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Chat log from P2 of 2020: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, P2 of 2020

Kidult: soreness on aish/ryan so sitting out
CozzieCan: Walters , Hill , Fyfe, nicnat for me this one .. see how we go
frenzy: Watching Shultz cerra hill
Kidult: im seeing cow cerra and brayshaw get affected with fyfe,walters back
Kidult: see if bewley can back up and stay on a wing
Baldfrog: Freos midfield is non existent so far
duckky: No Acres?
Kidult: where u been duckyy he done a hammy awhile ago now missing early season
RooBoyStu: You living under a rock? Acres injured at training
bones351: Hamstring injury duckky
RooBoyStu: Watching Cerra and Crowden as POD
duckky: Each year I roll the dice and each year Blake lets me down…
Baldfrog: Wouldn’t touch Crowden rooboy
RooBoyStu: You love buying land lmao
Kidult: hoping fyfe is a 550k pick up rd13
Kidult: sorry rd14
duckky: And Miles of it too
CozzieCan: Any advice on Walters ? First time picking him …
frenzy: Yep kidult, like that
Baldfrog: Be prepared for him to get injured Cozzie
Kidult: @cozzie hope and pray he doesnt have a brain fade and headbutt some1
duckky: Can you be reported for headbutting a teammate? Walters would be the sort that does that…
Kidult: hes pretty durable other than suspensions but owners got all 22 from him last yr
CozzieCan: Righto cheers fellas
V@lks: @m0nty Any chance of a bug fix for SC scores??
V@lks: 😀 Thanks m0nty
Baldfrog: Lol kidult look at Walters history only 2 years has he played 22 games
Kidult: @duckyy no need to report he would get suspended by his own club
NateRocks: @V@lks they only update at end of 1/4
RooBoyStu: So far bye bye Crowden and Cerra welcome to my team you’re staying
Kidult: his missed games are suspensions if he got injured its 1 week
Kidult: i meant he has been durable the yrs he was even worth being picked
duckky: Is McCarthy playing in the middle?
CozzieCan: Hill looking good for F6 .. not bad at all
Ooost: Tobe Watson 😀
RooBoyStu: Tim Kelly a must in teams
NateRocks: @duckky on a wing
RooBoyStu: @ooost without the juice
StuL: McCarthy is on a wing
Ooost: haha
Kidult: coz no aish/acres he went wing
duckky: Not likely to stay there is he?
noobcoach: If darcy out does it limit Fyfe scoring
Kidult: @noob doubtful coz lobb is handy at taps
frenzy: Get Serong on ffs
RooBoyStu: Makes Cerra a bargain with Darcy out
amigaman: @frenzy, coach said not until 2nd half
RooBoyStu: His biggest scores are when Lobb rucks
frenzy: Means less likely rnd one
RooBoyStu: Lobb could become r2 option
Yelse: Serong not starting is not a good look damn
Baldfrog: Great to see Brayshaw getting the pill now
RooBoyStu: Why not a good look? He’ll play rd1 Serong. My mre
RooBoyStu: Why not a good look? He’ll play rd1 Serong. My mrs wears a serong at the beach a good look
RooBoyStu: Bloody website refreshes sorry for double post
CamT: Local Radio 6PR said pre-game that Serong would be on the bench for the entire first half.
frenzy: Just another non starter rookie for rnd one
amigaman: Still a chance but needs to show something 2nd half
duckky: Brander sounding like he is going OK.
NateRocks: Hopefully Robertson nails a spot for the lions
Yelse: who’s taking the kicking bth sides?
megawatts: i heard josh kennedy is looking good
CozzieCan: @Yelse looks like hill for Fremantle so far
CozzieCan: T.Kelly might give him a miss this year .. I reckon he’ll drop in price soon then maybe ..
Kidult: serong likely managed like rowell was for rd1 start
Kidult: just 2nd half not the 1st half
Yelse: why so many teams have rivers from melb in their teams 34%
Kidult: those people have patience and wait till the actual week of rd1 to pick we dont hehe
SilverLion: Hil definitely shouldn’t have the shovel next to his name
frenzy: Hope so kidult, don’t wanna start Kpp rookies
SilverLion: Hill*
CamT: If we can’t find enough rookies it will be mid-priced madness time.
Gloryhound: Bewley looking more like a skid mark in my team. S T RUGGLING with the decent rooks this year
amigaman: Need more from Cerra or he gets replaced by B. Williams
Ash777: shulz looks a lock so far. also brayshaw
amigaman: If Nic Nat stays fit, would be a great POD
Ash777: has duggan finally put it together?
frenzy: Serong???
Kidult: id say no on duggan 57 from 85% last week
amigaman: Nowhere to be seen
Baldfrog: So white yet so rong
Kidult: ill still go bewley 16 disposals just low de
frenzy: Sowrong
Kidult: 4 kerms
Baldfrog: Since I said it serong has come alive
amigaman: Like to see XO get a run also
Ash777: I’d like to know why banfield has gone backwards since debut
Kidult: his old coach tried making him a tagger so lost all his ball winning ability
Kidult: i can see hill being a slow burn the week hes projected to rise 30k he will only rise 5k
Dream Big: Jarrod plays a good Brander footy.
Ash777: I hope longmuir decides to make mccarthy a permanent winger
Kidult: gonna need him up fwd at this rate
frenzy: Add him to the list of useless rookie priced players
DanBlack: Serong it’s right
CozzieCan: Hill I reckon will go alright aye ,
frenzy: Pushing S. up Hill
NateRocks: Will take a slow burn ATM at least he will play
Baldfrog: Up Ship Creek Frenzy?
Yelse: at least as of today we can pencil in 3 rookies pickett rowel and brander
Ash777: I wonder if joondalup is going to try for another afl licence
Pokerface: georgiades will play yelse.
Kidult: nek minut pickett isnt in best 22 lol
Kidult: the way its been goin
Kidult: hughes scored 71 last week and doin better this week
NateRocks: I don’t think he does @Pokerface
Kidult: + a dislocated finger
NateRocks: Aish at that price though
Kidult: wonder who loses the small fwd spot schulz or watson for matera
Baldfrog: Wow Weee
NateRocks: I’d say with 6 goals in 2 weeks Schultz stays in
Baldfrog: Really starting to like Brayshaw
Ash777: Shulz is safe.
Dream Big: Yeah no doubt Brayshaw’s ownership will increase after this.
Pokerface: sam sturt..
RooBoyStu: Cerra and Crowden my 2 PODs

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