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Chat log from R22 of 2019: Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Sydney, R22 of 2019

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
G.Soreness: So who’s actually going to ruck for Sydney….
Yelse: surely everyone Vc Gawn
G.Soreness: @Yelse – yeah will have to
phivee: yikes, we’re about to get destroyed in the ruck
Sixty656: Alir Alir will ruck for the swans and probably plan to lose to taps but collect ground ball.
frenzy: dees have to win this, surely
Yelse: I am only in one league now. Last chance left only 5 players different Heeney is one
TommyC: Gawn 150 surelyyyy
sammyo7: VC on Gawn easy
Baldfrog: If swans win ski trips everywhere will be ruined
NewFreoFan: Gawn who? Aliir tap, tackle, drive inside 50 for first goal. Premium ruck 2020
Sixty656: text book
original: Gawns taps have gone to melb players have they not?
BRAZZERS: is gawn tagging aliir?
Baldfrog: Yawn can’t catch alir to tag him
Baldfrog: Gawn*
frenzy: sack the coach
sammyo7: aliir beating gawn at groung level
SALAH: aliir is a gun
phivee: i’d love to know why JPK has such a low TOG already
Raspel31: Well, I fear this is my swan song this weekend. But it’s been a fine ride lads- good luck.
Sixty656: JPK has gone down each week over the last month….
beerent11: Anyone not vcing Gawn?
CozzieCan: Need more hore !! Lift son
Baldfrog: We might miss you raspel
dipstick: is Salem OK?
SALAH: gee that female ump is not a bad looker
Raspel31: I’ll be here to haunt your dreams baldfrog- and, you never know?
missmagic: the perth goal umpire is the hottest
original: Lol Lloyd when he’s actually defending 1-1
dipstick: no talking about female umpires . . . . unless names are provided. Chelsea is the OG
Baldfrog: Wont be taking clarry next year to inconsistent
thiccgucci: oliver gawn lloyd heeney in this one. just like everyone else 🙂
thiccgucci: @Baldfrog oliver has been great this season?
Baldfrog: Original he is a good seagull tho
Grimes Jr: florent is going to be a gun
thiccgucci: cant ask for much more than 110 average
Yelse: heeney comnnn buddy need at least 120 where r u
Yelse: oliver top 8 mids this year
dipstick: @m0nty hows ya NRL SC going?
StuL: Is Salem still in the rooms?
Raspel31: Much the same thigucci except Rampe instead of Heeney.
thiccgucci: heeney been lighting it up past month but relying on goal kicking, not getting much mid time lately
Baldfrog: Wont be after Mitchell comes back
Sixty656: Salem on the pine for 7 mins now
Raspel31: McCartin will be a gun- once he works out what a football looks like.
thiccgucci: ur right baldfrog, anyone avging under 120 is utter shit
StuL: Hope he stays there. Ta 60656
DrSeuss: Damn Gawn get back on the ground big fella
Yelse: heeney been on bench for 7 mins
dipstick: does Worps look ike Titch when he plays? I heard but havent seen
original: Melbourne just can’t kick (fritsch can tho) turnover was Oliver BT
thesilentl: Heeney has no engine, gun player but needs a lot of rest
thiccgucci: gut tells me something wrong with heeney. normally goes to the bench often but not for such long stints?
SALAH: heeney on bench to give dees hope
StuL: Worps is harder than torch dipstick. He’s an inside pig
dipstick: I heard some1 say they thought Worps was Titch playing. Is he a goodun for next year?
Yelse: Heeney hardly left F50 why would he need such a long rest
Raspel31: Mr Heeney is more than welcome to sit on the bench for the next two hours.
original: How bad was that holding the ball call. Jeez just watched replay
amigaman: Haha opponent had Rowbottom on field, but traded him out
StuL: I’d want to see how he goes with titch in the team but I rate him
Baldfrog: Depends if worps is still a fwd option
Baldfrog: 50 is up for Aussies
dipstick: nah Worp def wont be fwd
thiccgucci: just saw heeneys face. get involved son
Raspel31: Couple of lucky leg bye fours Baldfrog.
