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Chat log from P1 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, P1 of 2020

Ooost: Look at all those rookies for GC 😀
Kidult: kennerly, stephens, close , jarvis for cats and budarick, sharp, mclennan, rowell, anderson for gcs
penguins00: Yeah hopefully at least half of them do well
Baldfrog: Hope Greenwood goes well for GC was sad to see him go
Kidult: witts taps this year might score better now he has a midfield
Gandhi: These t-shirt guernseys are so awful
Kidult: that is called a jersey
Kidult: trying to lure in the queenslanders
Ash777: makes the carlton m&m guernseys look better
frenzy: cats ruckmen are showerhouse
Kidult: do u reckon hawkins more on a wing this year with rat and jenkins?
Baldfrog: Great to see Josh Jenkins doin so well
Ash777: is blicavs rucking yet?
StuL: Our best ruckman might be Zac Smith who we didnt need
penguins00: Best part is we’re losing to the guy we delisted
Kidult: @stul he still can be just gotta rove him
Kidult: ellis might find alot of chips up on the goldcoast
Baldfrog: To be fair it’s good chip weather up there
Ash777: hmm ainsworth
Yelse: so rowell is a lock and bonar but not many others stand out yet?
penguins00: why was that kick from rowell to miers not a clanger?
Kidult: greenwood might be top 3 fwd
Baldfrog: Rowells kicking better improve or it will cost us points
Ash777: vanenaberg is a 248k if you want him
frenzy: thank for putting the players price on em early m0nty
Ash777: oops *vandenberg
Kidult: only problem with dees is u dont know whos gonna play mid
Kidult: especially with langdon and tomlinson wingman
Pokerface: with the lack of forward premiums am i mad for looking at ablett?
Baldfrog: How much is ablett?
Ash777: only 1 ahead of vandaberg is hunter at this stage.
Ash777: nah gaj wont play much mid I think
Kidult: rather greenwood over gablett
Kidult: or take a punt on petracca likely to play the season
penguins00: Gaj won’t play every week
Ash777: They want to manage him if you read the articles
Pokerface: i know he won’t play every week. you wouldnt think he misses more than 2-3 barring injury.
Kidult: petracca missed 1 game in 3 years
Yelse: disapointed with lack of rookies this year
Baldfrog: He would be a POD for you
Pokerface: i think even if he is mainly forward he still scores well.
Pokerface: kiddult stop talking about petracca.
Kidult: dont forget ablett has high elbows now lol
Yelse: is menegola injured ?
Pokerface: lol
Kidult: close and budarick look ok
Ash777: other than selwood who is out of cats midfield?
Kidult: priced low with dpp
lisapizza7: duncan
Kidult: menegola, steven and duncan
frenzy: anderson getting flowered by CD
Baldfrog: I’m just shocked Parsons still gets a game
Pokerface: menegola. steven.
Kidult: @frenzy he scored that in the 1st will go up at ht
Kidult: and dahlhaus rotates
penguins00: Parfitt
frenzy: SC not live, my bad then
Pokerface: so does parfitt
Kidult: if cockatoo was fit he would
StuL: Ok Budarick. We’ve got one rookie.
Baldfrog: Nice from buddarick
Kidult: budarick is laird 2.0
Kidult: hope sharp gets a good half
Ash777: seriously hope they stick stanley back and blicavs ruck
CozzieCan: Gday lads , happy 2020 , big thanks to mOnty !!
shaker: Does GC have a spot on their list for Budarick?
Ash777: Still their best ruck in years lol
frenzy: is he a cat b rookie shaker
Kidult: thought the prelisted players were not on the rookie list
shaker: He’s a rookie don’t they have to be elevated to the senior list to play?
frenzy: only cat b and international need elevatin, cat a’s already on list.
CozzieCan: M . Rowell looks good for $200k SuperCoach
StuL: I thought the rookie rules were changed? They can play now?
Ash777: they have rookie space to upgrade him anyways
Kidult: hate when they lump all the rookies into team list on the clubs site
gotigers04: So Budarick cant play?
shaker: Yep your right Stul
Gotigres: I’m rethinking McLennan
Kidult: gold coast does have like 51 players or something tho
shaker: So everyone can put him in their teams
Kidult: got budarick and close in already coz cheap dpp
Kidult: will just swap out if needed
Ash777: gc can have 10 rookies and only cat b & international rookies cant play unless elelvated
StuL: Is figjam genuinely on the slide as far as SC goes?
