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Chat log from P2 of 2020: Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs Gold Coast, P2 of 2020

Ash777: mcasey we need you to perform
Kidult: love u m0nty always on the ball even if a stupid timeslotted game
Yelse: no McHenry?? No Rankine?damn
Yelse: wonder if Milera would be worth a punt or stick with laird
exatekk: Afternoon to all that took a sneaky early minute! LOL
Kidult: looks likes a 250k rookie fwd line or pick 6 starters
exatekk: Ned came off last week in the PA vs ADE under 23 game…
Kidult: 6 keepers my bad
Ash777: both injured yelse
Kidult: im watching ainsworth
Yelse: thanks @ash777 looks like gonna be more mid pricers this year damn
Ash777: This game should be very close to a regular season game
Kidult: yeh i dont think those 4 bottom crows will get a look in unless injury occurs
Pokerface: budarick was meant to be our savior
Kidult: @poker still can be the loophole if not named with dpp
Pokerface: yeah you are kinda missing the point kidult
Pokerface: he was one of the rookies that looked more likely to play.. even he looks sketchy now
Kidult: yeh im thinking the same thing will happen to pickett at richmond coz they got no injuries is he best 22?
NateRocks: Well he was for the GF
Pokerface: yes he is.
Ash777: He’s ahead of most of their other mids except cotch, dusty, edwards
Kidult: well he come in for graham injury
Ash777: oh and prestia n lambert too
Pokerface: if you are worried about pickett, don’t pick any rookies.
Kidult: @ash i think thats the case hes a mid and better small fwd options
Pokerface: he’s one of the reasons dusty will be almost full time forward ths year
Kidult: macpherson might b a better option over greenwood
Ash777: machperson will be the one kicking into 50 most often. Probably be their most dangerous player.
Kidult: miller always has LTOG
Ash777: milera back to expected levels with smith & seedsman back
NateRocks: Gibbs showing why Carlton let him go
Kidult: is smith gettin any mid time?
NateRocks: Yeah he is
Ash777: Looks like it. He’s they kicker into the 50.
Kidult: and who is taking the suns kick ins without harbrow,hanley?
SilverLion: Get on the macpherson bandwagon gents, there’s plenty of room!
Ash777: I already have machperson in my team from last week.
RooBoyStu: Happy Long Weekend all. Weller looks a lock
Kidult: im liking gold coasts contested game albeit jlt
circle52: I’m taking Macpherson over both Weller and Greenwood
Ash777: Weller is playing at the midfield bounces
Kidult: rd14 bye for suns so picking the right ones could be handy
Kidult: when powell comes back im gonna get confused with rowell
Ash777: Weller is also a def only option
NateRocks: Why Weller when Lukosius is 180 cheaper
Kidult: id go smith over weller if i went down that path
CozzieCan: Hard to trust anyone from GC for SuperCoach .. Last year I paid the price big time
Kidult: brodie to have a mccluggage like year?
NateRocks: Glad it’s not the last game of the week I’d end up with half a dozen Suns 😂
RooBoyStu: MacPherson and Lukosius are mids. Weller is a def
circle52: Lukosius is actually D/F and MacPherson M/F
Pokerface: maybe brodie for the brownlow kidult?
Yelse: wheres brodie playing?
Ash777: brodie is a cheap midpricer option
Ash777: Brodie is playing mid
Pokerface: don’t stuff around with your midfield. midprice madness is for backline and forwardline, not mids
Yelse: don’t think i am going any premiums in FWD
dunny73: last i checked, bouncing it and getting tackled was holding the ball???
visolate: not watching the game, how’s greenwood going? feel like he’s been on 35 pts for ages
Ash777: the lack of rookies everywhere makes premium mids hard this year
shaker: Sharp a sneaky chance for R1
dunny73: I am getting worried about Greenwood. 80% TOG
NateRocks: I’m watching and surprised Greenwood is actually still out there gone missing
Kidult: sharp was good other than de last week
Ash777: I currently have 4 prems 2 midpricers and the rest rookies
Kidult: kinda hoping witts doesnt come up till mid season
NateRocks: Back luck there Kidult he’s fit for round 1 him king and rankine all good
shaker: Milera love fallen off a cliff after today
Kidult: wonder if they will go with him and smith
NateRocks: Well Wright won’t get a game so be out of day and Smith
Ash777: King & Day most likely
Kidult: i reckon they will play 3 talls fwd
Kidult: teams like gws, richmond, wce have done fine over the last few years that way
RGriffen: Why did Swallow pass it to Ellis? Swallow the best kick at the club
circle52: Suns pathetic kicking gifting game to Crows
Yelse: budarick ciao… see u around
exatekk: Budaric not even played a third of a game. I’d be more worried about their final RND 1 team, if he’s in, he’s in!
Kidult: looks like its over to mahony to showcase wat hes got
exatekk: or Taylor
circle52: Sharp putting his hand up though –
Kidult: crows look like they gonna b doin alot of defending could bring back the old laird
CozzieCan: Rob 83 tog time looks concerning
StuL: Smith looking like Geelongs no.1 ruckman after all.
CozzieCan: @Stul similar story with Mumford hey .. What a joke lol
Ash777: Looks like they’re managing ROB for this game
NateRocks: ROB just not any good
StuL: Flag or sack this year Scott. Again.

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