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Chat log from SF of 2019: Geelong vs West Coast

Chat log for Geelong vs West Coast, SF of 2019

CozzieCan: Go Hawkins !!
CozzieCan: Wow wee go cats !!
frenzy: Jelwood in the midfield, go figure
CozzieCan: If Geelong lose , wait for all the “childish drug cheat remarks”
StuL: Go cats. Bury em.
StuL: RIP Spud. It’s still not real.
CozzieCan: Agreed stul, tragic hey .. rip
CozzieCan: Best I’ve seen Geelong preform since the early season ..
frenzy: lift danger, ffs lol.
CozzieCan: Although west coast look like they just woke up
StuL: I’m not there so we can win
BRAZZERS: Nice Coasters, needed that settler
pcaman2003: Usually it’s cat among the pigeons. Somehow I feel it’s the pigeon among the cats
StuL: Same qt score as USA v Serbia
CozzieCan: Finally a right score review decision lol
CozzieCan: Surely west coast sign T.Kelly after his performance tonight ???
StuL: Hes not a free agent. We should just say no. His mrs can up
benzammit: Uh guess thats all they deserve, Where’s Willie?
benzammit: D.Sheed and their 1st round pick for Kelly.
benzammit: Nelson is a hack, collects the ball constantly to hold it with no attempt to release. never get pinged
beerent11: Uh-oh stul
BRAZZERS: lol yes he is a FA, he’ll be out of contract once this season ends.
beerent11: 2 for fuck all in ashes again. In smith we trust. Warner dud overseas.
StuL: Usa came back but Serbia still won
BigChief: @BRAZZERS Kelly is not a free agent. He is out of contract but is not a free agent.
Ash777: Kelly can walk into the draft if he wants
StuL: Which would mean he doesnt end up at wc
Yelse: @ash777 and he would go to GC lol
BigChief: That 50 is a BS call. Hickey touched it.
StuL: Hickey bats it away and its 50? Over officious bs is killing the game
beerent11: Yeo towelling up danger. Gun.
beerent11: No more finals for you tomahawk
BigChief: How the fuck is that deliberate? Umpires ruining this game.
beerent11: Cats have c h o k e written all over them
StuL: You’re a nth supporter. See you in the finals in 2056
beerent11: Ha
beerent11: Cats had so many chances to ice this game that qtr. uh-oh stul
beerent11: We won’t be around in 2056. Cats Roos merger.
BRAZZERS: Tomahawk going out with a bang!
benzammit: Cant watch at work what did Hawkins do?
BigChief: @ben he hit Schofield behind play in the head with a swinging forearm
benzammit: Schofield injured?
frenzy: concuss test
benzammit: BRAZZERS do you understand any of the rule except 6 points for goal,1 point for a behind…FA no son.
CozzieCan: That so beerent? Looked at the scores this quarter
BigChief: Cats are home.
beerent11: Proved me wrong. Thought they were cooked. Fair play.
Beast_Mode: Boy oh boy it’s a Tigers/Pies GF!!
benzammit: still prelims to go beast
BRAZZERS: I understand that the Bombers are absolutely garbage mate
BigChief: Can the Cats beat Rich? I think they can.
benzammit: Ouch!
benzammit: Yep i think they can, slow play stoping the slingshot, best team to do it.
arbel: @bigchief Richmond will thump the shit out of geelong
benzammit: Collingwood and Cats have best style to beat them.
CozzieCan: Lol arbel.. don’t worry I’ll be taking the flowering out of ya next week if we win
frenzy: wet toast seagulls
CozzieCan: Well done west coast, thanks for the best game of the finals so far ..

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