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Chat log from R21 of 2019: West Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R21 of 2019

th3rio: lads
PlungeMe: its tottenham
NugzNiggle: Sheppard ok?
th3rio: yep
th3rio: just winded
VodkaHawk: Come on WC, huge win today thanks
NugzNiggle: Cheers mate.
th3rio: yeo would be killing it if he held those marks
Tangent: Not happy with Jacobs coming in
Ash777: is ROB injured?
GobChuck: Need MCrouch to beat BCrouch by 30 points to win cash league elim…..this is going to be tense
Tangent: Nah, ROB just been “inconsistent.”
BRAZZERS: ROB was garbage last week, still stiff to be dropped tho
Tangent: That should be 20 points for Betts, amazing!
Kaalia: I hope nobody had ROB R2 with no cover…
GobChuck: Adelaides worked out season on the line finally?
rabp1es: why is brouchs sc so low?
wadaramus: Why is CD so harsh on B.Crouch?!
GobChuck: because he’s running under 50% de with 4 clangers @rabp1ies
Apachecats: He’s being Brad the Butcher rabp
Tangent: @Kaalia, I forgot to take VC off him. Now I have him as my VC and he’s not even playing
wadaramus: Sloane has had 4 clangers too?
rabp1es: hes gonna cost me the win
th3rio: sloanes at 69% efficiency
pcaman2003: Petruccelle is supposed to be quick,yet hardly gets the ball.
Ash777: probably doesn’t have a good tank
GobChuck: Petrols tank is very good, he struggles with leading patterns and getting team mates attention for handball receives.
GobChuck: Too quiet,hasn’t changed at all since his junior bball days
th3rio: bloody hell keep going yeo
LMartos: Brad Crouch has been a solid player all year but fk me is he infuriating. Could average 110+
Grimes Jr: Grimes’ Goats into the prelim. RIP Malicious Demons #goatsfooty #Gawnwiththewind
pcaman2003: BCrouch going for an all time low for pts per possession. Clangers are a killer.
zoomba23: Looking forward to Mrouch’s customary 10pt 2nd half
pcaman2003: They removed one of Sloane’s clangers. Must’ve made error earlier.
jiska78: Mcrouchs score is total BS. 39 points from 5 possessions.
jiska78: If they removed a Clanger from Sloane his score didn’t change
Grimes Jr: Will 2500 be a big score this week?
th3rio: 10 CP 7 CL , 86% efficiency seems about right
th3rio: yes grimes, par would be around 2400 id say
Grimes Jr: beautiful. If M Crouch goes huge im looking at 2550
_Wang_: I’m looking at 2550 at this point as long as laird and Sloane don’t spud it up
thesilentl: Brouch getting ripped. 15 possies, 6 contested and only 23 sc
phivee: he has 6 clangers with 50% disposal efficiency so that will be hurting his score
th3rio: seen his clangers silent? im guessing you have him
frenzy: gets ripped weekly
thesilentl: I don’t have him but he always cops it for a guy who’s efficiency and clangers aren’t even that bad on average
th3rio: happy now? lol
Seiya: 55% efficiency, his score looks fine to me
OhSoRozee: scummy fans booing the right call
th3rio: hes turned it over 3 times in the last 10 minutes of play, that would be why
CozzieCan: Stay low hurn please
BRAZZERS: is sloane done for?
DrSeuss: Need Gaff to get no more than 105, might be in trouble
m0nty: Not sure Adelaide can carry two absolute cats like Mackay and Atkins in the one side
thesilentl: Here’s a stat to mull, brouch 7th in possies 2019, 47th for clangers
LMartos: I would’ve expected him to be top 5 for clangers
Erich1036: @thesilentl here’s a stat to mull, brouch 7th in possies 2019, 6th for turnovers
AuroraBore: The multi was on track until Sloane decided to headbutt his teammates elbow
phivee: anyone know whats happening with sloane?
th3rio: would be useful if they based score on season avgs
AuroraBore: Any idea if he’ll come back on?
