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Chat log from R22 of 2019: Brisbane vs Geelong

Chat log for Brisbane vs Geelong, R22 of 2019

bushranger: Gidday everyone, anyone tipping Lions?
Sloaneyyyy: I tipped Lions
Sloaneyyyy: Geelong are playing rubbish footy lately
Kaalia: This game will tell us a lot about both teams.
bushranger: Got a feeling Lions by 4 goals
Sloaneyyyy: A fit and firintg Lyons, Zorko, Cameron is better than Kelly, Danger, Selwood
Danstar: Think Iā€™d take Kelly danger and Ablett at their best over most
DrSeuss: Anyone tagging Neale this week? Or just a slow start when I need him most?
benzammit: Danger, Selwood,Duncan,Kelly,Ablett Is the best 5 going around Cats by 10 goals today
Kaalia: Cats don’t really tag. No tag icon on any Cat going back to Round 7 – I stopped looking after all of that.
DrSeuss: So just a slow start then. Fingers crossed he picks it up
benzammit: Are you drunk this early in the day Lyons, Cameron n Zorko!
Dead_Ned: the dogs have the best midfield in the leauge. dunks, bont, hunter and macrae
original: do something selwood ffs
DrSeuss: Wtf happened to Neale??
Dead_Ned: neale got a head clash.. no concussion
Sloaneyyyy: it says NEale had a headclash with Narkle
amigaman: Commentators said he was being assisted of the field with possible Concussion, but it’s only a cut to the head Phew!
benzammit: Flat trackers the dogs, if the best how come they sit so low on the table? best by CD maybe.
DrSeuss: Thanks Gents, hopefully inspires him to get involved.
Yelse: can stewart stay under 80
Apachecats: Narkle will get the MVP for that.
Dead_Ned: duncan, kelly and answerth. happy days so far
TommyC: Neale is back on
Apachecats: Going to be looping Answerth off the bench at this rate.
Yelse: midfield has to combine the ruck as well they part of it
benzammit: Lol Yelse trying to bring Grundy into the minds mix hey, no clearly a ruck
Dead_Ned: @ benzammit all r under 25 so future looking strong
Raspel31: Golly-Neale hurt, Stack dropped, Hopper injured and Clarke and Hately dropped- bye bye Supercoach.
penguins00: Neale is fine he just had a cut to the head
benzammit: Brisbanes future is strong AFL made sure of it again,another strong era on its way.
Ash777: Dogs midfield is let down by lack of any fast players
SwaggyP: dont get petty zammit-they did it the right way, unlike our dons
AuroraBore: Afternoon fellas, how are we all? Hoping this game turns into a cracker
NoneyaB: benzammit thats a load of tripe in regards to the lions
Dead_Ned: @ benzammit tru McCluggage is gonna be an absolute gun
NoneyaB: the afl has not helped brisbane i think u r thinking of the suns
benzammit: Shaggy your a joke son should be ashamed to have that Bomber jet next to your name.
runt: Norths future assured. Shaw, the man that coached them to 1 goal in only his 10th game!
original: its ok jelwood. its not sc finals or anything
Grimes Jr: go rich. need u to match it with newman
Ash777: first neale now danger
runt: benzammit go fuck yourself
benzammit: Ya think tripe…I like it… look at the priority picks out there, not to mention the urgent need for a decent norther
runt: By the way, the AFL does its best to help all clubs but lets be honest, Kangas and Bombers beyond help
runt: Whatever it takes was the Bombers 2012 motto. Whatever it was they took sure didnt work
benzammit: Runt, the AFL forces the big clubs to prop up your kind then knifes em in the back! Big business!
benzammit: Your passionate, but bet your not a member.
