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Chat log from P1 of 2020: Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne, P1 of 2020

noobcoach: What number is Bonar
frenzy: Hope he’s better than he was last week
Baldfrog: Hey Frenzy who do u have to replace Goldy as he probs only have 1 season left?
frenzy: Just signed for another three yrs
Baldfrog: Really? Isn’t he in his 30s?
frenzy: Yep
Ash777: He’s only 31. Rucks can play longer than a few other players.
Baldfrog: Hope he stays healthy for yas
frenzy: He should double ton tonite
Kidult: heard some promising signs that williams was out tapping naitanui at WCE
Gandhi: Dunks is a tackling machine
Kidult: yup dunks is a gun just needs kicking to come on especially at goal and could be #1 mid
Kidult: did CD take the night off?
NewFreoFan: Footy’s back boys! Looking forwards to another season with y
NewFreoFan: y’all*
HolyNorf: Should be a good season
Baldfrog: Didn’t think CD did preseason games until last night
Yelse: is it stupid to go with bont dunks and macrea??
Baldfrog: Yes yelse
Kidult: 2/3 will always score nice 1 will get a tag but a tag on macrae/bont is a 90
Baldfrog: What about byes?
NewFreoFan: Yelse it’ll be a painful bye round
Kidult: maybe only time u go all 3 is post bye
Danstar: Yelse. The way dogs handball around stoppages. They’ll probably all be 100+ avg
Danstar: Every week
Yelse: @baldfrog the got an easy start to season as well
Kidult: last 11 post bye macrae went at 133 and dunks at 130
Yelse: good point forgot the bye lol
Kidult: bont was 117 post byes
NewFreoFan: Who’s your pick out of the 3?
HolyNorf: Ay reason thesupercoach scores aren’t showing up
Baldfrog: As kidult said pick 2
Kidult: but yeh all depends in the bye who u put in coz could have bye same round
Ash777: Last night sc scores didn’t show til after first qtr
Baldfrog: Freofan I would pick dunk and macca
StuL: I have mac and dunk atm
Kidult: bont/dunk will rotate fwd with lipinski so start with mac and 1 of those
Kidult: there we go
Yelse: lipinski plaid a bit last year as well and still they all did well
Kidult: dogs/gws/gcs/norf/hawks/crows have the rd14 bye
Baldfrog: Alot of good miss to pick from the across the league
Baldfrog: Mids *
Kidult: i wont touch gws mids this year always get injured so i might also go lipinski over whitfield in fwds
Ash777: Lipi is a dpp option but will he avg more this season
Kidult: save about 163k
Baldfrog: Worps titch and Mcluggage should all go well
Kidult: brisbane mids will go well neale, cam ellis-yolman, lyons, mcluggage, zorko
frenzy: Ball
Yelse: bont going nuts
Baldfrog: Rucks are the hardest where will the value be
Kidult: ill just stick with gawn/grundy and maybe throw cameron in at fwd and pick up draper later
Kidult: hopefully english has a marshall like year
Baldfrog: Was looking at English
Baldfrog: Gawn and Grundy alot of money to start with
beerent11: I’m toying with Brodie nicnat ceglar, Comben. Gives me danger at m5
Kidult: ceglar is an option with dpp if u got cameron or him in at fwd
Kidult: with mcevoy a backman and patton a fwd
Baldfrog: Please not Patton
beerent11: Stacking the mids, sort out the rest through the year
Kidult: ceglar can b a bench loop for big and small scores
Baldfrog: Seems the way this year beer
beerent11: No fucken way Kane turner is 1 st
beerent11: *picked
Kidult: still dont know how he is still in the game tbh others better have been delisted
beerent11: Game time the key in preseason. McRae 72%
Kidult: @beerent hm prem mids u thinking of starting with?
ajconodie: Only Marley Williams could be reported in a practice match.
Yelse: bonar game time shocking
beerent11: ATM mac, Neale, Fyfe, danger, titch, rookies.
Baldfrog: Toby Greene hasn’t played yet Ajc lol
ajconodie: @Yelse – Promising though.
Kidult: hes on fire in q2 tho
ajconodie: Fair point @Baldfrog lol
Kidult: gonna be interesting to c that Sc update with 90 de
ajconodie: Half his posessions contested too. Good signs.