Baldfrog: Gunna be hard to find fwds next year Dunks will be a mid to I rekon
Baldfrog: We will take em Raspel
thesilentl: @baldfrog dunkley will be mid but there’s always a few who get fwd status unexpectedly
dipstick: if co-kneel-e-o goes to Carl is saying Top 4 2020 in the Blue bag false info m0nty?
Raspel31: I’m one of em Baldfrog.
beerent11: All about clarry for me tonight. Only pod in this game for my prelim
dipstick: Ed Curnow got made fwd in AF
sammyo7: geez Dawson has a good kick on him
thiccgucci: this game has crap vibes
Hawks_13: you know the team is in trouble when Jordan lewis is one of the top scorers
Grimes Jr: lift oliver
Raspel31: Clarry for me too beer- but slow tonight.
StuL: Stay rubbish Oliver. Stay dead Salem.
Yelse: Heeney my 1/5 POD looks like ill get knocked out 🙁
StuL: Heeney you hack. Lucky it doesn’t matter.
Baldfrog: Have heeney,Clarry and Salem lol
Raspel31: Whoopsy Bald.
Raspel31: Bancroft gone- game on.
beerent11: Top possies on the ground rasp. Usual story.
The0Grrr: Shocking DRS decision. How could that not be too high
dipstick: Salem is making me feel like ive been Les Grossman’d
thiccgucci: these umps have been deplorable
Baldfrog: Supposed to rain for 40 days and nights raspel draw incoming
original: Great umpiring sheesh that’s woeful
The0Grrr: Footy or cricket @gucci Or both
original: Thicc been shocking ay
The0Grrr: I won’t argue that one
thiccgucci: i wonder how clarry would do without gawn. always gets a few free clearances
Raspel31: Yep, def a draw though Khawaja now gone beer- carn Clarry ffs.
Yelse: is heeney off again for last 6 mins of QRT
thiccgucci: looks like it
thiccgucci: nvm there he is
jbjimmyjb: useless heeney
NewFreoFan: Huge crowd at the G for this one. Classic Friday night footy
Catatafish: Come on Oliver, beat that tagging spud
thiccgucci: clarry barely being tagged tbh just a poor game of footy
Baldfrog: Wow raspel uneven bounce on day 2 shocking pitch
beerent11: Clarry’s beating the tag just not doing anything with it.
Catatafish: Serves me right for bringing in the angry red-headed flog then
beerent11: Yep bit of rain about at lords too
happytimes: How the hell is Goodwin not under more pressure
Sixty656: Finally JPK, keep it up brother!
beerent11: In smith we trust
StuL: It’s unbelievable we were getting it from Melb about 12 months ago like they were champions. The fall is catastrophic
The0Grrr: Dees just tanking it up again
Baldfrog: Melbourne media for ya Stul
BestCoast: Evening Gentlemen
frenzy: cats have copped more heat sitting on top the table
The0Grrr: Hard to sack a coach the same season they extended his contract by two years
Baldfrog: Media had Dees prem favs beginning Of season
BestCoast: Dees have not recovered from the Pelim belting we gave the last year
Baldfrog: Bairstows finger looks as ugly as his face now
StuL: His life was an unbridled success, until he found out…he was a Simpson. That’s Melbourne. The found out they are Melb.
Raspel31: Now now Bald- Siddel the ugliest player in Test cricket by a country mile.
Baldfrog: C’mon raspel they are twins
Baldfrog: The sun’s come out this isn’t like Melbourne. Oops mean England
BestCoast: Beautiful sunny weather in Old Noosa town
Baldfrog: What do they say about Queensland BC?
sammyo7: Rampe any chance of AA
BestCoast: Beautiful one day Japanese the next
Raspel31: 35 here in Melbourne Best- simply sweltering.
Baldfrog: Lol
The0Grrr: Fahrenheit
Baldfrog: Below zero that is raspel
Kaalia: be shocked if Rampe had a booze issue. More of a tripper isn’t he? lol
BestCoast: Raspel we have been geting devil winds already and its starting to feel like summer mmmm thirsty
sammyo7: we nee 2 smiths in cricket so england can’t bowl them out
dipstick: Gawn is my C. get around me fellas
BestCoast: Raspel did you add up the weeks temps
frenzy: Lol Kaalia
Grimes Jr: wonder if melbourne have been tanking for a while
Baldfrog: Training drill now cones needed
Raspel31: How ca you cap on game one dipstick- srely vc like 99.999%?
