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Chat log from P2 of 2020: Hawthorn vs Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Melbourne, P2 of 2020

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
NateRocks: Will see if I need Ceglar
snake_p: Go Hawks!
Kidult: read on the hawks website that big boy made way for an inclusion
Kidult: they signed brooksby on 1 yr
frenzy: Did greaves get a game or he chopped
RooBoyStu: Why does it say soon above? Been watching it for 10 mins now
amigaman: Are the stats gone for everyone?
Yelse: petracca back to his old self? geez
amigaman: Oh and back again!
Ash777: this will be a real test for petracca
exatekk: Why is Petracca even in the conversation? Surely he’s burnt each and every one of us…
amigaman: Never had him. Sitting on the fence.
Ash777: Because he’s gotten fit and playing mid now
frenzy: How does Maxy look
Kidult: is gawn at many contests ceglar lots of hit outs?
NateRocks: Max been resting forward giving Weiderman a go
StuL: Tracca is like 30k below premo. I will pay the extra if he is ever real
heppelitis: been burnt by tracca the malaka
Kidult: 470k is a premo i wish
StuL: Houston or Sicily?
amigaman: If he was 470k he’d be the 11th highest price fwd
casey22: Neither team playing their rooks
casey22: Must need the money
Kidult: @stul might not be enough rookies to cover houston in rd11 to score a donut
Ash777: Petracca is 440k
casey22: Petracca not worth the risk at the price
heppelitis: Fritsch is a little gun
StuL: Sorry. thought he was 470
Kidult: T.mac a better risk than petracca in my eyes
amigaman: Why has the AFL decided to end R11 after R1q2 has already started?
casey22: From a dt/sc point of view both these teams are no brainers
casey22: That is, predictable as per last year. Exception Titch
Yelse: who does everyone think top 8 fwds will be
NateRocks: Scrappy old game
Jackwatt$: Where is Greaves? Please tell m0ntys playing a joke on us and hasn’t included his name yet
Ash777: Greaves not playing. Looks like a dress rehearsal for rnd 1
Crowls: Bloody max now I have redo my team again.
frenzy: Not Wingard or tracca, Yellen
frenzy: Yelse *
Pokerface: is anyone doing the Racing SC? if so is it true theres no prizes this time round??
casey22: Anyone seeing anything sc/dt to get excited about?
Ash777: Viney no longer captain. Looks to have a load off his shoulders.
Jackwatt$: Since me & m0nty have been good mates Melbourne have beaten Hawthorn 4-2. Not that I’m counting
Jackwatt$: But we don’t usually count pre season games, don’t we m0nty?
exatekk: not a thing casey22
Yelse: this game a bit disappointing
casey22: Patton not exactly the new Buddy or Roughy , for that matter!
Yelse: anyway one who thinking not going gawn grundy combo needs to rethink it.
Pokerface: the lack of rookies may not allow it yelse
Pokerface: might be forced into guys like smith or naismith
StuL: I was Poker and Yelse but now I see a juicy 68 next to Gawns name I’d trim elsewhere. Maybe a def
The39Steps: There’s so much sandbagging now let’s bone pre-season and get into the real stuff asap!
casey22: Grundy a must have. Gawn a bit of risk so maybe Marshall & save about $100k
Yelse: can’t sacrifice a min 130 every week for 70-110 is lucky
Yelse: why is gawn risky casey?
Ash777: last time gawn was injured he played anyways and smashed it.
Kidult: gawn is a lock its just down to how grundys scores go if cameron rucks more.
casey22: Knee
exatekk: Even if Gawn is proppy, he can still do his tap work, just may need support around the ground. Its Grawndy all the way!
exatekk: Cameron wont out-ruck Grundy LOL
Kidult: the point of it is cameron can stay in ruck longer than cox could
Pokerface: yelse its not sacrificing if you use the extra money elsewhere
Pokerface: cash cows have to determine your structure, not premiums
exatekk: it is sacrificing. at some point you will wish you had him in!
Yelse: its cameron or cox won’t be both so shouldn’t affect scores for grundy
Pokerface: thats the same for any premium exatekk
Yelse: why waste a trade to get someone you def ending up with pokerface
Pokerface: but if there are no other cash cows around, how do you get other premiums in?
Kidult: cameron offers more in both areas cox is a dud
Pokerface: that doesnt make sense yelse. I want 8 uber premiums but obviously i have to ‘waste’ trades to end up with that
exatekk: you’re talking rucks dude. not just any premo mid
casey22: You would only have Gawn/Grundy is they were set & forget but Gawn is not
Pokerface: no, im talking cash cows. if you find enough rookies elsewhere, great. im just not sure you will
Pokerface: gawn sitting out second half. his first 7 rounds are not easy ruck matchups. he will drop in price
exatekk: But they are set and forget. if either goes down for a tomb-stone. you can go to anyone!
frenzy: GG has had a blessed run last couple of seasons, time could be up
casey22: OK then, these teams, any cash cows?
Ash777: they’d wheel gawn out to ruck if they have to.
Pokerface: theres more than one way to play exatekk.
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty now that Max Gawn is captain can you give him his own icon? Maybe a permanent Superman cape?
Pokerface: the primary need is cash generators, not specific premiums. noone is a must have, apart from the right rookies.
