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Chat log from PF of 2019: Collingwood vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Sydney, PF of 2019

The0Grrr: Elliott gonna look good in a Dee jumper next year
BigChief: @TheOGrrr if Elliott leave Coll for Melb it would be for money, not success.
StuL: Ive got the C on Grundy.
BigChief: Nice block from Mummy
man0005: Nice pass from Daddy
Yelse: mihocek get into the game
The0Grrr: Have the Giants grown-up?
thesilentl: 3 goals from blown calls, umpires deciding this game
phivee: interesting to not have the umpires on collingwoods side for once 🙂
StuL: Pies were just meant to turn up and get their std runners up next week. But no!
Baldfrog: Afl l want another Tigs flag no way giants can beat them where as pies might
The0Grrr: Depends who Grub gouges.
arbel: Wow mihocek still no touches
Apachecats: yeah @silent ,umpiring reminds me of Anzac Day game.
jocka: Brody Mihocek should have three donuts next to his name
jocka: He thinks he is Leon davis LOL
StuL: Go giants! You can beat those flowering tigers
maddaddam: Giants look the best team of the round – with 2 or 3 good players still to come in
thesilentl: Gws won’t get within 6 goals of the tigers.
maddaddam: Giants easily the better team
VodkaHawk: Lol, Surely everyone will be going for gws in the final?
arbel: You’d think they’d get Whitfield, Greene and maybr coniglio back if gws win. Could be big ins
thesilentl: This reeks of dogs in 16. Struggling franchise get a blessed run of umpiring in finals
arbel: @silent got gifted one there. That was clearly touchdd
blonde0na: “blessed run of umpiring”
jocka: How does bunker miss that?
blonde0na: pies had it served to them on a silver platter, just not good enough today silent
thesilentl: @blinde0na you not watch them get handed the lions games?
arbel: If pies win by by less than a goal all the replay ayste
arbel: If pies win by less than a goal that’ll come back to thag8tiuched ball
thesilentl: If gws win by less than a goal it’ll come back to Grundy getting pushed out for a goal
spudaroos: Grundy can’t dominate the stoppages any more atm.
Gandhi: You’re kidding @thesilentl? The umpiring has been very favourable towards pies. Reviews too.
arbel: @silent those pushes are always dubious and contentious where that review was clearly touched
arbel: How is that deliberate
arbel: Oh well pretty sure Richmond will bury gws
VodkaHawk: Fully fit gws smashes tigers
thesilentl: Afl gets it’s wish, absolutely robbed the pies. Soon as it got close they just put the whistle away

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