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Chat log from R23 of 2019: Geelong vs Carlton

Chat log for Geelong vs Carlton, R23 of 2019

BigChief: Wouldn’t it be great for Carlton to win and have Cats play away 1st week of finals.
amigaman: Noooooo!
Ash777: go vc cripps
Sloaneyyyy: ewww… this is gonna get real ugly, real quick
StuL: God had the C on Gawn. 100% sure
Sloaneyyyy: don’t know about the rest of you, but i totally lost interest in DT/SC this year with their terrible apps
thiccgucci: StuL, whitfield and kelly play gold coast tmr. we will c 😀
Ash777: why aren’t cats wearing their regular Guernsey?
original: Danger
StuL: Touk will shut down Kelly and Whitfield will ping a hammy
m0nty: indigenous kit to celebrate Polly Farmer
Ash777: ahh that makes sense
original: Need danger <140
original: Less than 140
thiccgucci: StuL, that leaves it all for Z. Williams to get to 220! 😀
megawatts: is danger faking his injury again?
Raspel31: Not looking good original- who’d you cap?
StuL: Good. I have William’s. 🙂
original: Grundy. Oppo has danger vc
original: Danger is untouchable so frees like that are rare lol. King of geelong
thiccgucci: good cripps, danger, kelly. 4 qtr performance from u 3 please
Ash777: lol danger arguing with the umps there.
megawatts: dahlhaus 24 with 1 touch lol
original: Danger practicing his Chris Scott facial reactions
original: Curnow has to go to danger now
StuL: Sparkle narkle
frenzy: silvagni just signed a contract yeah
BigChief: This game is over already.
original: Deliberate what a joke
Ash777: blues should go after narkle
original: Danger smfh do something carlton
StuL: So many capt options. Could have gone Danger too
Ash777: only a year left on his contract
arbel: Carlton unlucky kicking into breeze both terms after wind swung around
megawatts: lets go captain narkle
Raspel31: Ithas been a round of abundance StuhL- not sure if I’m happy with 209 from Gawn.
Yelse: just need jelly to go nuts against GC POD
thiccgucci: dont take gawns 209 raspel, settle with Kelly’s 300 tonight
thiccgucci: josh kelly that is
original: Please don’t let plowman play on danger
The0Grrr: Take his 212 then. My opp took C OFF him and loopholed Grundy. Phew
StuL: T Kelly will only get 200
Hadouken: i need williams to go large tonight
Raspel31: Backing Macrae or Dunks for 400 tomorrow gucci.
thiccgucci: bit premature if u do that rasp. considering fyfe is set for 500
Raspel31: Good call gucci- forgot about him. Probably on the money.
StuL: Scott broken Blicavs now like he did Taylor?
original: HTB supposedly
pcaman2003: Some of these so called clangers are a joke. Last one for Danger was ridiculous.
Raspel31: What is this narkle thing that is getting up my nose?
original: Conspiracy central here boys. Rewind and set your stopwatch 10seconds out. Siren shoulda gone earlier. I’m calling Gil
pcaman2003: Danger gained 1 pt for 3 kicks,1 mark and free kick. Score is incorrect by quite a bit.
original: Pcaman was that the out on the full free?
Tig-Train: Maybe this game convinces cogs to stay at giants…
frenzy: someone poke danger into action
pcaman2003: @original. That was one of the kicks,yes.
BestCoast: How is everyone doing GF week
Hadouken: wtf is duncan still playing
thiccgucci: Ed curnow a lock next year if given mid/fwd
StuL: Get Duncan off ffs. Twice there he tried to protect his shoulder
original: Can’t believe Duncan still out there
zoomba23: Duncan’s gotta come off. Shied away from the pill twice there. Shoulder’s buggered
stemy1243: Was struggling a bit but jut saw my opponent idnt put the emergeny on Gawn hen he loop holed bines on the field as cpt f
StuL: Wake up cats
BigChief: That is a BS call. That was a goal to Cuningham.
original: Contact below the knee thought it counted as a goal
original: Great qtr danger
pcaman2003: Did Danger go home at half time
thiccgucci: why do i feel like this is frozen
m0nty: feed is stuck, yes
penguins00: it’s frozen it’s 3/4 time
thiccgucci: ok all good. thought i was going crazy
megawatts: score?
amigaman: Same problem with
pcaman2003: 90 to 49 ,Megawatts
original: Reckon danger will end up less than 150 guys? Has had a quieter second half
AuroraBore: Is Mitch Duncan still on field? Need him to hit 25 touches for my multi to get up
amigaman: This is a pain. Don’t now whether to take emergency score, or trade in a player.
amigaman: *know
Hadouken: @aurorabore yeah hes still in, its 5 mins into last qtr and getting some touches
amigaman: Whew!
pcaman2003: @original. Depends on how many more clangers CD want to bestow upon him
Ash777: good job cripps
pcaman2003: Finally system up and running again
amigaman: Wow Narkle!
Grimes Jr: As someone who got knocked out in all 3 leagues last week, my VC is on whitfield
AuroraBore: thanks @hadouken
AuroraBore: Come on duncs, 2 more
original: Danger gone from 130-134 with no touches and being on bench. Don’t do it scaling!
Hadouken: need cripps to match gawn, seeing as i traded out gawn. DOH!
original: How many points in a game? 3330?
Hadouken: hoping for you auaorabore that duncan gets 2 handballs
zoomba23: Hadouken of all the things you could’ve done with your trades, you got rid of Gawn
zoomba23: Geez Narkle’s got some tricks
dipstick: What happened curnow? I’m traded him in for Sloane FFS
BestCoast: Hadouken might need to rub ointment on that burn. Absolute cardinal sin
original: Danger keeps getting these +1 in game scaling points! Killin me! 7 now
Breezey: Ablett Jnr. Enormous
GobChuck: can’t complain dipstick, i did the same and still 128 is mint
BestCoast: Danger, Stewart, Kelly and Cripps nice boys well done
Hadouken: yes zoomba, team pretty settled ! got psyched out!
thiccgucci: curnow was on 109 when injured, scaled nicely. wouldnt complain if i were u
dipstick: That’s gobshite. He could a had a lot more. Just my luck
frenzy: daisy’s last game
thiccgucci: the world is against u, dipstick
Hadouken: @bestcoast had no bench cover in ruck, so just couldnt risk a late out for gawn given the hammy talk
original: Ggf danger. Maybe man him up at some point today blues. My VC advantage is not a deficit
LMartos: Top score this week will hit 2900 I reckon
AuroraBore: Can’t believe duncan is gonna cost me. He needed like 5 touches this quarter 🙁
BRAZZERS: hadukon you traded gawn? lmfao. you’re in the hall of fame of muppets
Breezey: A bloke in our GF traded Gawn for Goldy. Gunna. Ist him the game

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