Kidult: 2020 will b 1 out the box not the regular route
DrSeuss: Hmm Tomlinson in DT – Yes, No, Maybe?
exatekk: yeah there is more than one way to play, but i cant see the point of worrying if someone gets injured or not.
exatekk: play for max points each week
Pokerface: i dont think you listened to a single word said
Pokerface: nothing to do with him possibly getting injured. its to do with lack of rookies this year. play for points AND cash gen
frenzy: It’s just another stock market
Yelse: didn’t expect Gawn to be rested damn
Ash777: I rather trade elsewhere than the ruck.
Coutzy: I get what you’re saying Pokerface. But how quick do you expect Cameron to reach his move on price?
Pokerface: if you can find the rookies ash, great
Kidult: gawn could get alot of rests in q4 early to get him week to week
Kidult: but ill still pick him
Pokerface: he is out for the game kidult
Coutzy: I think there will be better scoring rookies that will generate their cash faster.
Ash777: I got burnt by not having grawndy last year.
frenzy: 18% of the salary cap on two ruckmen
exatekk: Everyone’s in the same boat rookie wise. I believe your foundation players will get you thru.
Pokerface: coutzy doesnt have to be cameron.
Pokerface: and as for points, it means you have an uber elsewhere. gawn+green scores you no more than macrae+zac smith say
Ash777: I went goldy n martin.
Coutzy: Ah right, yeah that makes more sense then. Got stuck on all the ruck talk.
casey22: From a dt/sc point nothing to excite: from suppoter point same old, same old, no change, no improvement
Kidult: @pokerface i meant in the actual season i can see them resting him in q4
RooBoyStu: Goldy Grundy easy choice. Gawn Gone
Pokerface: exatekk maybe in early rounds.. youll get hurt later if you dont have cash generation
Ash777: The fact that Gawn played tonight at not 100% when he wasn’t expected to rnd 1 is enough for me
exatekk: Disagree Pokerface. there will always be downgrade targets. BUt thats cool. Each to their own!
exatekk: Disagree Pokerface. there will always be downgrade targets. But thats cool. Each to their own!
Pokerface: of the four teams tonight, how many cash cows are there
Pokerface: downgrade targets isnt the issue. you need to start with generators
exatekk: My opinion? tonight? None.
casey22: pokerface: as in a mix of guns & risers as per normal! thats the game!!!
Pokerface: if the generators are in the ruck, you have to take them.
Pokerface: exatekk, well rowell. anderson (but not for me). that’s it.
exatekk: Rowells a given. You can always downgrade. If theres no rookies to start, theres limited cash generation?!
Pokerface: casey exactly.. and there arent many risers around at all. may need to in the ruck
Kidult: i reckon sharp will play rd1
exatekk: Rowell could be kept, or downgraded for cash generation like Walsh last year.
Ash777: you could have all 3 of naismith, cameron n xilla n still have grawndy.
Kidult: im thinking rowell is the last kept should mirror jaegar omearas 90.1 avg atleast
Pokerface: thats my whole point. if theres no rookies elswhere, don’t shut out the ruck as an option. more imptnt to make cash quik
casey22: So, team budget of premos, role change mid pricers & rookies who get games!
Pokerface: you wouldnt whack naismith on the bench at the price ash
exatekk: Anyway, games boring. Good luck all and seeya thru the season 🙂
Pokerface: rookies who get games.. which at this stage is all of about 4 or 5
Ash777: If only May’s body was sound he’d be worth a look. Taking the kick ins and gobling up alot of ball.
Kidult: who is everys f7-8 atm
StuL: This whole thing is fickle as. At 3/4 Naismith is looking good. :p
Ash777: my f7 is terri my f8 is close
circle52: My F7 is Cameron and F8 is Rankine happy to hold as if he does not play Rd 1 will be there Rd 2.
Ash777: with the lack of rookie options some 250k players might be the go.
exatekk: F7 Cameron F8 Taylor
Kidult: mines cameron and georgiades
Pokerface: f7 king f8 budarick- obviously now need to update
Pokerface: dont think xerri will last if he plays ash.. browns only out for a couple
Ash777: He could. They want Wood forward so there’s a spot for a tall in their forward line.
Ash777: I mean in defence
frenzy: Pootracca
Pokerface: he could for sure.. it would be very handy! im skeptical of all rookies now!
frenzy: Wood to the wing ash
jbjimmyjb: petracca’s % owned is going to drop from 16% surely
CamT: Fairly typical Petracca game. Looking forward to Shorty’s next video.
Ash777: wish viney was a dpp
casey22: Petracca should be the Demons Cripps
Kidult: cant have petracca, jones, harmes, oliver, brayshaw all in at once so petracca is a no go
blonde0na: if Cripps was 50% the footballer he is, then yeah sure
Kidult: o and viney
RooBoyStu: Is Hibberd back in the def mix? Cheap
Ash777: viney is cheaper than petracca too and a proven performer
DrSeuss: Langdon has really slowed in this quarter
RooBoyStu: Viney a proven performer lol
blonde0na: Greaves on?
Kidult: can any1 see ceglar going at 95+ if spending 85% time ruck
Kidult: he got 80 pts from 66% TOG against marshall/ryder
frenzy: Hope Bedford stays in
Jackwatt$: Jackson 67 on a half of football! Wowee! Max, who?

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