gee.. Erin Phillips is struggling playing with the big boys… -5 SC at qtr time!
duckky: Ryder always seems to cut the lunch of his co ruck so niether becomes SC relevant
Kidult: disposal and as D/F Pod
Chewma: Ben Long at 280k looks delicious if he’s getting the ball this often
amigaman: I assume these SC scores are rubbish
beerent11: They get updated at the quarter breaks amiga
The39Steps: S Hill quad again. No timeframe yet.
obione05: Loving how Gawn and Grundy will be a POD ruck combination
StuL: Already dumped Hill. No guys made of glass
frenzy: Cut him 39 steps
Ash777: lucky me I got rid of s hill yesterday for brander.
amigaman: Yeah I know that @beerent. Almost 3/4 time and they still hadn’t updated.
Kidult: woo its back online
amigaman: * start of 3rd qtr
Baldfrog: M0nty do you know why in SA your site keeps going down?
jbjimmyjb: Bald it’s going down for everyone
Baldfrog: Oh ty Jimmy
frenzy: Monty kicked the plug out
Kidult: m0nty not paying his bills has to run pedals to power up site b4 pumping scores
Ash777: De goey pies dusty
Baldfrog: WFTD don’t work weekends?
Kidult: wow howe
shaker: Only if they come up with a Mil+ Ash
Kidult: dacois 84 pts last week and now this peformance at 284k
Kidult: only had 71% on ground last week 2
Baldfrog: Who have the collywobbles to come back in tho
Ash777: treloar, sharenberg
Kidult: dont think theres any more smalls
Kidult: o forgot varcoe was still listed
Kidult: o wth hes a mid not a fwd on supercoach
Ash777: varcoe probably take adams spot atm
Kidult: and hes 259k idk who i read fwd 284k
Kidult: says varcoe 5-7 weeks shoulder on injuries
Jackwatt$: m0nty had a big night last night and cant be assed pedalling. Hopefully Ben Gogos can give him a chop out
Kidult: so wish he was a fwd cant really fit him in mid at 259k
Baldfrog: Grundy warming up now
Ash777: I had Naish currently in my midfield so wiling to swap daicos in
Kidult: might drop a high price prem down to coniglio to fit in daicos
original: Grundy scared anyone off..?
Baldfrog: Na he started last year slow
Kidult: grundy has a mare in rd1 always if look back
Kidult: has english as his opp rd1
Kidult: and dnp in the 4th year
Yelse: just logged on.. another pies injury? geez here we go again standard every year
Kidult: my comments arent coming through
Ash777: How much cash will grundy lose in the first few rounds?
Kidult: his highest score ever in rd 1 is 95
Gotigres: Any pies to come back who will knock Noble out of the team?
Kidult: but has scores of 160, 174 and 152 last 3 hes played on english
Kidult: quaynor or scharenberg if they play that smaller running postion
Gotigres: Average all that out Kidult and you get a score of about 125sc for Grundy round 1
Kidult: will the cohesion of of grundys HOTA be compromised with a lesser midfield who knows
Baldfrog: And now Grundy has his massive contract will he be as hungry
Ooost: Daicos looking like a good pick
Yelse: relax with grundy the guy is not even trying and most rucks have hardly done anything this series. maybe english only
Kidult: he does have some big BE numbers to get even with a low of 100 in rd2 if he pumps a 145 rd1
Gotigres: Is Daicos in the best 22?
Kidult: at this stage he is cant see any1 but treloar coming in rd2 and a few weeks after that
Ash777: English last few games last season including the EF were good
Gotigres: King not convincing me
Ash777: King did this last game started good early then faded away.
Kidult: is cox bringing the ball to ground much at all?
Kidult: wish davis would tackle id start him over king
Gotigres: Whose Davis?
Yelse: has roberton done enough?
Kidult: crows small fwd
blonde0na: maybe being filtered cause you think english will beat grundy r1? 🙂

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