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Chat log from P1 of 2020: Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Adelaide, P1 of 2020

Baldfrog: Should be some rookies worth looking at here
Pokerface: when is it petracca is meant to break out again?
Jackwatt$: Dee’s on fire early. Cancel all plans for September!
Baldfrog: Think u got a bonar a bit quick there Jack
Ooost: Welcome
Baldfrog: Hey Ooost
Kidult: stengle is an awkward price
Kidult: but probz play 20 games
StuL: Are the HS only putting out scores at the break for all Marsh?
Baldfrog: Mccasey and Mchenry are who I’m looking at from crows
Kidult: butts is the key back of the rookie dreams intercepts alot
Kidult: butts is ahead if key back spot opens up
Baldfrog: After the 1st qtr they come up Stul
Kidult: end of each qtr they update coz m0nty working on the blog cant calc also
StuL: Thanks
StuL: The game tonight should be rookie gold. A bit light so far
Baldfrog: Gibbs should retire geez his possies are terrible
Kidult: might combo milera and houston both dpp
Baldfrog: Think everyone will have Houston
Kidult: yup gibbs was once the best kick in comp
Kidult: 9 cp for petracca in a qtr hmm
Mecir: where does Houston go in draft
Kidult: on p wilson watch no competition with greenwood, ellis-yolman anymore
Kidult: @mecir id say around 20/25 coz of the dpp
Baldfrog: He is on his last legs to kidult so if Wilson is gunna show something this year is it
Mecir: @kidult cheers mate…yeah he’s the pre-season darling of 2020
Kidult: yeh not 2 much behind crouch brothers and sloane in mids
Kidult: might b overpriced rookies for the 1st half of season
Baldfrog: Well Rowell is this year’s Walsh do we start with him
Kidult: yeh rowell is my 1st picked
exatekk: i have him baldfrog. but hes the first one i cut if i see something more juicy.
Baldfrog: Hope he’s playing tonight
Kidult: will b interesting to see if petracca stays mid in other jlt games
Baldfrog: Petracca is a prick tease always disappoints
Jackwatt$: Pretty sure m0nty was threatened with a lawsuit from Herald Sun if he put up SC scores
Jackwatt$: But m0nty took them on and is allowed to do quarter by quarter.
Gandhi: Crows fwd line looks much better without Tex playing
Kidult: greedy newscorp
Baldfrog: O’Brien looking good so far
exatekk: honestly, does anyone pay HS for their articles?
Kidult: no opp @baldfrog
Ash777: ROB is playing against a kid tho
Mecir: @kidult still got Angus coming back into the mids
Kidult: nah goodwin is a knob doesnt play him there
Ash777: pickett the flash
StuL: Rupert doesnt have enough money? *!#&
Kidult: if i were dees coach id play petracca,brayshaw and oliver 80% centre bounces
Kidult: and viney the switch out
Pokerface: not a good sign that mchenry didn’t start
Baldfrog: They don’t need to gunna have a premiership within 4 years remember
Baldfrog: He was only playing 2nd half today Poker
Kidult: 14 cp against 2 crouchs and a sloane is good if goodwin doesnt see that.
StuL: Tracxa
gotigers04: will milera be affected by Brodie smith
Pokerface: @baldfrog do you know why that was
Kidult: they wanted the older guys to play 1st half coz sloane got origin game
Pokerface: ok thanks kidult.
Baldfrog: Yep wanted to look at different setups in the midfield
Ash777: lock him in eddie
Pokerface: aaah ok.. so makes sense that butts got to start then
Baldfrog: OK my Fttn is slow lol
Kidult: smith is gonna play in the guts milera wing
Baldfrog: Kidult you sound like oh so rozee
Kidult: butts got the start coz hes a key defender not a mid and the old key crows have injurys being nursed
Kidult: yeh changed name got sick of typing that name in
Baldfrog: Fair enough
Kidult: the case sensitive log in details was a pain
Baldfrog: Nice to see how we can play when they give the kids a run
Kidult: after last night 1% dropped off dunkley and 6% jumped on bont
Kidult: big score for lever with that de + 2 kerms
Baldfrog: Bont might be worth it but to early to swap teams yet
Kidult: interested in b.crouch another preseason under the belt if his de gets better
Ash777: Good thing about dees players they’re all underpriced
StuL: Tracca does this every year. Breaks out in Feb
Baldfrog: You’d be scared of lever getting injured to pick him
Kidult: yeh id pick doedee over lever
Yelse: is petracca in the mid?
