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Chat log from R22 of 2019: Carlton vs St Kilda

Chat log for Carlton vs St Kilda, R22 of 2019

missmagic: disappointing saints,sam rowe deserved this game,we cant make finals and the rowan marshall scare of last week should
missmagic: have been excuse enough to give him a game as a proper back up ruckman
Yelse: who is everyone captaining since gawn disappointed
Ash777: going cripps even tho he was shocking last week
amigaman: At this stage VC Fyfe + C Macrae but may trade Kelly in later.
Yelse: thinking fyfe or jelly
Apachecats: Had VC on Marshall ,swapped to Danger at last minute ,so you know what that means.Marshall will go huge.
Jackwatt$: I changed my tip after Weitering out. Good call/bad call?
_Wang_: Cmon Marshall I need you.
Apachecats: Gone the C on Grundles ,worried about a DeBoer-Macrae match up.
StuL: Flower off Daisy. Hogging the kick ins again. Give them to newmie
Ash777: Macrae is not effected by tags
Jackwatt$: Doesn’t anyone care who wins? Or just if Cripps makes his breakdown? m0nty, Evan, Ben Gogo’s, anyone?
Ash777: I realised couple of nights a go that Bulldogs have the tallest midfield in the league.
DrSeuss: Let’s go Simmo – need you to beat Billings
Jackwatt$: I realised the other day that the sun never rises in the West! But it hasn’t exactly got much to do with this game, rig
hjd1: who is going bigger, cripps or fyfe and why?
Jackwatt$: Bigger in height? Or SC score? Because I think both have stopped growing
_Wang_: McGovern you halfwit
Nuffman: need billings to outscore marshall
Sloaneyyyy: C’mon Saints, smash these Blues please
Ash777: get going cripps
Grimes Jr: fyfe or grundy C. Oppo has c and both our projecteds our the same
hjd1: im just going to take a wild guess and say based on a fantasy football website bigger in uranium mined
Ash777: who is the guy with the hair. He looks like dipper lol
Sloaneyyyy: Throw J.Steven in the guts already…
Nuffman: speaking of!
Sloaneyyyy: no Weitering, no General down back, Saints will run away with this one
jbjimmyjb: cripps and walsh on fire
blonde0na: another game going to be ruined by umpiring?
original: umpire what?
Grimes Jr: fuck off newman
amigaman: Go Newman!
StuL: Newmie!!
StuL: How is capt cripps phantom? Glad I didnt listen
amigaman: Hahaha Seterfield has scored more than Cripps and Walsh combined
dipstick: how can cripps be so bad so often?
Sloaneyyyy: Walsh = best first year player since Michael Barlow
amigaman: Lachie Neale injured, Concussion??
Ash777: Hind is having a picnic atm.
blonde0na: punch in the head, no free?
original: no free there. ok
Grimes Jr: tipped saints. still think blues don’t know how to win games of football they are expected to win
dipstick: yeh, i think neale is done for the day after 1 touch
jbjimmyjb: neale is fine, just got a bad cut
blonde0na: that advantage call is so silly
Ash777: my sc team is getting crushed.
Dead_Ned: @ dipstick. hes fine
blonde0na: also can the umpires stop gifting saints a clearance every ctr ball up?
amigaman: Neale OK Phew!
jbjimmyjb: got the E on hind, looking likely ill bench sloane/cunnington
DrSeuss: Marshall good – Simpson get off the pine!
BRAZZERS: better quarter from cripps, hope he builds on that
DrSeuss: Come on Simmo get a touch – Newman pass to Kade you hack
original: good umpiring . offt
Ash777: goal of the week so far murphy
teddyt: didnt realise carlton had fans that went to games anymore. But its funny to watch them celebrate like its a final. Cute
Warney: You’re too good to be posting here teddyt
BRAZZERS: lol we did that for 20 years lol
Grimes Jr: newman 8 points for one tackle. really?
Ash777: someone get the umps some glasses. They must of forgot them lol.
blonde0na: if saints get on top, its because the umpires have robbed the blues here. some horrific calls
amigaman: Grimes, Newman’s tackle count actually jumped by 2. Don’t ask me why.
NewFreoFan: Love a bit of siren controversy
Ash777: poor silvagni lol.
original: wasnt a mark though
DrSeuss: Let’s go Simmo – get some of that old school junk you used to love
original: no ruck free kick>?
blonde0na: is that really front on contact if casboult hits his leg and doesn’t impact at all?
blonde0na: i don’t get it, carlisle stuck his leg out to protect, how are you supposed to contest
NewFreoFan: Took his eye off the ball, made contact, soft but it’s there
AuroraBore: Quick quiz for you all: Does Dale Thomas have the worst looking body in all of the afl?
original: aurora check out steven
Ash777: That’s not Steven that’s Dipper :p
dipstick: kreuzer showing what weve been missing all these years with him
DrSeuss: Get some Junk Simmo
LMartos: How is Murphy still on 101, has had a great quarter
spudaroos: Daisy stiff not to get one more year tbh
Ash777: Daisy should goto GC and have a holiday playing footy
dipstick: Carltons current board has a fine rep of fucking over our players
dipstick: and carlton has not and will not have success with this board
dipstick: pack o fucking clowns they are
BRAZZERS: no one cares mate

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