BestCoast: Grimes yes 35 years
beerent11: Amazing 84 points 9 possessions
Pokerface: no Grimes. they were found not to have tanked. and fined 500k for not tanking
BestCoast: Raspel GOD told him so
Baldfrog: Crows suffered more than Melb for that non tanking effort
Raspel31: Just dropped to 10 degrees Best- wow, down 25 in 10 minutes. Global cooling.
dipstick: @raspel you been on the 1968 plonk? im talking AF brother
Grimes Jr: i reckon goodwin will get the sack next yr. Can’t see melbourne finishing higher than 11th or 12th
beerent11: Predicting snow here on the mountain down
BestCoast: Raspel decanter the Red
The0Grrr: U little flatterer U @Grimes
beerent11: The road from my house
beerent11: WA south coast
Raspel31: Onto it Best.
Yelse: seriously heeney do something 75 by 3QT
BestCoast: missed VC Gawn crabbed it got home to late and left phone at work 2590 should get me home
Baldfrog: Play meatloaf that will scare the seagulls
beerent11: Crack the scotch
Pokerface: shut up about the dam seagulls
Pokerface: m0nty get the comms back on the game please
BestCoast: beerent Leeuwin Estate Art Series 2015
beerent11: Shit game
Sixty656: caw caw caw
dipstick: @bestcoast what do you give Zempliss out of 10 and 1 word to describe him
Grimes Jr: does oliver want to go onto the ground
Gotigres: Lloyd outcompeted by other seagulls tonight
Yelse: if i didn’t have Sc still alive wouldn’t be watcvhin this shower
jbjimmyjb: heeney needs to do something
Brian: Oh boy wowee, how about these bird calls?
BestCoast: dipstick give him an Alaskian -35 and one word would be FLOG
Baldfrog: Seagulls have more ticker than Lloyd
dipstick: seagulls eat like kings. maccas, kfc, burger with the lot
Gotigres: keep going vc Gawn.
beerent11: Test is more exciting yelse. Flick it over
Baldfrog: Never see an obese seagull dipstick
BestCoast: Why is a woman like a box of KFC ??
beerent11: Have you got Gawn vc gotigres?
Pokerface: umm… best coast?
Raspel31: Gotigres- I hate to spoil your party but methinks you not alone there.
StuL: Because you have to pay to get inside it? BC?
The0Grrr: Linger ficken good?
dipstick: @bestcoast LOL exactly. that 1 word will keep me going through next AFL preseason
dipstick: thighs, breast and legs
wadaramus: Finger licking good?
Baldfrog: Hope Wends aint lurking
BestCoast: Once you get past the tender breast and luscious thighs all you are left with is a greasy box to stick your bone in
Gotigres: Yes beerent. Very rarely has 2 quiet ones in a row.
beerent11: Clarry’s hurting us rasp
Yelse: thanks heeney for knocking me out of SC this year clap clap
m0nty: Stay premium you lot.
dipstick: @raspel hows my C going boss?
Grimes Jr: lift oliver
Raspel31: Oh yep beer- aint he indeed.
wadaramus: Maxy’s SC is not multiplying to my liking.
beerent11: 🙂 gotigres
BestCoast: apologies m0nty 2000 comedians out of work and i am trying to be one
Raspel31: dipstick- do you like sex and travel- well F.O. Now back to the footy.
Baldfrog: Tip BC make you show for males only
dipstick: you can busk a liquorland bestcoast. SEN keeps saying there 200 stores
Grimes Jr: chris woakes is a wanker
wadaramus: Tough going at Lords.
beerent11: Noone’s winning till both teams bat
wadaramus: Pitched a foot outside leg and the umpires sticks his finger up, joke!
Baldfrog: Sucked in stockes the basher
The0Grrr: At least DRS got it right this time
BestCoast: Baldfrog my respect for the ladies is indisputable and cant be questioned
wadaramus: I feel for the umps, but that was just plain bad.
Baldfrog: Fair enough BC
BestCoast: $1.50 0f chips extra vinegar coming up Mr Lloyd
Raspel31: And the earlier call off not out when it was plum wada?
wadaramus: Haha Raspel, must have heard a nick, deadset plumb LBW!
