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Chat log from P2 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, P2 of 2020

frenzy: Kenny will tear Lycett a newby
CozzieCan: Just picked Houston this week , hopefully he recovers for round 1
CozzieCan: Josh Bruce anyone ?? Looks alright
penguins00: He looks a good fit but I don’t pick KPP
StuL: Cat attack today
StuL: No to Bruce
Kidult: dont tempt me english
penguins00: I enjoy watching the way both of these sides play.
amigaman: English could be a handy R2
Kidult: this is a good audition for houston especially against the mids of the dogs and his head being driven
Coutzy: @Amigaman price is too awkward for me. Not sure I trust him to score enough for me to have him all year
amigaman: Right now have Naismith R2. Not going to change everything to get Gawn. English is an easy option.
Coutzy: I’m sitting Grundy/Gawn atm but the more I think about it the more I’m leaning away from Gawn
amigaman: English R14 bye as well
CozzieCan: One more for English & I reckon he will be a pod
Coutzy: Is Lycett good enough for this to be a fair test, you reckon?
CozzieCan: Year*
Pokerface: @coutzy yes
Pokerface: where is ryder
Kidult: english has to go 180 to counter the loss of pts to gawn/grundy
Pokerface: @kidult huh?
jbjimmyjb: ryder changed clubs…
CozzieCan: @pokerface St kilda lol
Coutzy: @Pokerface Moorabbin
Kidult: coz u wouldnt throw the vc/c on him as u would gawndy
NateRocks: What the?
amigaman: The more coaches that say no, the more I’m tempted. Makes him a POD
Pokerface: oh yeah.. der
Coutzy: @Kidult that’s only true if Gawn/Grundy score the same as last year
Pokerface: westoff gives the chop out now? interesting…
jbjimmyjb: how did boak just miss that
amigaman: He’s got the mids to make him look good as well
Ash777: westhoff was good in 2018
gdshifty: geez Durrsma is a turnover machine. Misses targets by 10-15m every kick
Pokerface: he was ash.. i like the look of him getting some ruck work again
Pokerface: hmm.. to take 5 points from georgiades or save 25k with another non playing rookie..
Ash777: When lycett came in he suffered big time. With Ryder out he should get back to near best avg.
Yelse: who would you choose between dunks macrae and bont
penguins00: There’s no wrong answer @yelse
Yelse: could you go all three? if the bye wasn’t the issue
penguins00: I’m only starting with 1. Macrae. but up to you. I think variety is good.
CozzieCan: 1 for me also Bont
Kidult: i got dunk and macrae as i feel bont would get more of a tag or play fwd
Kidult: bailey williams a smokey at 300k?
Kidult: went at 81.4 in 2018 and is 22 yrs old so could break out
Ash777: dogs need him to break out.
jbjimmyjb: the dogs movement off half back is horrendous
Kidult: 76 pts im liking
CozzieCan: Interested @Kidult , will he be full time ?
Yelse: english looking good
Kidult: duryea is out injured for awhile and idk if others will push him out if hes peforming like this
Kidult: butler, vandeermer, lynch, L young have to produce to push him out
Kidult: scored 70 vs north last week
NateRocks: So Georgiades likely to miss Rd 1
Kidult: but only 40k more than a roberton type
Danstar: Dogs don’t look like they wanted to run that qtr
Kidult: motlop the flop and rockliff the offacliff
Ash777: looks like it’s that end of the ground causing teams to kick bad
Kidult: who do u think will get defender 1 out of naughton,bruce?
Danstar: Probably Bruce.
Kidult: im gonna run the risk on williams and hope he produces till rd14 atleast
amigaman: Will Williams get this much time on-ball though?
Kidult: well its down to roberton,williams for me
Kidult: so im going williams
frenzy: Is Lycett likely to miss weeks
Danstar: English is gonna be a gun. 3rd best ruck this year imo
NateRocks: Wouldn’t think so @Frenzy
penguins00: Icing around the achilles is not what you want to see but we won’t know yet
Kidult: would throw a spanner in the works if it was a long term ankle to lycett id b starting ladhams in fwd line
Ash777: welcome to my side hoff
frenzy: And the hoff becomes a sneaky
Yelse: lycett icing the achilles
Ash777: gone ceglar. not convinced he’ll score well in the proper season except against poor rucks
Kidult: or those who have naismith might b on the edge of their seats waiting for the news on the injury.
Pokerface: zac smith v port round 1 …
Kidult: witts vs port rd1
Pokerface: witts wont make rd 1
Kidult: imagine witts and lycett long term outs smith and ladhams frees up 820k
shaker: Not impressed with Houston being put on ice
Kidult: @shaker had his head driven in the ground so likely playing it safe
Kidult: watch the people scramble back to dunkley from bont after marsh wk1
shaker: Yeah saw that but start thinking he might be concussed no what you want before R1
NateRocks: @kidult I’ll be guilty of that
Pokerface: they the same ones scrambling from petrasha back to .. well.. anyone?
Danstar: Hope so @Kidult
CozzieCan: Westoff is rubbish , was good last season for 5 games & than became the most traded player lmao
StuL: What happened to Houston that qtr?
NateRocks: I’m happy with Houston being iced, people will jump off after a 40
Pokerface: they had 2 playing rucks last season cozzie. he lost his chop out taps
Danstar: Come on Foxtel!
Kidult: im not starting him coz of rd11
noobcoach: rozee playing fwd 🙁
Kidult: ken did say lycett or ladhams are 80% rucks so cant play same side till 1 develops fwd craft and westhoff/marshall etc
NateRocks: I’m pretty sure I can cover one Def by round 11
Kidult: will do the other 20%
Pokerface: theres also roberton nate
beerent11: Just switched it on. Is housten actually iced up or just managed?
Kidult: ur relying on a rookie matching a dif premo u started with, if u picked some1 else to start instead
Pokerface: just managed beerent.
beerent11: Cheers poker
shaker: Why would you manage Houston and flog the old guys out?
Pokerface: Dan Houston will not play the second half. But only for his workload to be managed so don’t fear #SuperCoach and #AFLFan
Kidult: might not even have a rookie to field to cop a donut
Pokerface: because he is going to have more workload perhaps?
sMiles: er – Houston got his nose smashed
Pokerface: he did, but thats not why he is sitting out the half
frenzy: Makes the other bye rounds a breeze Kidult
Kidult: can get him in rd 12 if hes even worth having
beerent11: Who have we all bet on for fed rookies. I’m struggling to fill them up.
beerent11: *fwd
StuL: King, Rankine, Darcy.
Kidult: but yeh each to their own
Kidult: cameron and brander for mine
Kidult: woulda had budarick at f6 but looking for some1 else
Pokerface: cameron not playing in main side tomorrow..
Snarfy: With Sexton doing a hammy is Budarick still a chance?
Kidult: oo scharanberg is playing vfl practice
Kidult: thought he was out indefinetly
Kidult: nobles JS might no longer be a certainty
penguins00: Rankine is injured
SilverLion: Lienert doing a murdoch
Kidult: cameron not named in the vfl squad
circle52: Rankine will be available Rd 1 according to last nights presser
Kidult: luke ryan and aish out of marsh 2
Pokerface: really? read a story earlier that said he is vfling not marshing this week.
Snarfy: Whats wrong with Luke Ryan Kidult?

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