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Chat log from P1 of 2020: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, P1 of 2020

frenzy: evening peeps
Ash777: that’s a short bombers list lol
Ash777: evening. who’s everyones most watch this game
frenzy: can picture m0nty pedalling hard
bushranger: Ash , got my eyes on Dev Smith
bushranger: and Townsend
TheMessiah: Anyone who’s watching this one… Where is Parish playing?
Ash777: playing mid it looks like
Kidult: dang no cutler
StuL: Parish in the middle
TheMessiah: Thanks guys. Think he is my F3 POD instead of Heeney 🤫
Kidult: phillips out playing 2 rucks?
noobcoach: Bezerk going into my team i reckon, anyone else?
Ash777: well smith is off the list atm.
damoc85: Brander looking good.
Gandhi: Can’t see Townsend becoming fantasy relevant
Pokerface: was brander forward the entire quarter?
Kidult: id rather pick snelling than d.smith
m0nty: It appears the two unlisted Bomber players are not even on the stats feed, despite at least one of them rotating on.
Kidult: fighting for that pre season spot?
Kidult: nigel lockyer?
Kidult: b. teackle is the other
beerent11: Are we not playing because of fucking lightning?
Ash777: it’s some serious lightning
beerent11: Ah well. Hopefully that rain gets to the south coast.
bones351: @Gandi 20SC in 53% of a quarter is terrible for a rookie priced player isn’t it?
bones351: Not saying Townsend will be a star but worth a look
TheMessiah: Anyone know why parish only has 39% TOG?
Dream Big: I tuned in just after they came off, has Brander been playing wing?
bones351: Actually looks like TOG is dropping for those on the bench or something but point still stands
Kidult: does ridley play as the 3rd tall defender or is zerk-thatcher likely?
Ash777: cd probably forgot to stop the clock lol
m0nty: this could be a 50-minute quarter
beerent11: Smith been getting any mid time?
Ash777: he’s playing forward beer
Kidult: ham should b worth the dpp consideration
Kidult: mcgrath finally gonna have a break out season?
Pokerface: why is merrett pointing where a teammate should go? he is no leader!
Pokerface: is Williams just known as BJ?
Kidult: its coz theres bailey williams at dogs aswell
Jackwatt$: Is Langford still a FWD? I’m too lazy to check
m0nty: I tipped this, 50 minute quarter!
Pokerface: i believe there is a josh kennedy at sydney too.
frenzy: good call m0nty
Ash777: Langford is playing in the middle jack
Dream Big: We cracked the 50 mins that quarter.
Jackwatt$: Great call m0nty, up there with your best
frenzy: fwd/mid jack
Jackwatt$: Might be that big bodied mid Don’s have been looking for, a sneaky pod perhaps
DrSeuss: Snelling doing pretty great work from 46% game time
Kidult: yeh snelling is young and is a junior supercoach pig just needs to be picked
Ash777: if only ridley didn’t have mcconnor n saad coming back
Ash777: mckenna I meant
Kidult: ridley is 192cm tho so could b 3rd tall behind hurley,francis
Kidult: + connor is still in ireland and heard he could b fwd more this yr
Yelse: Is Ham gonna get a game?
Kidult: i think its down to snelling vs ham
Yelse: Smith struggling
StuL: Only watching on and off but havent seen Smith in the middle
Ash777: He hasn’t attended a center bounce at all
Ash777: oh now he has
StuL: Ok. He was then
Kidult: with smith’s injuries dont think hes fit to even get 30% mid time
Ash777: glad this is on fox footy or they’d cut the feed by now lol
Kidult: if brander is named rd1 do u also pick up s.hill for the positional change? cheaper risk than d.smith
StuL: I think so kidult. We might not have too much choice this yr
Kidult: i can see snelling rising to 500k in no time at f4
frenzy: BJ def/ruc, useless
Kidult: yup def/ruc only other is nyuon
Kidult: am i seeing things or did sc update during q4?
bones351: Shh
Ash777: dwayne has lost his glasses
Ash777: kennedy is back
frenzy: a 400k player needs to ave 80 yeah
exatekk: kennedy is back. LOL

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