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Chat log from EF of 2019: Geelong vs Collingwood

Chat log for Geelong vs Collingwood, EF of 2019

jocka: Blicavs to go with Grundy? Jeepers.
BigChief: Geelong are idiots.
frenzy: cats still got Ratu thou
Baldfrog: Glad Nic Nat got off
BigChief: Yeah but Blicavs is their cornerstone in Def.
BigChief: And there is rain at cricket once again.
BRAZZERS: Cats weak as piss if they lose this
BigChief: Sucked in Taylor. That will teach you to for the man 1st.
Baldfrog: Touhy and Taylor on the highlights reel for years to come
frenzy: hand bags are out
Baldfrog: Razor Ray barrack for Geelong?
Baldfrog: Boy oh boy woeee
BigChief: Is Wills rucking?
Raspel31: That is good news BigChief- otherwise we’d need 400 from Stokes to win.
Baldfrog: Where were you hiding last night Raspel?
Raspel31: At the pub Baldfrog- I see nothing, I know nothing.
BigChief: Were the beers good last night Raspel? Drown out the boos from the crowd toward Smith?
hinsch: Blicavs Vs Grundy Grundy not looking to good at he moment
megawatts: blicavs all over grundy
runt: The Pies home ground advantage killing the Cats. Just like round 1……
runt: Where are the Bombers playing next week?
fonzie: going to be a one sided game at this rate
dipstick: im not sure we can go back to back in this years grand final if pies make it
runt: Going to put them in my multi
BigChief: Pies destroying Cats.
runt: Just heard the 2nd half will be played in Geelong. 1000 taxis and uber already ordered. On gilbys tab
BigChief: Scott will blame the AFL if they lose. Saying game should be at GMHBA
Baldfrog: Scott’s tactics don’t Stack up in finals
runt: Cats went in with the worst mindset possible. Strange to see in this era
Baldfrog: Geelong 0-13 from byes
BigChief: As I said no Blicavs down back killing them. No leader there.
runt: The Forecast says possible shower. The Cats can confirm, shower indeed
fonzie: time for geeling to get rid of chris scott they will never win another flag with him
beerent11: Beat me to it baldfrog
Baldfrog: Blivcas will have NicNat next week to
runt: Time for the Cats to go the knuckle
Baldfrog: Great minds think alike Beer
beerent11: Forms been average
beerent11: Forms been average to poor for the cats last 6 weeks
beerent11: Nice goal Bartel
happytimes: What’s happened to Selwood
beerent11: Fucken rain is gonna save the poms
runt: Cats need the next 2 for any chance at all
Raspel31: England 200 for 1. Come on Cats- plenty of time!
Baldfrog: I want some of what raspels on
beerent11: Chats never dull when raspels’s around
beerent11: Not allowed to put your body on the line to get the ground ball anymore
beerent11: I’d be useless in today’s footy
BRAZZERS: settle down, this game isn’t over yet
Baldfrog: GOD has the C on Grundy tonight
Raspel31: Evening beer- tell taht to M0nty. Just popped in to say hello. See you all next year lads.
Sixty656: Cats will win this by 5 goals
beerent11: Cheers raspel
thesilentl: Umps keeping the cats in this
wadaramus: Later Raspel, you’ll be back next week though!
BRAZZERS: lol all frees are there muppet.
Raspel31: Never wada!
Baldfrog: Not if the poms lose he wont
wadaramus: Come on Aussies…if it ever stops fucking raining in Manchester!
Raspel31: Baldfrog- I’m actually from Uzbekhistan- don’t jump to conclusions. Carn Cats.
Baldfrog: Haha suprised you could spell it
wadaramus: I already miss Supercoach, when does it re-open?
Baldfrog: Not till January or February wada
BigChief: Bring on NFL fantasy just to pass the time.
wadaramus: EPL Fantasy for me BC.
Raspel31: You don’t play EPL BigChief?.
Baldfrog: Ewww how can U watch that Chief
BigChief: Nope. Don’t like soccer.
wadaramus: I’ve already burned my WC Raspel, as per every season!
Raspel31: Me too wada- but it worked.
BigChief: The De Goey risk didn’t pay off.
wadaramus: Mine too, to a certain degree…
BigChief: Who was it earlier that said Blicavs beating Grundy?
Baldfrog: Megawatts
Raspel31: England 300 for 2. Obviously not- rain again. One must step out. Go Cats!
BigChief: Eng 0/18 chasing 508 with McDermott bowling to Stewart.
Raspel31: Lol BigChief.
Baldfrog: Pies will have no one on the bench left soon
BRAZZERS: players dropping like flies lol
BigChief: Oh look Selwood bleeding. That’s new.
Sixty656: Pretty sure Jelwood is related to the T1000 from Terminator 2
BigChief: Cleaver for Danger @m0nty
lwillo: Geelong not taking advantage at playing at their home ground
thesilentl: So many missed calls
Raspel31: Amazing insight Iwillo
Bulky: Chris Scott has to go. Spud of a coach. Geelong should have won 4 flags with the cattle that he’s had.
Baldfrog: Question is will Geelong go out in straight sets
dipstick: agreed. cats need to sign brad scott as coach
BigChief: @Raspel Eng 4/241 Bevan to Gooch and Gatting
Raspel31: Inside edge.
Baldfrog: Can’t wait to see Tuffers bat
BigChief: Don’t blink Baldfrog. He never there long.
happytimes: Cats out in straight sets, no way they beat the eagles with this crap
BigChief: Rohan hammy?
frenzy: Gary Ruin
Dredd: Pies v Tigers and Lions v Eagles Prelim Finals… calling it now
BigChief: Agree Dredd and Tigers v Lions GF
Baldfrog: I still say Eagles will make GF
Dredd: We’ve got the defenders to deal with their forwards. We did a number on them at the Gabba this year @Baldfrog
Raspel31: I still say England will win the Ashes. I wouldn’t dicount The Doggies.
BigChief: Will be tough on the road for next 2 games just to make GF @Baldfrog
TommyC: Gary NoHam
Baldfrog: Finals a different game tho Dredd
Dredd: Packed crowd at the Gabba is a different game Baldfrog
Baldfrog: Agree but they are a tough team chief
Dredd: And yeah travel to Melbourne, back to Perth then to Brisbane. Tough trips
Dredd: No doubt they are a tough team. Not saying we’d smash them but like the game tomorrow, I reckon we can get over the line
beerent11: Nah, poms are shot rasp. Big summer is catching up with them.
Raspel31: Rain is our friend.
Baldfrog: Dredd yekon next year is for you guys but I’m no expert
Dredd: Anything can happen indeed. Not gonna be disappointed if we dont make it. Coming from 15th to 2nd is awesome effort
Dredd: Cats making a late charge here
Baldfrog: And your good to watch to Dredd
AuroraBore: Let’s hold on boys, nothin crazy
Dredd: If Danger kicked that 😮
Dredd: Hawkins…
phivee: hawkins lost the game for the cats with his accuracy
BRAZZERS: Pies rubbish, WCE by 80 plus
runt: Into the prelim just like that.
Dredd: 0.4… thats disgusting from a key forward. Missed a sitter 15 out on a 45 angle and that one…
Gelly: this is all hawthorns fault
AuroraBore: Cheers hawks, appreciate it
Yelse: De goey can’t be too bad prob the same as moore last game… just tightness and not risking him. no ice on it

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