Chat log from R23 of 2019: West Coast vs Hawthorn

Ash777: umps paying the soft ones it seems
VodkaHawk: Lmao, couple minutes into the game and there’s a mention of umps already.. wow
thiccgucci: Hurn down into the rooms
original: Worpel less than 80 plz
Apachecats: Hurn gone down the race.
original: Hurn ok?
Sloan4Pres: west coast fans really should learn the rules
Yelse: well thats my season finished if hurn out
thiccgucci: Hurn okay, probs had to take a no2
The0Grrr: Well I hope he got that out of his system then!
Wends: I loopholed Sic with Logue Yelse, FWIW, but didn’t want to have any influence 🙂
Yelse: was thinking of doing that but had that extra trade wanted to use it lol
Yelse: this is good for pies Cats vs pies first week final?
BigChief: West Coast Umpires will get the Weagles back into it.
pcaman2003: Good pressure Hawks. Keep it up please.
Sloan4Pres: @ BigChief no doubt. they’re not winning the flag this year though
Wends: Hurn miraculous recovery
BigChief: @Sloan if they win week 1 and get home final they could.
BRAZZERS: lol they’re more likely than geelong, comical comment
Ash777: lead gone in a couple of minutes
BestCoast: Sloan4Pres wouldn’t bank on it
pcaman2003: Well,that lead evaporated quickly. Well done Hawks! Back to normal
Ash777: finals is a different beast and cats have gone playing bottom teams again
StuL: Chief called it.
Yelse: sheed seriously u had to play well today 🙁
Sloan4Pres: @ BestCoast i would
BestCoast: Put a lazy thousand on it Mr Confidence lol 😂
thiccgucci: worpel is a gun. just concerned where he will fit with coniglio and titch in the side
BigChief: I think you are dreaming about Coniglio @gucci. He will stay put.
VodkaHawk: It will be a good dilemma to have though gucci
Ash777: hawks will get patton and maybe someone else
BigChief: Strike 1 on O’Brien.
pcaman2003: How about tagging Gaff Clarko?
Stikman35: Loving Marnus.
The0Grrr: Doesn’y anybody know how to play short bowling anymore?
Ash777: hawks are lucky to be leading at this stage
thiccgucci: Need sicily to beat hurn
Stikman35: He’s not doing too bad.
Stikman35: Are eagles trying
original: Someone tagging worpel this qtr? Loving this
pcaman2003: @Ash. Over there they’re lucky to be leading at any stage. They’re doing okay.
Stikman35: Tanking
thiccgucci: hows Bines doing? got the C on him. havent seen him tho
Ash777: maybe eagles want a home final
DrSeuss: What happened to Worpel in that qtr? Did he even get a touch?
original: That ball movement is class
BigChief: Frozen once again?
original: Worpel 1 touch since qtr time. Must have had some tackles?
original: Yeo tracking worps
thiccgucci: come on sicily, get above 85 for me 😀
original: That hip and shoulder was amazing!
thiccgucci: i asketh, and sicily delivereth
Yelse: why did i get rid of sicily over hurn 🙁
Wends: Game not over yet Yelse… another 1/4 for sic to spud.
original: Dats a noice kick sicily
original: Worpel to still get 100 after that second qtr foad
Yelse: on the upside this is huge for the pies
Ash777: nightmare result for dons
BigChief: I doubt it would matter who Ess play as they should lose.
Tangent: Hawks aren’t going down…
Ash777: welp looks like crows wont have the incentive to play for a finals spot
pcaman2003: Keep the foot down Hawks
frenzy: hands up who traded sic, lol
AuroraBore: Go on hawks, give us a top 4 spot
pcaman2003: Noice boys,noice!
Yelse: they gotta release yeo from tagging
OhSoRozee: i am officially worried now might need to plan holidays hope we can win tomorrow
Wends: I would have if I had a trade left after last week Frenzy…
Pezza28: Hawks win by 60+ tiges are guaranteed top 4 (if we lose by small margin)
OhSoRozee: tomorrow’s games just got some added chilli flakes
circle52: Who would Tigers want to face geelong at MCG or Brisbane at the Gabba
Ash777: wont be 60+ too late in the game to do that
Pezza28: Probably geelong at the G
Pezza28: depends on how brisbane play tomorrow
Pezza28: no time for another 4 goals?
Grimes Jr: geelong at the G so we don’t cop interstate umpiring bias
Yelse: i prefer to play cats at G than lions at Gabba
OhSoRozee: wats the margin for tigers to jump over lions for home g final?
OhSoRozee: 8.4% would b like wat 66 pts?
Pezza28: ladder predictor says about 70
AuroraBore: dont you dare choke this now hawks
circle52: Tigers have to defeat Brisbane by 63 points to get over them
BestCoast: Eagles back to back is totally finished
Ash777: not impossible to do for tigers
Yelse: it will be a pies tigers final u heard it hear first
thiccgucci: this games not done yet
circle52: Whatever happens tomorrow it may be lions v Tigers in 2 weeks, Lions win at Gabba, Win by less 63 still at Gabba
Pezza28: tiges havent lost to brisbane in 10 years
Pezza28: still brisbane r a very different team these days
pcaman2003: Tighten up Hawks and keep up the pressure.
Grimes Jr: this really is a horrible loss
circle52: have buried a lot of hoodoos this year
thiccgucci: sicily you beautiful man
Raspel31: Pezza- a little irrelevant this season.
Ash777: call the game now
Wends: It’s a sad but immutable fact that the players that lose you your prelim, would’ve won you your grannie….
Yelse: yeo hurn hit 100 cmonnn
JRedden: wow west coast wont make top 4, looks like eagles vs bombers round 1 of finals
pcaman2003: Those poor booing WC fans. lol!
Raspel31: Poetically said Wends and damned if it’s not true.
circle52: Tigers will have to beat brisbane for that one.
CozzieCan: Huge upset this late in the year
JRedden: tigers win at home surely
thiccgucci: up the bloody hawks
Tangent: I had a special feeling about the crows…
The0Grrr: Not that much diff to dees win last year. And look what happened after that
Raspel31: Well, guess nobody picked 9 this weekend.
pcaman2003: @thiccgucci. We wait to see if WB’s lose now. Fingers crossed!
Wends: Who were your Rasp? Mine Gaff & Sic in this game alone, Cripps this afternoon…
Yelse: eagles will ask AFL not to give them a home game last round next season
thiccgucci: will be tough for dogs to lose at ballarat against a shit adelaide side, but crazier things have happened!
Raspel31: No one in this Wends in SC- but O’Meara and Ceglar in draft.

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