Baldfrog: It was reviewed and given raspel back in ya box
BestCoast: We need Tezza Aldermann
StuL: I vaguely remember the days when you could ask for a dollars worth of chips and get a mountain.
Raspel31: Lol Bald.
Baldfrog: Same Stul
wadaramus: Come on Maxy, bust a move son.
Baldfrog: One less umbrella at the 🏏
dipstick: for sure it was a fuit salad. the ball was a peach and he was plum LB
beerent11: Clarry’s forcing me into using my last trade to upgrade logue. Fuck.
beerent11: Surely more interesting if we don’t all get a Gawn vc score.
Breezey: Sorry for butting in with something about the Footy but what’s this time and space rubbish
Baldfrog: Here come the Dees!!
dipstick: @beer who to?
Sixty656: Hurry up Max!
wadaramus: Maybe more interesting beer, but I still want his 130 as VC!
Baldfrog: Wrong chat Breezey
Danstar: What if he gets 129
Grimes Jr: need an oliver goal
beerent11: Heath Shaw most likely dipstick
The0Grrr: Then we go with Fyfe as C
Baldfrog: Clarry gets a gift
Raspel31: Sorry Breezey- a little beyond Collingwood fans. Two things to think about at once. Back to the footy.
Breezey: Me or You
Grimes Jr: thanks clayton. learn to kick spud
beerent11: Fyfe or mcrae @theogrrr
wadaramus: I’ll take it Danstar.
Breezey: Doesnt mean much coming from a Bombers supporter.
Pokerface: what about 128
Yelse: heeney having a mare
Baldfrog: Cripps for C
beerent11: In over your head here breezey
The0Grrr: Yeah that’s the dilemma. Surely De Bore goes to Bonts?
Raspel31: Now now, all pals Breezey. Time to look for another cap?
The0Grrr: Steele goes to Cripps
Baldfrog: Steele is no De Boer tho
Raspel31: Good call The0grr-Macrae the perennial?
dipstick: @breezey dont worry. Rspel always puts the boots in then says “all pals” The clown says it every other week
Danstar: De bore will go bont
frenzy: lift max
The0Grrr: True that. Didn’t Steele run with Fyfe and we know how that went
Grimes Jr: need oliver 95
dipstick: macrae safe C option if you dont want Gawn
Raspel31: dipstick- the nastiest most negative poster- all peace lad.
BestCoast: Dipstick i think Raspel is genuine in his messages we all need to grow thicker hides
The0Grrr: Yes. I think we all should become Ogres
BestCoast: dipstick backing a pies suppoter times have changed lol
Raspel31: Sorry for any offence to anyone- none meant. I think Macrae for me.
Baldfrog: We all are just$hit stirring arnt we I never take offense
Grimes Jr: de boer
The0Grrr: U cut me deep Rasp! LoL
The0Grrr: Da Bore
Baldfrog: Dat Bore
wadaramus: Where’s Max?!
BestCoast: Baldfrog agreed champ we West Coast supporters LOVE everybody lol
Raspel31: You’ve got bad breath Baldfrog- just saying. Come on Oliver-ton up.
wadaramus: Fuck he’s on the bench.
Baldfrog: It’s all that KFC raspel
dipstick: i hope maxxy is only mothballed
BestCoast: Not watching Gawn bad ??
J_Herer: Flower Gawn done flower!
Raspel31: Ha ha Bald.
frenzy: tanks are us, tanks are dees
wadaramus: Finger licking good.
The0Grrr: So is Rowley our pick 2?
BRAZZERS: not taking gawns 120?
The0Grrr: Oh well at least we scored more than the Roos
wadaramus: Don’t think so.
Raspel31: In finals not enough Brazzers- I feel.
Baldfrog: Depends TheOGrrr U going for a PP?
beerent11: Gawn injured?
Grimes Jr: of course the mark isn’t payed fucking hell
wadaramus: The smart move is to lock the 120, but the punter in us looks for more elsewhere!
BRAZZERS: he has a red cross wtf do you think? lol
original: Kennedy robbed
dipstick: seems like im staying with my SC C. underwhelming AF C score maxxy 🙁
beerent11: Settle brazzers. Didn’t see it happen.
Danstar: What’s the injury ?

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