Chat log from P1 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Kidult: keen on warner, stephens, gould and ash
Baldfrog: Pity no Heeney wanted to see him play b4 picking him
bushranger: Also keen to see Ash and Gould play
Ash777: are these hoops Guernseys for capper
Gandhi: Taranto is in a lot of pain there
Baldfrog: What number is Gould?
Kidult: 17 apparently
Baldfrog: Cheers Kidult
Kidult: there u go gws player injured and its the 1 that doesnt get injured.
Pokerface: did lloyd play last night?
Kidult: yup
Pokerface: ok thanks. really want to see what the kick in situation is like
Kidult: yeh i didnt go with lloyd this year
Kidult: mchenry had back and hammy tightness in u23 game 2day
Ash777: was davis in the game last night?
Jackwatt$: Naismith & Dawson have just made there way in my team
Kidult: no
Kidult: haynes and moore were the keys for vic
Kidult: and blicavs
Kidult: swans now have lots of running defenders in o’riordan, cunningham, lloyd and dawson
Baldfrog: Depending how long taranto is out for Hately at 300k.could be a cheap option
frenzy: There sure is some value to be had
Jackwatt$: Has there ever been a deeper midfield than the Giants this year?
Baldfrog: Could also say has there ever been a more fragile midfield as the Giants Jack
Ash777: Dogs is right up there for midfield
circle52: Ward, Kelly, Taranto, Coniglio, Whitfield, Greene, Williams
circle52: all missing from GWS
Baldfrog: Taranto Greene are there
Baldfrog: Not Toby but he isn’t a midfield
circle52: Just looking at who is missing and what options will be there for the rookies.
Jackwatt$: Can’t decide on my r2. Jacobs or Naismith. Help me m0nty
StuL: Green looks good but no js
StuL: Prol no r1 too
Baldfrog: Their is an opening with taranto injured but agree none will have JS
Mr Salty: McInerny achance?
Kidult: i think coz taranto/whitfield/greene/coniglio were gonna play more fwd half i think gws would rather throw them back on
Kidult: ball and pick some1 like langdon, hill fwd
Jackwatt$: Will Ash play Round 1?
Ash777: de boer playing more fwd too this season
Ooost: McInerney looks the goods
Kidult: hately lured to crows coz of nicks end of yr for more oppurtunity
Kidult: mcinerney had 21 pts on debut
jackhiggo: what role is callum sinclair playing?
Kidult: fwd ruck 2
Kidult: gws reserves mids 1st month caldwell, shipley, hately, green, o’halloran and ward
jackhiggo: is naismith a decent but riksy r2 option for fantasy or just r3?
Kidult: never scored well enough but hasnt played for 2 and half yrs
jackhiggo: playing as the number 1 ruck this season looks very promising at that price
Kidult: id still b worried about sinclair playing
Kidult: but u never know with franklin, reid, blakely fwd line could b left out
Ash777: we’ve found our spooners it seems
Gandhi: I reckon Naismith will be a solid pick and score decently if fit
Ash777: wth Hately.
Jackwatt$: Gould 59% tog, wouldnt have thought he will play round 1
Ooost: People are not picking Gawn / Grundy and risking it on Naismith? LOL
Jackwatt$: Only thing about Naismith he shares the same bye as Gawn & Grundy agggghhhhhh
CozzieCan: @ooost , Gawn B/E is 130 .. wait for them to come down in price .. make money of Naismith in the mean time
Pokerface: yeah, that’s the only thing..
RooBoyStu: Don’t like Gawn this year.
RooBoyStu: If 2 rucks have bye doesn’t matter as top 18 score
Apachecats: T.Geen BOG ,SC hasn’t updated for his 2nd goal and 2 more CP.
Apachecats: *Green
CozzieCan: Will Gawn flop now captain ? Early injury concern .. lots of factors
shaker: But will green get a game ?
penguins00: Supercoach scores aren’t live. they only update during the breaks
StuL: Hately stiff if not the next cab for TT.
RooBoyStu: How Luke Parker wasn’t picked for the Victorian State of Origin team is beyond me. He is showing why he should have been
Apachecats: He’d get agame atEssendon ,GWS coach is a bit tough with rookies.
CozzieCan: Hately risky , kelly cogs witfield Williams yet .. hmm

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