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Chat log from EF of 2019: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, EF of 2019

BigChief: Hi all. GWS by 17 points for me.
BigChief: Is it just you and I m0nty?
drfrazzll: me to BigChief, only wathcing for the multi haha
hinsch: everbody is waiting for tonights game
Raspel31: Atta boys Doggies.
BRAZZERS: GWS dominant, not enough scoreboard pressure tho
BestCoast: Afternoon gentlemen y
BestCoast: Been some hot weather up here in sunny Noosa last 5 days Might have a bearing on the outcome tonight. Should be a crack
BestCoast: Cracking game*
Yelse: do the finals SC count for next year player values?
BRAZZERS: lol it won’t
circle52: @bestcoat predicted to be 20 degrees at tonights bouce
circle52: More worried about the dust/smoke around/
BRAZZERS: thats perfect weather, if it was a day game different story
circle52: Yep was hoping the heat would stay but the change has moved through reducing temps by 5/10 degrees in the city.
Ash777: oof, giants are out for blood.
AuroraBore: McLean pretty happy with that i reckon
thesilentl: Umps loving the dogs
Ash777: giants getting reckless
pcaman2003: Go Doggies!
arbel: Giants playing the man a lot… More interested in wrestling than scoring at every contest
Yelse: that FA phil days was the softest thing I’ve seen
arbel: @yelse yeah a bit soft that that one
megawatts: mummy is aboslutely rapid
Raspel31: Think Bont’s broken the tag.
BigChief: Did GWS go in for 1/2 time early?
frenzy: yay Hopper’s back this week
BRAZZERS: nah he’s only had 6 kicks
Yelse: tags on Macrea as bont fwd
thesilentl: 30 frees in a half……
megawatts: my sc team is so screwed only 8 teams playing
Drak: Yeh I know megawatts, and i had cpt Cripps vc Fyfe…
AuroraBore: I must say, i’ve got a huge soft spot for the doggies, hope they get up
Raspel31: Same Aurora.
Baldfrog: So is the whole of Uzbekistan going for doggies raspel?
Ash777: LOL ouch Greene
Raspel31: We ate dogs for breakfast in my small village Bald so we have an affinity with canines.
Baldfrog: Lol
Baldfrog: Well played
circle52: What is the record for frees in a final already up to 42 seems to be free after free let the game flow umps.
Raspel31: Straight bat.
Baldfrog: You could teach the English cricketers a thing or two
Raspel31: Stepped into that one. Go you dog things!
BRAZZERS: gws were a certianty today
AuroraBore: Certainty*
Ash777: need a miracle now 🙁
Raspel31: Soitantly.
BRAZZERS: naughts tombstone
AuroraBore: Looking like its over Ash 🙁
Baldfrog: Think this is the toughest I’ve seen GWS play
pcaman2003: Game over!
arbel: Yeah game over. Though pretty sure whoever wins this loses next week
Raspel31: Game over indeed.
megawatts: @arbel i can see giants beating both tigers and lions
megawatts: its criminal that greene is only on 80.. bog withw hitfield
BRAZZERS: lol you muppet
teddyt: mega should probably focus on your team not getting knocked out straight sets bud. Teams been terrible since the byes
breadly: Criminal? Hes had 10 clangers
frenzy: lol the Tiges are outta the woodwork

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