SwaggyP: and i wonder why dons are the most hated… :/
runt: benzammit. Your kind does its best to tear it all down. Keep trying you may just get there one day
Grimes Jr: typical essendon supporter. thinks they’re above the rest of the comp
SwaggyP: this zammit dude is just a nuff, shame he represents a “typical” supporter
NewFreoFan: Looking forwards to knocking your mob out of the 8 this round Benzammit
benzammit: Typical Tiger hiding in the
Kaalia: Actually it was 2013 Runt – I still have the scarf lol.
NoneyaB: wanna talk about afl help benzammit? ur lot get done for cheating and yet still get the 1st pick
Grimes Jr: Oath FreoFan
benzammit: Get off the drugs NoneyB…..? Are you serious, miles off the truth.
jbjimmyjb: how has grimes hid in the woodwork lol he’s been here for years
NoneyaB: you did get done a few years back and got the st pick the same year
NewFreoFan: A bombers fan saying get off the drugs hahahaha
NoneyaB: 1st*
runt: get off the drugs..? No way you truly support Essendon.
SwaggyP: dons will finish 10th and the media will pump em as a top 4 next szn and the afl public will think the dons fans said it
DrSeuss: Come on Lachie need a big game from you. Keep it up Stewart – you good thing
SwaggyP: as is tradition
benzammit: No Noneyab wrong again
blonde0na: dons fans too busy boo’ing to worry about where their team will finish
benzammit: Again swaggy you should hang you head in shame..
Nuffman: SwaggyP: I take offence to that comment! I’m The Nuff
Grimes Jr: benzammit. ur club will be known as drug cheats for the next 20 years.
NoneyaB: um u might wanna look up the bombers and illegal substance Benzammit….
Kaalia: smh @benzammit
m0nty: love a +13 update on Zorko
amigaman: Let’s just talk about this game please fellas
NewFreoFan: Zorko the magnificent
benzammit: I know they will, not arguing that, but loving the lack of all round knowledge here.stick to fantasy
original: spudwood ffs 6 touches cmon
Nuffman: Noney: You might want to look that up yourself, sorry to say
SwaggyP: My apologies nuffman. I had no idea the mantle was taken.
Nuffman: Many thanks Swaggy
jbjimmyjb: benz when you don’t know what your club did 3 years ago, you can’t talk about general knowledge
runt: benzammit you are talking but saying absolutely nothing. Are you Stephen Dank?
DrSeuss: I have Neale – Opponent has Lyons – so good….
original: drseuss ooft
amigaman: @DrSeuss I have him too, but so does my opponent
benzammit: Jimmy you flog I know exactly, what my club did 6 years ago!
NoneyaB: Geez the cats are getting the frees…
amigaman: Lachie looks like the mummy, but nice goal
amigaman: Miers is a gun kid
benzammit: Go cats, put em away 10 goals I said!
benzammit: For you Lads 10 goals is 60 points.
runt: Yeh Benzammit Barrack for another team you twat
BRAZZERS: long quarter
DrSeuss: Amiga – unfortunately he is unique in both of my league games šŸ™
SilverLion: Gotta love the red time goals.
benzammit: I will when they are my 1st leg:)
runt: All that help from the AFL did us no good in time-on
amigaman: @DrSeuss he could still ton up šŸ™‚
benzammit: No Runt, n they cannot help you win anymore games as they want you to finish 5th.Bums on seats count come finals!
SilverLion: the umps havent helped us win a game since our inception lmao
SilverLion: and before anyone mentions the north game a few weeks back, tons of dubious calls both ways that night
penguins00: Every side has had both good and bad games with the umps. That’s a huge call to say never once in your history.
DrSeuss: Fingers crossed Amiga – did ok at the end of that qtr
SilverLion: exactly, they dont help any teams really, just make good and bad calls. Few more bad ones than we’d all like.
NewFreoFan: Really thought the Lions would smash the Cats
original: the half has started lyons. stoop going backwards
MontyJnr: The Lions are absolute pretenders!!!! hahaha they hadn’t played Cats or Tigers before today
Apachecats: Rayner operating at 100% with his 1 disposal.
benzammit: Lions ain’t got a hope, they have only played 6 top 8 sides to date including this game.
