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Chat log from EF of 2019: Brisbane vs Richmond

Chat log for Brisbane vs Richmond, EF of 2019

jocka: Come on Lions, you beauties! Keep the ride going!
jocka: Come on Lions, you beauties! Keep the ride going!
BigChief: Evening all. Lets go Fitzroy 🙂
circle52: Strange no team songs as players come on. Pa failure
TommyC: Very excited for this
circle52: Umpires 1 goal already
frenzy: wakey wakey m0nty
pcaman2003: Free goal Tigers.
Ash777: wow umps are poor this game
BigChief: That’s a BS call. Grimes took a bigger dive than Matthew Lloyd.
NoneyaB: monty????? game has started……..
PieCannon: m0nty out of the soups tonight boys soz
BigChief: OMG Brisbane have missed some sitters.
SilverLion: pedal harder m0nty
BigChief: Just for you Raspel, Eng 6-228
DrSeuss: Brisbane getting absolutely shafted by the umps – then Richmond gets every bounce of the ball
BRAZZERS: goodnight Brissy
Yelse: tigers are scary atm
OhSoRozee: shit finals round even if dogs did win time to watch the boring cricket
Lynch_MOB: Goodnight Brissy
Lynch_MOB: lol really lynch_mob?
Raspel31: Just home BigChief- thanks- a mere blip.
Jukes82: lol
Beast_Mode: the bears couldn’t handle the smoke when it mattered, which was to be expected
Beast_Mode: it’s tiger time
Jukes82: agreed
Beast_Mode: bad luck muppets
Beast_Mode: Cameron has been shit
SilverLion: sad, but expected.
Beast_Mode: boy oh boy wowwee!
BRAZZERS: Shedda been awesome
Jukes82: facts
Beast_Mode: bad kicking
Yelse: need hip wood to get a goal ffs for my multi
runt: Martin 6 kicks 5 goals sums it up
Beast_Mode: chat is fucked tonight geez
blonde0na: no charlie, no brisbane?
Beast_Mode: robbo pinged a string it looks like
Ash777: Lions would be in front if they flipped their goals n behinds around.
Raspel31: England getting on top- scored a run last over- only 300 to go.
wadaramus: Dusty blatantly throws the ball, all good,nothing to see here say the umpires!
Yelse: where is hip wood playing haven’t seen him all night
runt: A nightmare tonight but we go again next week
runt: 6.16 won’t happen again
Yelse: looking more likely pies tigers GF… thats massive
Beast_Mode: welcome to finals
DrSeuss: Lions were always going to struggle with scoring in the finals without a spearhead. Still more scoring shots tonight
Beast_Mode: doubt it Yelse, you wont beat west coast. Tiges/WCE GF lock it in

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