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Chat log from P1 of 2020: Richmond vs Collingwood

Chat log for Richmond vs Collingwood, P1 of 2020

Kidult: pies rookies are gonna are a trap cant see any gettin a run unless injury
Kidult: gonna be*
Pokerface: who do you see coming in apart from Grundy/Pendles kidult?
amigaman: Bianco will be interesting
Kidult: stephenson and sier
Kidult: if any
Kidult: and howe so thats these 24 + 5
snake_p: and Darcy Moore
Pokerface: sier still a maybe.. he needs to fit it in amongst his basketball matches for starters
Pokerface: oh yeah forgot darcy played
Kidult: quaynor is another who could
Kidult: well itll b down to wills,sier for 1 spot
Kidult: sidebum played aswell
bushranger: sidearse
Pokerface: yes, he did too
Pokerface: sier is actually interestingly priced if he gets his spot back
Kidult: id love bianco to play cheap dpp
Pokerface: the fact bianco isn’t getting a full game here is a bad sign
Kidult: reid and de goey probz rest at half time
Pokerface: crisp you tease
frenzy: Stop it Crisp, not going there
Ooost: Crisp following Petraccas lead.. Trying to lure us into selecting them
Jackwatt$: It took sooo long to get Blues Freo SC scores last night. Anyone else?
Ooost: Yeah I only saw them about an hour ago.
Ash777: I dont think Sier has his spot cemented
Kidult: yeh it cut out at end of q4
Jackwatt$: Don’t know what happened. Maybe m0ntys calculator batteries went dead or he had to bribe some people
Kidult: need a few pre season pick ups like last year not many rookies firming
gdshifty: Darcy Cameron breakout year 😀
Kidult: not reading cameron no grundy
Baldfrog: Can’t see game is it good?
Gotigres: Another premiership hangover
ajconodie: I’d prefer Cameron over Cox tbh.
Jackwatt$: No way, Richmond don’t much care for the 1st half of the year, Marsh Series even less
Yelse: yeah i prefer cameron over cox
Jackwatt$: Also, what u mean another? Is a PF loss considered hangover?
penguins00: This Madgen bloke must be carrying around a giant magnet. The ball keeps going right to him
Ash777: mason cox is actually doing most of the ruck work.
ajconodie: @penguins – That’s not such a good thing lol
Gotigres: Richmond had a premiership hangover after the 2017 win
Jackwatt$: The scores have gone again! Pedal m0nty, pedal!
Ash777: If 2018 tiges was a premiership hangover it must of been a very mild 1
Jackwatt$: I’m buying my berocca from Swan St from now on!
Pokerface: thinking of putting the C on Madgen round 1?
Jackwatt$: I’ll have to catch the train though, cos I haven’t figured out the Swan and Punt Rd intersection yet
Gotigres: Actually, i just looked. We were minor premiers in 2018 so sorry, i don’t know what i’m talking about. Brain a bit foggy
Gotigres: after a difficult summer.
Pokerface: take the tram. you only need to tap on, but not off.
Ash777: who is this noble guy
ajconodie: A boring game is made even more boring by Dwayne Russell.
ajconodie: @Ash77 – Mid-year draft from last year. Decent type.
frenzy: Play the kids, damn it
Ash777: I wonder if cameron will get regular games?
Ash777: Is there anyone else out of the baclkine other than moore and Howe?
Kidult: noble is a twin son of lions boss david noble from west adelaide
Kidult: was a wingman till he got to pies
SilverLion: Noble could be worth a look in SC. Only 215k
Kidult: theres also scharenberg @ash777
Kidult: langdon wont b back his injury is a bad 1
Ash777: oh I forgot scharenberg
Kidult: and quaynor can push for a spot 2
Yelse: I’ve been thinking of noble seems to get a bit of the ball back there
Pokerface: dunno whether to keep watching this, not getting anything out of it sc-wise at all
Kidult: appleby dropped off the face off
Kidult: face of earth*
Ash777: Rumours Z Williams is injured.
Kidult: cyas next week nothing in this
Gotigres: Short is interesting at 350k
Pokerface: Short was tipped to be a premium start of last year with kick in rule changes. But Houli took them
beerent11: Shorts no good if bachar plays. Made that mistake last season
Yelse: Reid should have retired
Ash777: Looks like he’ll be depth this year.
Gotigres: Good point Pokerface and beerent
Pokerface: treloar hammy??
Ash777: Treloar hamstring tightness 😮
frenzy: Was hoping to get a rookie outta this game, oh well
StuL: So, worst rookie year ever? Might need to overpay
StuL: Chief said Aarts looks clever. He coulb be a smart Aarts
Pokerface: lol
Jackwatt$: Haha He must have an Aart degree! Get it guys?
Pokerface: naismith r1, cameron r2. you should see my mids

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