MontyJnr: Made the top 4 off a soft draw… Play Cats or Tigers twice and they would be fighting for 8th
original: lol the articles about how rayner had bounced back this year. he’d wanna have a good preseason
NewFreoFan: After watching us beat the Cats, I just thought the Lions game style suited them against Geelong
penguins00: @silverLion I agree with that. Umpires don’t win the game
DrSeuss: Lachie going to need a cape for this 4th quarter my friend
benzammit: Only Danger for the Cats was the heat.
Yelse: its between tigers and west coast this year unless pies start getting some players back
DrSeuss: Stewart, Duncan and Neale – just a few of my awesome uniques this week
benzammit: I agree Yelse.
benzammit: Except I’d add Cats not Pies
phivee: rich done absolutely nothing this quarter
Danstar: F me. Robinson better come back on. Got him as a PoD this week!!
Ash777: Cats are too hot and cold to be GF certainties.
DrSeuss: Has Neale made any tackles today? Highest possessions for the Lions but rubbish score
original: do something selwood ffs this is a joke
Danstar: Selwood been sc irrelevant for about 3 years now
Danstar: Unless you have him in draft
Apachecats: Only 8 minutes to decide whether to take Dangers score as C or g
Yelse: stewart stay under 70 šŸ™‚
Apachecats: *or go with Grundy.
benzammit: Grundy
BRAZZERS: lol no he hasnt, this year yes but 2 prev years he averaged 102 and 105 lol
Grimes Jr: grundy or fyfe c
Apachecats: At the moment its go with Grundy.
Raspel31: Think you have to go Grundy Apache- me Macrae.
dipstick: grundy vs 2 #1 ruckman. gotta have big aggates to C him or no brain šŸ˜‰
original: stewart’d wanna do something too i tell ya hehe
SwaggyP: C on fyfe grimes, he will have field day but the dons will heist a win in the west
feralmong: macrae for me C
feralmong: macrae 17 times over 100. very reliable pick.
Apachecats: Going with Danger ,he’s got 15 min to rack up.
Haydo: De boer to macrae
feralmong: macrae averaged 137 past 9 games. lowest 116.
Apachecats: Made Rotham capt. with 30sec to spare.
benzammit: I’ve got Gawn as vice n I’m going Grundy! Potential match winner or loser.
Raspel31: I’m with you feral.
Apachecats: Pulled the right rein for once ,Danger 125 and building.
benzammit: Had the C on Danger n changed late, going with the gut not head this time.
feralmong: macrae breaks taggers. accounted for clarke last week.
Haydo: Yeah but de boer doesn’t get broken
Danstar: Boer will tag Bont
benzammit: Dogs spent a lot against Dons last week GWS will flog em at home.
Raspel31: Well done Apache-held your nerve.
benzammit: It was such taxing game for
Tangent: Lions always shit themselves on big occasions
Apachecats: Yeah Rasp was pretty happy when he jumped from 94 to 125 in 2 hops.
amigaman: Dr Seuss Neale finishing well šŸ™‚
Ash777: Taxing? against witches hats? lol
Apachecats: Going to take that Answerth 96 as well.
Apachecats: Can’t knock Brisbane on this effort.
Raspel31: Who wouldn’t Apache- me too.
NewFreoFan: McCarthy!
Ash777: what a good mark!
NewFreoFan: God I hope he kicks this
Jackwatt$: I can’t watch m0nty. Text me if Brisbane kick a goal.
AuroraBore: HUGE finish coming
pcaman2003: @Tangent. Doh! Not this time!
VodkaHawk: Yeah Brissy, too good
Ash777: suck it cats!
SilverLion: That’ll do boys
TommyC: Great game
Ash777: Lions pretenders? Cats chokers
Rage_Trade: No X factor for cameron?

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