StuL: Looked like he was having a concussion test
Tangent: This is where the crows concede 6 goals in a row
th3rio: sloane done
_Wang_: Sloane looks like he’s gone fml
mrpotato: Yep Sloane done
AuroraBore: there goes the multi
pcaman2003: I’ll just put Sloane onto my extensive injury list. What a waste of a year this has been.
thesilentl: As a pies man erich1036 compare brouch and stats vs sc scoring
thesilentl: Treloar*
Jackwatt$: Mirror, mirror who’s the best Crouch of them all?!?!
Jackwatt$: Gun for M.Crouch m0nty? If for no reason, he’s gonna win me a final!
Erich1036: @thesilentl he’s ranked 4th in the league for turnovers per game? What do you expect lol
Jackwatt$: Blue Moon for Darling m0nty. Because I started with him and traded him out after he left a turd on my team
OhSoRozee: soft gibbs o so cuddly
thesilentl: Dont want anything, just my opinion that brouch is the reverse bontempelli this year
zoomba23: Kys Sloane
Tangent: Sloane get back in there! Who cares about a concussion
obione05: Put MIA next to Laird after HT
OhSoRozee: douglas,mackay,walker,jenkins,jacobs need to go
OhSoRozee: id offload sloane to for currency
teddyt: LMAOa zoomba he gets knocked out by brad crouch and you tell him to kill himself! abit much LOL
Tangent: Fogarty looks like a 200 game veteran
ScootD: Sloane has blurred vision. He’s not coming back on
OhSoRozee: try salvage a 2nd rounder for gibbs also
DrSeuss: Ok Gaff and Smith – take the rest of the game off lol
Apachecats: Anyone seen Laird?
StuL: Just get a kicknHurn
CozzieCan: B.crouch I love you mate you rippa
Apachecats: BRouch heading for an unlikely ton .23SC at half time.
Ash777: Laird has got stuck on Rioli so he cant play his usual role
StuL: Hurn v Brouch with a 38 pts lead at 3/4. Hurn cant even win
GobChuck: settle down brad…..need matt to beat you by 29 or more to win the final
blonde0na: found laird in case anyone’s wondering
DrSeuss: Will get the 2nd highest score in my league – unfortunately the one higher score is my opponent this week 🙁
_Wang_: Same drseuss
jiska78: Matt Crouch ruins my season by sending his teammate in to cloud nine
rooboypete: Smith’s vanishing act is going to cost me big time…
jiska78: Mrouch should lose 100 points for knocking out Adelaides #1 midfielder. Scores were level before he got KO’d
pcaman2003: Very stiff Seuss.
Sloan4Pres: Eagles are so boring to watch, hope someone knocks them out early in finals
Apachecats: Thought that only happened to me Dr Seuss.
BigChief: Should get +100 jiska
Stikman35: Mcrouch you dog. All over now because of you.
GobChuck: wasn’t it brad who knocked him out
DrSeuss: Happens to the best of us it seems. Neale was the killer for me
Stikman35: 150 for hitting Sloane. Hated forever by me.
Stikman35: It was brad? Ok sorry mat. Brad you dog…
zoomba23: Bout fucking time Mrouch made up for his shitshow of a season. Keep going ya splendid campaigner
CozzieCan: Sloane’s rubbish , always gets carried by one of the Crouch brothers weekly
ScootD: No it was def M Crouch who elbowed Sloane in the eye
ScootD: Back in ya can Cozzie…
Stikman35: M crouchyou are a bad man
BigChief: Love ya M. Crouch
Ash777: thanks eagles for beating crows
CozzieCan: Adelaide need to T.walker to step down as captain , they need it in the midfield & better leadership
OhSoRozee: awesome round next week 1 v 2 3 v 4
Ash777: cozzie there’s more than 1 leaader on the ground than the captain.

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