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Chat log from SF of 2019: Brisbane vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Sydney, SF of 2019

Sixty656: Who’s playing the pies next week?
Beast_Mode: tipped GWS personally, expect them to get it done
TommyC: Same Beast, I’m happy so far
Sixty656: boom boom boom
BigChief: Heart for Charlie already m0nty surely.
frenzy: damn missed the start
runt: I blinked and the lions are back in it.
runt: Hope you are all feeling good still
runt: Cats will absolutely flog the Tigers next week
runt: Tigers v Eagle Grand Funal the experts all agreed. Neither will make it
TommyC: Calm down Runt
frenzy: they had the Dees winning back in march
runt: Got a drink at a bar in Perth and it was 100% piss. Must have been Riolis sample
runt: Win lose or draw the Lions have made me proud this year
runt: Calm down? that is a good one. Go support GWS you flog
BigChief: Had many drinks runt?
runt: too many
runt: ribenas
BigChief: It shows mate.
runt: Thought the Lions were 52.32
AstroNaugt: mug commentators if a player is over on his haunches and gets intefered with free kick always
AstroNaugt: especially on notice ever since the pinching targeting an injury is worse than pinching stupid commentators
wadaramus: Think I’m getting tired of all the “thuggery” and “gamesmanship” in AFL, just play footy.
DrSeuss: Commentators loving GWS much?
DrSeuss: Call the first HTB on Mumford
DrSeuss: Umps trying to take over now??
AstroNaugt: gws gettin paid everything and lions nothing
DrSeuss: Utter BS – last 3 goals for GWS coming from Umps. Missed Shaw diving into Lyons knees
Pusti: The umps don’t pay Perryman.
DrSeuss: DeBoer tackling Neale at stoppages – yeah nothing there.
AstroNaugt: glad im not playing afl id b happy to flatten out greene absolutely hate him
Pusti: The ump’s wife must’ve backed Charlie Cameron to kick the most goals.
StuL: The 150 gws fans are hard to hear
DrSeuss: Another GWS goal from a BS free that should have been HTB on Mumford. These umps are shockingly bad
DrSeuss: Mumford getting away with everything – WTAF
AstroNaugt: call the fucking frees u cunts
wadaramus: WTF is going on with thees umpires?!
DrSeuss: How is that not a free to Hipwood then HTB on the Lions F off
StuL: Not enough umps
AstroNaugt: afl hq bribed umpires to look after their poster child team
Beast_Mode: good umpiring, all there
wadaramus: The best umpires in the game are fucking hopeless..
Beast_Mode: charlie the pussy will no doubt sook up a storm to the umps though lmao
DrSeuss: I am a Lions fan but these decisions are unbelievable – how many HTB against Lions? None against GWS??
DrSeuss: Obvious Troll is Obvious – Beast
kano22: DrSeuss moaning about the umpires in a Brisbane game. Something different
Catatafish: Surely that free kick is wrong, prettcergaiga
Catatafish: That free kick count can’t be right, I’m pretty sure I saw 80 bs GWS free kicks in 10 minutes
Catatafish: Also, not sure how this website managed to stuff up that first text so badly
DrSeuss: New account Kano? Or just another troll?
kano22: Not trolling champ. You whine literally every time Brisbane play. It is comical
Yelse: cmon lions knock these umpire favs out of the comp
Catatafish: In old mate’s defense, that last 15 minutes was shocking from the umpires against Brisbane
lwillo: Maybe we need to change the name of website to
AstroNaugt: adams is a disappointing player after a promising 1st yr
AstroNaugt: really hope lions get up i dont wanna support pies in the last 4 teams dont like any of them if gws go through
Yelse: as a pies supporter prefer to play the lions next week
AstroNaugt: havent heard a chant like that for 10 yrs
AstroNaugt: bs htb call
AstroNaugt: most gws frees are from ray
Yelse: cmonnnn
Yelse: maybe giants will tire
DrSeuss: Yet I have never seen Kano as a name on here before? Are you normally sitting silently behind your keyboard Kano?
DrSeuss: Yep – Agreed Astro, Ray is pulling frees from nowhere
kano22: Lol Seuss. Cry more princess
wadaramus: GWS you are such tough guys…
Yelse: this game is brutal
AstroNaugt: zorko and dangerfield always kick 2 hard to drive it through need to 9 iron it to give people a chance to mark
DrSeuss: Back to your Mums basement kano.
kano22: Scintillating burn Seuss. Now please. Dry your eyes
DrSeuss: Thank you sir – I thought it was average but your compliments are appreciated. Obviously the 22 after Kano is your IQ?
kano22: More quality. Mate you are embarrassing yourself.
DrSeuss: Not your mate. Back to the footy.
StuL: Come on gions
AstroNaugt: wow look at williams score for bugger all
AstroNaugt: other than 100 de
AstroNaugt: luke darcy would get excited by a rock falling from a cliff
DrSeuss: Come on Lions need to get a goal or two from all this momentum
sammyo7: That was well done by Bailey
BigChief: Nice throw from Reid.
DrSeuss: Lol – that was a throw.
Lynch_MOB: game over
Lynch_MOB: straight sets!! lmao. weak as piss
Lynch_MOB: bad luck brisbane bears
kano22: Lol
lwillo: Good job umps. Unlucky straight sets Brisbane bears
benzammit: Straight sets…Pretenders
frenzy: seeya Hodgie
Beast_Mode: Runt where are you muppet? lol. garbage club. bottom 4 you go next season fitzoy
phivee: brisbane flogs are a bit quiet now
DrSeuss: Well done Lions – great season considering what was expected at the start of the year.
AstroNaugt: after all that the early b2b goals from a free kick to the face was the dif, ill discipline

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