Kidult: bontempelli looks a whole different beast with the offical leader
Kidult: close eye on simpkin with dpp
Ash777: Unleash cavarra pls
thiccgucci: macrae and bont locks thnx
Kidult: cavarra wont play says on the site
Kidult: porter and cavarra it says and naughton set for knee surgery
Ash777: oh damn
beerent11: Fucken goldy just keeps on truckin
beerent11: Bonar going ok
Danstar: Norf playing a bit like scum bags for a practice match
Jackwatt$: I’ve got a want for The Bont and quite a large bonar
Kidult: with bonar, simpkin, cunnington, higgins, anderson does ziebell get much mid time?
beerent11: Jacks back!
frenzy: Remind me what sugar Turner bring to the team
Baldfrog: Dunno but he is their best inside mid so u would hope so
beerent11: Almost first picked according to j brown frenzy
beerent11: We’re in trouble
Kidult: interesting to say says simpkin is playing deep fwd those look like mid numbers 2 me
Ash777: Looks like nths back line is durdin, tarrant n wood for talls
Baldfrog: J Brown had too many concussions beer
amigaman: Bonar very impressive so far. Good price in SC
frenzy: In browns SCSquad
beerent11: Too many shattered cheekbones
Kidult: dont forget majak @ash777
Danstar: Naughton getting a knee clean. Might play second game. If not should be right rnd1
Kidult: disappointed in mahony had him as a starter rookie
HolyNorf: Mahoney was never going to do to well
Baldfrog: Sorry Norf fans but you’ll be keeping the bottom half of the table warm with us
Kidult: kinda stuffed in rd14 if u have bont, dunkley, macrae, titch with any gws mids
Ash777: Really need Williams back to his best. His evasion and kicking is needed
beerent11: Bont in 80% of teams tomorrow?
beerent11: Check who’s not playing baldy
Baldfrog: Not in mine yet this is just a Mickey 🐭 game
Kidult: 11% ownership atm we will see
Kidult: forgot the AFLW was on
beerent11: Not mine either
Danstar: if a dogs play get injured from a norf player …
beerent11: Shithouse now catch y’all later
Jackwatt$: Make that 81%! I just put him in my team
Kidult: how has keath looked?
beerent11: Don’t know if percentages work that way wattsy
Ash777: what happens when you dont tag bont
Jackwatt$: I dunno, but m0nty would know he’s great with percentages and adding up SC scores even if he is a little slow on pre sea
Kidult: wonder if xerri will get time as a 2nd ruck/fwd at norf
Jackwatt$: Xerri & Sweet fighting it out for my r3 spot. I’ll take whoever scores most, at least until a better one comes along
NankTank: Dogs going top 4 this year
Kidult: lol @ bonts sc forget 80% of teams i say 99% now
Baldfrog: Seems Beer and me are. The 1% who don’t have him
Kidult: xerri or cameron more likely to get into team?
frenzy: Xerri Xmas
Ash777: expect xerri has better chance than cameron
Baldfrog: Xerri scores well for his possies
Danstar: Maybe norf should learn to play the ball better and not the man
Danstar: Farr. I had bont in b4 this game. Now everyone will
Ash777: hehe that pass was silk
Kidult: thought bont would b rested at 3t for the origin
Pokerface: bont currently 15.00 for the brownlow.. money for jam folks!
Danstar: Was $26 earlier this morning lol.
Baldfrog: Lol poker only 1st game of the year
Kidult: 2 many vote takers at the dogs
Danstar: Yeh. Bont McRae dunks 20 votes each.
Pokerface: lol i’m playing baldy 🙂
Pokerface: maybe
Danstar: From memory Bont always plays well against north
Baldfrog: Maybe not
Baldfrog: Aussie women going down the gurgler
Mr Salty: had the three last year fro R8…no issue having all of them..shaping up as the best midfield imo
Kidult: sutherland will win it
Pokerface: should i take bont’s vc score?
Kidult: wonder if jacobs will be a tagger again under shaw
Baldfrog: No poker Josh Bootsma will out score him
Pokerface: k thanks

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