Baldfrog: Yeah Yelse
thiccgucci: petracca and milera tempt me every year. but im smart enough not to pick em
Baldfrog: Milera is only 22 thicc will get better
Ash777: I think if dees are going to get up back to finals again they’re going to have the play petracca mid
Kidult: thought jones was gonna play defence this year
Baldfrog: Probably right Ash but he is sooo inconsistent
Kidult: petracca reminds me of ricciuto coach just has to stick him in mids
Baldfrog: Petraccas tank has always been suspect
Ash777: longmire coach too with heeney
Gandhi: His tank is the only reason tracca doesn’t play mid. He might be ready finally..
Kidult: yeh heeney is 22 so im backing a big year if franklin plays alot, heeney doesnt need to go fwd
Ash777: even if petracca plays 50/50 mid fwd he’d still be good
Kidult: yeh let him rest fwd second half he has the game to explode and get u way ahead
Ash777: Rich frustrated players every year til last year
Kidult: are any of u starting with the seagull?
Baldfrog: Not yet Kidult
Ash777: which 1 is seagull?
Baldfrog: Lloyd
Ash777: Not sure who to start back really.
Kidult: the chip man
Baldfrog: Laird and Houston and either dodee or Robertson atm
Kidult: glad jackson disappointed 1 to cross off the list
Ash777: Currently have Laird, blicavs n doedee
thiccgucci: stiff Kidult, wishing on a kid to be bad
Kidult: b4 preseason i was hoping laird would get some mid time
Kidult: well if he played well i woulda tempted big $ on him but didnt know tom mcdonald was back from injury either
Baldfrog: Mchenry not getting me excited
N.Fyfe: Crouch will get weeks for that surely?
penguins00: Yeah Crouch should but Oliver is recovered and they seem to weight that in
Kidult: not progressed enough to get enough mid minutes so will get stuck behind davis,murphy, stengle
m0nty: One week I reckon, helped by Oliver playing on
Baldfrog: Olivers ugly head should be taken into consideration
Kidult: oliver does exaggerate hits like a soccer player tho
Baldfrog: Crouch will get one
Baldfrog: Someone has to take over from Alex France
Kidult: 2% on petracca atm lets see it get to 15%
Kidult: any thoughts on tmac as POD
Baldfrog: Pretty happy with our efforts today
penguins00: I’ve been really impressed by a lot of the inexperienced Crows
penguins00: Like the look of Davis most
maluckyday: Anyone concerned with the lack of rookies this year for SC?
Gandhi: How has Chayce Jones looked?
Baldfrog: Not yet Mal
Kidult: jones has pts on steriods with low de
N.Fyfe: Not really @luckyday. Maybe not as many star-studded rookies, but lots of OK options at this point
Kidult: some1 at CD has picked him
Baldfrog: Had his moments Gandi
maluckyday: @Baldfrog Hope some arise soon. So far underwhelmed with King, Mchenry and players like Rivers, Mginness didnt even play
penguins00: Geelong and GCS will play a few rookies in the next game
Baldfrog: Watch the next game Mal GC are full of kids
Kidult: cats most likely to field a rookie rd1
maluckyday: Yep. Hope McLennan Close and Rowell show something.
StuL: I wonder the days ofmany rookies may end as teams want instant results and are less likely to take a chance?
Baldfrog: Penguins u worried about your midfield this year looks a bit old?
maluckyday: BTW didnt get to see much of the first half. Was Laird playing the same fantasy friendly role?
penguins00: I think Cats will field a couple of rookies round 1
penguins00: @baldfrog Selwood and ABlett probably won’t spend much time there. Hopefully Dangerfield gets more time in the middle
Kidult: have a close eye on stephens
Kidult: cant c danger much fwd if jenkins, rat ,hawkins fwd line
penguins00: Kelly big loss. Steven is a nice addition but we need some guys to step up. Hopefully Constable and Parfitt are fit enou
Baldfrog: Think Geelong are the hardest team to place this year
penguins00: I think Stephens plays round 1
StuL: We will. Scott forever building for a future that never comes
Jackwatt$: Where is McHenry playing?
Kidult: menegola will beast that tim kelly role
penguins00: Yeah Menegola is the biggest winner.
Jackwatt$: McHenry wing? Deep forward?
Kidult: i did want steven but every1 of the past with mental health breaks never get play much again
Baldfrog: Out the back serving pies and drinks Jack
frenzy: how come McAsey didnt get a crack
penguins00: I was going to get Steven but the injury has put me off him
Baldfrog: Saving for next week with a view to rd1 frenzy
Kidult: butts was a standout so got 1st shot
StuL: Steven is iffy for me. When does a 30+ on the slide ever come back and dominate? Will depend on now
Kidult: @stul ill look at him post bye pick up
StuL: Biggest game in sc terms coming up. Go us.
Kidult: have 511k atm for a mid spot do i go rookie or a mid pricer and save some coin for upgrades?
maluckyday: Laird 49 from 41% game time. Happy with that

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