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Chat log from P1 of 2020: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, P1 of 2020

RooBoyStu: Docherty this match will say yes or no
RooBoyStu: I like Cerra as POD
beerent11: In my team atm roo
Pokerface: why on earth did freo pick up james aish
Pokerface: m0nty your game blog says martin kicks his first goal in navy blue. he is in white
RooBoyStu: Lol true poker colour blind
m0nty: well the logo is navy blue!
Baldfrog: Poker check out the SC guru selections for the forward line on the homepage says Mccrae and Dunkley
Baldfrog: Didn’t know they had forward status
Pokerface: yeah i changed dusty to macrae when i found out.
Baldfrog: Gurus are not what they used to be
RooBoyStu: Lol where’s the Bont in fws
Pokerface: lol
gdshifty: well Serong is playing dodgeball.
RooBoyStu: Lol where’s the Bont in the fwd line. No gooda
Pokerface: not doing much for that elevated price is he shifty.
RooBoyStu: Merv Hughes nephew doing well
Baldfrog: Finally a bit of biff
RooBoyStu: Boys seriously a POD defender in SC is Cerra
Apachecats: Look like Walsh is going on with the job.Cheap A grader.
blonde0na: the problem with umpires going real soft is they won’t be consistent as they showed last year
Kidult: no1 to vs walsh tho no a grade mids
Pokerface: could you translate that to english please
penguins00: cough cough Cripps
Ash777: Martin playing lots of foward time I hear
Kidult: i meant he has no a grade opp mid he has to compete against
Kidult: in this game
NewFreoFan: Schultz is a smokey I reckon too
NewFreoFan: Had a ripper preseason by all reports
Kidult: i got stuck with schultz last yr
Baldfrog: All lachies play well in the Afl
Kidult: was a gun last preseaosn 2
Kidult: just ross didnt wanna go youth
NewFreoFan: His first season though, time to shine in his 2nd season
Ash777: how is williamson going?
Pokerface: except the Plow Man
Kidult: yeh mature age so ud think he woulda come on quick
Baldfrog: Oh yeah forget about that Lachie
Kidult: bewley should come on this yr aswell
Pokerface: you only remembered the good Lachies
NewFreoFan: God that’s a terrible siren
Baldfrog: Shut up Poker πŸ™‚
Kidult: every1 will now get schulz
Kidult: kade simpson should like docherty back newman wont
Baldfrog: Docherty has to pull up after the game with no soreness yet so wouldn’t worry about that yet
Kidult: freo the 2020 mid price marvels? new coach should back a few
Ash777: I feel like Martin is the trap of the preseason
Baldfrog: If Doch is 430k does anyone know what he needs to avg to keep that price?
Kidult: around 83 i think
Kidult: cerra into docherty sounds ok
Baldfrog: Cheers Kidult
Kidult: give docherty time to adjust
Baldfrog: Oh I wasn’t going to start him but his avg needed for price isn’t high either
SilverLion: Doch only 28 at half time in a practice match after being out for 2 years? Better jump off
NewFreoFan: Keen to see what Frederick does, been doing some freaky stuff at training
Kidult: well cerra is 100k cheaper and should get the same score as docherty for the 1st 6 weeks
Baldfrog: Who is jumping off? Never jumped on
Kidult: 51% ownership on docherty atm
Ash777: doc may never have a big score till halfway through the season
NewFreoFan: Re Cerra, Fyfe and Walters will push Conca back, and Wilson and Hill will be our main paths out of the backline
V@lks: No deal. $430 odd, will struggle to find form and will drop imo.
NewFreoFan: Dunno how much Wilson will miss with his toe though
Kidult: carlton rd13 pick up could b the option
Kidult: rd 13 bye*
Ash777: Have to see how Aish plays with fyfe n walters back
Baldfrog: Least Aish will have more freedom at freo which could help his scoring
Kidult: i want tobe watson to get a run
Ash777: Martin rested…
Yelse: this years preseason done no favours in helping decide team πŸ™
SilverLion: Don’t have doch baldfrog? Risky
Baldfrog: With only 2 preseason games it does make it hard to decide
Baldfrog: Nope I don’t silver
Yelse: the vic game last night has made it even tougher
NewFreoFan: God I hope we drop Matera early in the season
Ash777: going at 35% ouch
Kidult: think ull have to pay overs to get price rises not many rookies gettin a run
StuL: Not judging Doch on today. Just pick.him.