StuL: I do love danger btw.
The39Steps: @stuL: Which cat u talking about? About 17 fit the description.
Kidult: whos figjam
Baldfrog: Lol if figjam plays more forward I’d be worried
Pokerface: buckley
frenzy: hope danger has one of these stinker early in the h&a
Baldfrog: That suit surfing flog kidult
Kidult: likely to get the deboar tag in rd1
The39Steps: Least this should get Suns membership into four figures.
Baldfrog: Buckley was strawberry and figjam Poker
Ash777: hopefully macpherson is more consistent this season
Kidult: i can see greenwood with massive scores in the wet up at metricon with his tackling
Baldfrog: At under 500k definitely worth a look
The39Steps: SC scores look a suss? Ainsworth 13 touches, 8 tackles and only 2 frogs for 52?
Kidult: sc is updating at end of qtrs
Baldfrog: King has been a tad disappointing
CozzieCan: Geelong defence concerning ..
The39Steps: Thanks @kidult. Will explain it.
Kidult: didnt murdoch get 4 or 5 year contract?
Dream Big: I’ve been interested in MacPherson all pre-season but he seems to be mostly forward tonight.
Yelse: this is the year i reckon the cats drop out of the 8
shaker: Cats getting bent over Scott said they were going to move the ball faster they look very slow
Baldfrog: Think Stul would be happy with that as Scott would get the boot
Dream Big: He’s playing like a high half forward role, not sure what to make of it and how it compares to last season.
Ash777: half the midfield out and gaj sleeping in the fwd line
mattmac24: Yelse.. it’s a pre season game? Some teams couldn’t care less about these games
Kidult: probz play more midfield during season just rookies gettin a look in
Kidult: ablett still sooking from being origin snubbed
frenzy: jump on Noah, he’ll be okay
Kidult: think ill b fielding 3 high priced rookie mids in stephens, anderson and wilson at this stage
frenzy: no rowell?
Sloan4Pres: @Yelse people have been saying that for 10 years
Kidult: meant rowell not anderson
Kidult: i read the comment b4 and had his name on mind lol
CozzieCan: Narkle worth the 400k ?
Kidult: @cozzie nope
Ash777: anyone going chayce jones?
CozzieCan: @Kidult cheers m8 ,
Baldfrog: Wanna see another preseason game for Jones Ash
Kidult: rather pay a bit extra for smith than jones
CozzieCan: M.Rowell & Greenwood for me this year .. look the goods
frenzy: what about hanners, @400k
mattmac24: Narkle definitely not worth a midfield spot, won’t make any money and won’t be a keeper
Kidult: narkle is a 9 game player at 400k and mid only is bit much
Baldfrog: Wouldn’t touch Hanners with Gaj walking stick
Kidult: played the last 3 in 2019 for scores of 123, 56 and 134 but against norf bris and blues
Kidult: im looking at cutler atm
Kidult: 30 shots against cats even in preseason game is alot
Baldfrog: Don’t forget no price rise or fall till r3 for those breakouts we miss
Kidult: yup rd3 the earliest u ever want to use 1 trade
Ash777: Rowell is much better than walsh was last year
Kidult: rowell will b cleaner
Baldfrog: Walsh also had Cripps feeding him Rowell won’t have that
maluckyday: @Ash777 big call considering Rowell’s played 1 JLT game. Walsh got 28 possies, 5 marks and 4 tackles in JLT 1
Kidult: miller could benefit with less attention
V@lks: Silly comparison ash. @Frenzy you shouldn’t play any form of fantasy considering Hanners
Pokerface: Rowell a chance at the brownlow?
Kidult: i was gonna start with ward and mitch hibberd b4 they were confirmed to miss the 1st month atleast
frenzy: hibberd a walk up start at essendon, surely not
Sixty656: Is GAJ having a sook cos not being picked for the SOO game?
Pokerface: just regretting his change of clubs 60656
Kidult: im not sold on GCS spoon this year
Ash777: 1 of crows, nth I think will be spooners
Pokerface: carlton say hi
frenzy: hope its us, needs some top end talent
Kidult: i reckon a sydney spoon still inexperience at both ends
Ash777: swans a fair chance too
Baldfrog: Be nice to get our first ever top 3 draft pick Ash
Sixty656: @bald hope not – stay mediocre for ever 😉
Kidult: no marks to danger wat is this
Ash777: biggest take away is cats have no depth.

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