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Chat log from P1 of 2020: St Kilda vs Hawthorn

Chat log for St Kilda vs Hawthorn, P1 of 2020

Rebuild: G’day all! Good to be back!
Ash777: ben long looks good atm
snake_p: great to have footy back even if its on Marsh Cup
snake_p: *only
frenzy: Cegs is looking the goods and howdy all
Gandhi: foopy is back! interesting to see big boy listed at CHB
Gandhi: nvm just saw that he did a hammy!
snake_p: big corkie
TheMessiah: Titch is looking like a lock from round 1
CuzzysCrew: oink
Hawkster: Recruiting Frost was a Vickery-esque blunder
m0nty: nah Frost is good, especially for the price we paid
Pokerface: is it too early in the season to start dishing out potatoes to Frost?
Hawkster: Sure feels like a downgrade from Brand
m0nty: I did not rate Brand at all, a block of wood would be better than him
Pokerface: melbourne fans i know aren’t dwelling on losing him..
Ash777: If buttler avgs 80 he’d be a ok cash cow
snake_p: monty he’s a turnover king, Melb supporters used to call the frostballs
Hawkster: Not sure Frosty can jump over such a low bar. Here’s hoping I guess.
Ash777: Frost doesn’t have Sicily to give off to
Kidult: never even come across the name damon greaves scrolling through players to choose from
Ash777: Howard’s number is wrong
Baldfrog: So Patton won’t be SC relevant this year
pcaman2003: Some familiar names again. Evening gents!
wadaramus: Shit summer of cricket, thank fuck the footy is back!
Kidult: saints defence looks solid howard,wilkie,carlisle doin a good job…
Hawkster: Hopefully we see a bit of Mat Walker in H2
Kidult: @baldfrog u put a rocket up patton
Ash777: Titch is definitely slower than he used to be.
jackhiggo: Titch still knows how to tackle strong but definitely does look slower than he wa
Jackwatt$: m0nty you’re stories about Frosty are more make believe than Frosty the Snowman!
Kidult: yeh not gonna start with titch
pcaman2003: Wingard not shabby with 70%TOG and 45 pts. Very tempted!
Ash777: I’m still not sold on Wingard honestly.
Kidult: greaves looks a ready made gun can run all day
Ash777: I just put butler in my team. He obviously will make some cash at his price.
Kidult: butler probz hold a spot till parker comes back
Ash777: maybe but at this rate it’s his spot to lose
Kidult: any of u looking at roberton/s.hill/birchall with their injury past?
Jackwatt$: I don’t have a tv. I rely on m0nty for everything! Can someone tell me where Gresham is playing? Wing?
Gandhi: I am probably going to take a punt on roberton
amigaman: Howard score correct. 6 clangers + 3 F/A
amigaman: Gresham spending a lot of time on-ball
Jackwatt$: Gresham onball=top 6. Wattsys Choirboys have taken notice
amigaman: 5 clangers unfortunately
thiccgucci: not completely sold on worpel, wingard or titch yet
Kidult: if hannebery,hill,ross,jones,steele,billings,dunstan are fit does gresham get much of a look in?
Ash777: dont worry about clangers in preseason.
Kidult: well look up ground
amigaman: Not with all these clangers, 6 now
Kidult: membrey is an interesting 1 for me will be up ground a bit if they play king and a second ruck so gets a 3rd defender
amigaman: Really like the look of Hunter-Clark
Ash777: No Membrey is too dangerous not to get 1st defender.
Pokerface: great work frost…
Yelse: hi everyone!! good to have footy back!! geez I’ve missed it
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty I haven’t received your league code yet. Do you still have my email?
amigaman: Yep life resumes normal transmission
bushranger: Agree with all, great to have footy back. And Titch is a lock = no question
m0nty: new year, same old Jackwatt$
Ash777: Titch playing better now O’meara is rested.
Kidult: wont start with titch but priority 1 upgrade watch
Ash777: Titch played in a midfield in 2018 that didn’t have a midfield they have now.
bushranger: I hear ya Ash777 but a Pig is a Pig (fingers crossed)
amigaman: Can see Ryder stuffing Marshall’s scores
amigaman: Text not wrapping in the box for others?
Gotigres: Hi everyone. Good luck with your 2020 campaigns.
Kidult: banking on it taking titch 2-3 price drops b4 finding form
Ash777: I think Titch will end up with 115-120 avg. Dont know what price that is though.
Kidult: 630k his price atm is that avg
Jackwatt$: Why Sicily no play?
blonde0na: anyone know what the total game time is for Marsh series games?
m0nty: Sicily rested for the Origin game
blonde0na: think i found it, if anyone else was interested, seems to be 17.5-18 min quarters + time on instead of 20
Ash777: Going to have watch Titch’s TOG the next 2 preseason games.

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