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Chat log from GF of 2019: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, GF of 2019

CozzieCan: Gee this live entertainment is abit disappointing so far
CozzieCan: Thank god for Paul Kelly what a save
AstroNaugt: 5 players suspended this game cameron,greene,williams,mumford,martin
BigChief: That’s twice Daniels no left foot.
CozzieCan: mOnty taking the day off good on ya big fella
Ash777: Wow pickett
m0nty: At a wedding reception fml
BigChief: Who is the dumb fuck to have a wedding on GF day?
BigChief: Norm Smith to R. Chamberlain.
arbel: Gee that’s a soft free against Greene. Just a bump. Umps need to let that crap go
BigChief: Rich 1 goal, GWS 1 goal, umpires 6 goals.
BigChief: Safe to say m0nty you are not missing much today.
TheMessiah: Who for Norm Smith?? Gunna pop a bet on!
Dream Big: Finlayson a good chance.
arbel: Finlayson trying to do a miochek
BRAZZERS: give davis the liability icon
BigChief: @Messiah Razor Ray BOg by a mile
Dream Big: How shocking was that free to Riewoldt. Eyes on the ball, bumped him in the side.
BigChief: Time to do some housework. This is pathetic.
arbel: Twice Richmond playee drops the ball nothing. Then gets a holding the man for Richmond.
phivee: how can you blame the umpires when GWS are down by 50 points?
Apachecats: What dollars will they put on Pickett in SC 2020?
BigChief: @phivee because they gifted Richmond 6 of their 1st 7 goals.
CozzieCan: What a horrible grand final .. was more excited to see Collingwood vs Richmond
arbel: What bigchief said. Then when GWS get a free 2 soft reversals for nothinh
phivee: we must be watching different games then. it’s not perfect umpiring but i’ve seen a lot worse.
phivee: im just watching one great team dominate another today
BigChief: Oh please diver Grimes is a pathetic footballer.
BigChief: If the umpires had not gifted Rich those 6 goals this game would have been different.
CozzieCan: Did GWS make a mistake playing Whitfield & P.Davis.?
phivee: what team do you have to go for to be this salty? @BigChief
BigChief: Everyone here knows who I follow. You must be new here.
thesilentl: Gws massive pretenders. Sneak last 2 due to umpires, get smashed when umpiring is against them
Saltycox: Gold Coast?
phivee: and you must be a muppet if you think this game would be any closer without ‘gifted’ goals.
CozzieCan: @Silent would much preferred to see Collingwood play instead .. This is flowered
phivee: they’re down by 60 points and gws have kicked 1 goal in 3 quarters but they’re a chance to you?
BigChief: Really Phivee? You must like being banned for abusing others on here.
phivee: abusing? I just don’t think we’re watching the same game here and I’m trying to show you the error of your ways
CozzieCan: Glad Richmond will win . To strong for Geelong & today impressive well done Tiger fans
BigChief: You called me a muppet and that is abuse. Please show me when I said that being 60 points down and GWS still had a chanc
BigChief: I said if Rich were not gifted those 6 goals it would be different.
CozzieCan: Agreed with BigChief , but what’s done is done .. Let’s move on lads
phivee: it’s okay mate, soak up your salt with a few beers and hope your team does better next year.
Catatafish: All I can say is fuck you de Boer.
BigChief: My team has not lost a game since 1995. Lets see if you are smart enough to figure out who that is.
CozzieCan: Not lost a game since 1995 ? Impossible..
BigChief: @Cozzie nope not impossible if you think hard about it.
arbel: That’s cos his team is Fitzroy. That right chief?
wadaramus: What a fizzer GF 🙁 You spoiled the riddle arbel!
BigChief: correct arbel
arbel: Really?? thought that was so obvious! Martin Pickett or houli for norm smith
CozzieCan: I suppose you didn’t say “still active “ , my apologies.. I was thinking more outside AFL
BigChief: Shane Edwards has been good, but Houli for me also.
shaker: Big muppet and big flog
Jackwatt$: I think the orange Ferrari desperately needs to be serviced
Jackwatt$: If m0nty announces his retirement I’m gonna carry him down Glenferrie Rd on my shoulders! What a career!
Jackwatt$: Hopefully he goes around again
Jackwatt$: Eugene’s gone missing? Maybe he is hanging out with half the Giants team! Haha
BRAZZERS: bad luck flogs, winning the next 8 flags

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