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Chat log from R23 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Western Sydney, R23 of 2019

thiccgucci: kelly, whitfield, williams here. something nice please πŸ™‚
Yelse: whats classified as a score involvement besides the assist
zoomba23: Surprised to see De Boer in a tagging role. Suns don’t have anyone worth tagging
Ash777: hopefully de boer tagging makes swallow step up
thiccgucci: give us more than 70% game time please kelly
original: Cmon Bobby. Score what Toby greene normally would as my cover..
The0Grrr: That’s the start Jezza. Let’s get the Coleman and my GF
Valorlonga: GF time calls for hail marys, Jezza is my captain
The0Grrr: I wasn’t that brave!
original: Just need Hill to get near the ball..
Grimes Jr: i went Whitfield VC
zoomba23: Gt your filthy mitts off that Coleman Jezza
amigaman: I have Kelly VC
Wends: Evening all. Went Whitfield VC too Grimes… out of all 3 prelims last w-end, so why not?
Grimes Jr: yes pls wends
Yelse: got one trade left thinking of upgrading sicily to houli to match opponent
original: Wanted Whitfield vc but have no donuts after him
Grimes Jr: 250 pls whitfield
wilaj: This scoreline could get ugly
Wends: Cheers to that Grimes. Who’d you go Original?
original: Grundy. Need a miracle. Oppo went danger ffs. I have 0 trades so starting Hill
original: Mummy stealing points from hill fuming
Yelse: for ffs kelly wat is this TOG
Wends: V tempting Yelse – are you ahead in other areas?
original: Just need Hill to get to say 60
Wends: Also, L Cameron in conservation mode. Players dropping like flies last few weeks. Surprised GWS Neafl team arent playing
Raspel31: Still finding it hard to believe people didn’t take 212 from the Big Max.
penguins00: Giants need to find some form and a confidence boost will do them good
Yelse: @ wends he had gawn VC and i had Grundy but he has gold no grundy. POD Jelly hurn Yeo sicily vs laird sheed bont houli
StuL: damn. I messed up my trading strategy. Dusty better go big, he would have been Whitfield if he was mid/back
thiccgucci: Yelse, definitely match him on houli. your other PODs have him covered
Wends: Go with the gut Yelse, that’s all you can do….
The0Grrr: 3 more qtr’s like that pls Z team. Jezz & Taz
Yelse: yeah did the trade hoping for 120+ Jelly cmonnn
Ash777: I think sicily will struggle to do his normal game against eagles.
original: Get near it hill
VodkaHawk: Come on J Cam, 5 more goals. Can’t that flopper Brown do a Bradbury.
amigaman: Looks like Kelly is still trying to build fitness. TOG is terrible
Yelse: geez kelly get on the ground
Yelse: he hasn’t been on this QT jelly
Apachecats: Have you recovered from Grundygate yet amigaman? Who is your captain.
BigChief: Cmon Williams ya muppet, do something.
amigaman: It’s going to cost me a flag barring a miracle. VC J.Kelly C on Dunkley or Macrae
thiccgucci: williams and kelly what the actual fuck
Raspel31: How did you not go Grunty or big Max amigaman?
amigaman: Kelly playing like a busted guitar string
amigaman: Grundy is a bad subject. Gawn I wasn’t confident against Goldy.
original: Go hilly go
frenzy: Ben King or Joe King
Raspel31: How can you have Hill and be in the finals original? Mind you. McCartin did a fine job covering Greene.
BigChief: Wayne King?
Wends: Eeew.
BestCoast: Wayne King Carey
Yelse: jelly hasn’t moved this quarter
BigChief: There ya go Yesle.
amigaman: Haha @Yelse
BigChief: Ooops Yelse even.
Breezey: Seriously I’d take Witts before Goldy anyday. Consistently better all season with scores
The0Grrr: Is the French pronunciation?
Wends: So… Whitfield gone off to have a smoke behind the sheds??
Yelse: there is life in jelly πŸ™‚ its a close league 200 bucks buy in
Tangent: Brought Witts in for Goldstein… Best trade this year!
The0Grrr: He’s only got 157 to beat
BestCoast: Witts in for Goldy after he smashed 170+ last week gutsy
original: My boy hill on fire
Switcheyes: What the hell is a funzanoon?
amigaman: Go Jezza
BigChief: Sounds like a Pokemon @Switcheyes
The0Grrr: Now that’s why I bought U in Jezz!
thiccgucci: Jezza goes bang! Wish i got him in for heeney. absolutely forgot he was gunning for coleman
BigChief: How about that Yelse? Jelly helping you yet?
GobChuck: Cmon Weller go back to tackling
Yelse: jelly back on bench πŸ™ prob rest of qrt geez
BRAZZERS: yeah gws are protecting kelly and williams this game
Yelse: jelly doin ok but hurn and yeo not so good
thiccgucci: GO whitty go! 160 please πŸ˜€ 110 jelly and williams πŸ˜€
duckky: t broke. I didn’t touch it.
BigChief: C’mon Williams. A goal or 3 would be nice.
Grimes Jr: Lachie Whitfield welcome
Karlpov: stats frozen?
BigChief: Well done Jezza. The flopper doesn’t win.
original: Oh man scores frozen again today
BigChief: Uh oh it’s crashed again.
original: Hill you little legend. Legit winning Goldstein v hill match up I’m lovin it
Yelse: hoping for a late out in fwds tommy so hill takes score opponent has no cover
thiccgucci: pleeeenty of points to come
GobChuck: Lachie and Lachie backline looking good fellas
StuL: How am I in the Gf and my team is this rubbish? FFS
original: Get 80+ hilly
The0Grrr: C’mon Taranto ton up pls
LuvIt74: who said they prefer Witts over Grundy and witts being more consistent earlier ?
Yelse: next year will be shocking won’t have many fwds or backs that play mids
thiccgucci: keep going kelly, 120 please. williams get to 110
BigChief: No one LuvIt. They said Witts over Goldy.
phivee: only have whitfield in this one, hope he lifts
Breezey: I said Witts over Goldy earlier. Grundy my first picked
The0Grrr: I said he needed 157+ depending on who else he had
SilverLion: Macpherson injured?
LuvIt74: ok sorry i misunderstood it
The0Grrr: Poms 0/11 and get a standing ovation
BRAZZERS: this is fanfooty not fancricket muppet
The0Grrr: Bring it on buddy
original: Go hilly go
Raspel31: Now now The0Grrr- Englishman in the house.
BigChief: No need for the name calling Brazzers
The0Grrr: Found it amusing. Now I’m laughing at Big Bad Bwazzer
original: 40 points of scaling to come right?

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