Ash777: 36% de I meant still better than silvagni lol
Kidult: players like ham, bonar, keays, bewley, schulz, vandenberg
frenzy: Darcy is fragile
gdshifty: better quarter from Docherty
Baldfrog: They sacked the wrong silvagni Ash
gdshifty: Carlton sacked the wrong Silvagni, and Freo picked up the wrong Matera…
StuL: Jack playing for his career this year? Sosos or not.
Baldfrog: Jack is to Carlton as Parsons is to geelong stul
NewFreoFan: Matera was alright for us the past few years, but we’ve got better talent coming through now
StuL: I think Parsons is better. Ok. Jack is not going good then
Yelse: @kidult bonar pinged a hammi gonneee
Ash777: out bonar in schulz
StuL: What about the big v beating you all combined? Good game
Baldfrog: Oh well Jackwatts won’t be able to have any bonar jokes for a while
Baldfrog: Never watched the vicco jizz fest Stul
StuL: You had plenty to cheer until 3/4 time. It was all over
StuL: Lolol
Yelse: who is everyone using as the loophole
Baldfrog: So it wasn’t rigged then?
Baldfrog: Too early yet Yelse have to see teams Thursday before 1st game to even know who is playing
V@lks: @Baldfrog, funny you say..I had that running through my head watching it.
StuL: Oh so you did watch it. The spirit of Ted won it
NewFreoFan: Something about Tobe Watson really annoys me
gdshifty: and with that, Sturt has left my team
circle52: @Yelse either Comben or Xeri at this stage Roos have 12 Sunday games.
Gloryhound: Anyone watching the game know where Bewley is playing in the second half?
Baldfrog: Cheers circle didn’t know that
circle52: including Rd 1
frenzy: Pittonet has been busy since he came on
Ash777: goldstein doesn’t need a backup ruck but there’s a forward spot open with Wood moved position
StuL: Bewley wing or hb. Not sure
RooBoyStu: If you had Sturt at all you should delete your team
Gloryhound: @ StuL thank you. Was hoping he was out of the fwd line.
Baldfrog: The old rooboy is back
NewFreoFan: Sturt will be good, but he’s another season or 2 away at least
Kidult: bewley, acres, aish are fighting for the wings
Kidult: with cerra,brayshaw, fyfe, conca and walters in the guts
NewFreoFan: Brayshaw, Cerra and Banfield all have the same barber
Baldfrog: Was shocked when saints let acres go
RooBoyStu: Saints said Acres didn’t run the hard yards
Baldfrog: Did they he reminds me a bit of Lenny Hayes they way he goes about it
NewFreoFan: Change of teams may be the shake up he needs
RooBoyStu: Acres and yards you missed the joke too young obviously
Pokerface: i got it rooboy πŸ™‚
Baldfrog: Na I’m old but just got it
bones351: Miles over their heads rooboy
NewFreoFan: Not worth getting Roo πŸ˜‰
RooBoyStu: Lol bones
Baldfrog: Can’t multitask rooboy
bones351: I was probably more surprised with delisting Newnes. They were built on Jacks and he was one of the better ones.
frenzy: Okay pittonet, you got my attention now
RooBoyStu: I remember here on Fan Footy when Acres debut the jokes were going off lol
SilverLion: Doch ya beautiful man
SilverLion: Hes rucking against no-one frenzy
Kidult: newnes was soft in 2019 never went hard at a contest just wanted the soft bal
NewFreoFan: Not the best comedians on FF though haha, surprised nobody’s gone with ‘I had the C on Philp!’
Baldfrog: Silver has cracked a bonar
circle52: God not here yet
frenzy: So was Kreuzer silver
bones351: He gave them a lot before that though
frenzy: It’s only Arthur Bonar
StuL: Another year of carlton being a rabble coming up
CozzieCan: No Cripps thou .. he’s like Nat Fyfe carries the whole team some games

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