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Chat log from R22 of 2019: Adelaide vs Collingwood

Chat log for Adelaide vs Collingwood, R22 of 2019

Tangent: Massive game for both teams
AuroraBore: Up the pies
dipstick: like i said, big agates if you C Grundy vs 2 #1 ruckman
feralmong: someone please check on monty. lol.
AuroraBore: Is he a lions fan @feral?
Yelse: cmonnn treloar lift geezzzz
pcaman2003: Sloane and Milera on 7 pts,yet Sloane 2 marks as well.?
jbjimmyjb: thanks sloane and crisp, you two on the never again list
pcaman2003: @jbjimmy. I wouldn’t trust Sloane again either.Helped me to lose last week
benzammit: Seedsmans score cannot be right?
Raspel31: I’ll be joining you this week pcaman.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Did you go down last week? I thoughtv you may have scraped through.
pcaman2003: @Benzammit. CD a bit like God. Both work in mysterious ways.
Raspel31: No- got through last week but a player down this week and Neale and Cripps didn’t exactly shine.
pcaman2003: Chin up then Raspel. Miracles can happen!
Tangent: Jeremy Howe, you are a disgrace to AFL!
benzammit: Common grundy
duckky: Cripps was in hospital during week with ear infection
Raspel31: Off to watch the Bledisloe- good luck to all still in the comp.
original: Flower off oppo has B.Smith
benzammit: True Pacman.Not that it affects me either way.
DrSeuss: Captain Treloar with Noble sitting on my bench – FFS
amigaman: @DrSeuss, Neale nearly got that ton ๐Ÿ™‚
NewFreoFan: You can’t take a trick this round Seuss, first Neale now this
Gotigres: Neale 103cs
DrSeuss: Haha it is the week from Hell so far. Neale cane back well though. To make it worse opponent has Brodie Smith though ๐Ÿ™
Pusti: Frontbottom needs to lift!
NewFreoFan: If it makes you feel better my multi had lions at the line of -3.5
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Plenty of time left yet.
DrSeuss: Ouch NewFreo
DrSeuss: Agreed @pca – we will see how it ends up
Yelse: who said grundy can’t take two on
Apachecats: That what I thought too Yelse ,only one of them can go up against him at a time and hes difficult to run with.
original: Bsmith ffs
benzammit: Dipstick
Yelse: exactly @apachecats
Pinkman: Omg, just realised Matt Crouch. All my prelims have just taken a turn.
Apachecats: Triple M callers just say “Crouch” ,not very helpfull.Don’t know how they would go with 4 Danihers.
amigaman: Seedsman going bananas
Danstar: Ouch M crouch
thesilentl: Pies getting no love from the umps…..for a change
benzammit: M.Crouch is suffering from leather poisoning from last week.
Yelse: the umps read the newspaper and decided not to pay us many frees
NewFreoFan: Impressive clanger differential considering the Crows are 1.6
zoomba23: Mrouch crashing back to Earth after his blinder last week. Fucking typical
Yelse: lol thats wasn’t even a free
dipstick: I said no such thing that Grundy couldn’t take on 2 ruckman
NewFreoFan: Agreed Yelse, super soft
benzammit: Umpires goal 2 frees to goal.
Danstar: Lol dipstick
thesilentl: On a good note I expect umps to see the go count at ht and give the pies a few cheap ones
BRAZZERS: give dipstick the muppet
benzammit: No chance interstate, just stay in front and it can’t affect you .
benzammit: Your right dipstick you didn’t say it, you typed it;)
dipstick: Go and re-read the chat log clown 😯
Grimes Jr: grundy isn’t scoring that well. Settle down champs
benzammit: You need big ballz to put the C on him against 2 #1 ruck?.
benzammit: You warned another on the other page with the same comment?Why say it if you didn’t think he was going to have an shocke
NewFreoFan: big day in the chat for you benz, have a breather, you’ll be spent before tonight’s game
dipstick: You see. I never mentioned what Grundy could or couldn’t do. & I said agates not ballz
OhSoRozee: never thought id say these words but pies plz smash em
benzammit: sons after me ipad could be a forced spell😉
J_Herer: season over for the crows
benzammit: uh ok dipstick you said nothing of the
benzammit: yep put a fork in em, go Kangas
Yelse: brodie smith hasn’t touched the ball this quarter
zoomba23: Crows are rubbish
thesilentl: Any chance of a free for the pies
The39Steps: Good to see Tex taking the big games by the scruff of the neck again. Pea heart.
StuL: Come on Sloane. The day started out so well.
benzammit: NFFan looking forward to match😉 We are well rested after last weeks light jog against the dogs.
J_Herer: Dogies can have the crows spot, they are average
Danstar: first person to respond ill listen to. fyfe or mcrae as C
Yelse: just wondering if anyone has seen the free kick count lol
DrSeuss: Keep going Treloar – big finish young fella
benzammit: Mcrea
thesilentl: Elliott having some game btw
Danstar: 15-5 adeliades way. thanks benza. done!
Yelse: fyfe as who ever is dominating at bulldogs game debeor will move onto him
Danstar: cant do that to me yelse lol
Danstar: both my opp dont have teloar i do. one has M crouch
Danstar: prob should tke gawns 119 to be safe lol
benzammit: i had Gawn V took Dangerfield C switched off to Mcrae the went Grundy.
pcaman2003: Sloane MIA as he does in big games. Spud!
OhSoRozee: interesting game 2night if port lose hawks can gain enough % to go into 8th against suns
benzammit: So best to do whatever i dont advise.
Danstar: lol. sc. will be the death of us
benzammit: I also put a bucket load on Geelong 60+😂
thesilentl: Umps having a mare. Team winning with the stats down 18-5 in frees is a disgrace
Danstar: ok fyfe it is lol
BRAZZERS: doesntmatter, they not beating wce on the road next week regardless
OhSoRozee: eagles could rest some….hehe
benzammit: Oh and i follow Essendon, i may lose 10 yeats of my life by the days end😉
OhSoRozee: o its not even monty nvm was just teasing
yablettt: I canโ€™t wait to see Zac Clarke vs two ruckman ffs
heppelitis: Elliot on fire
a1trader: Haven’t been able to watch the game. Does Noble look like he’s got a future?
Yelse: personally don’t want bulldogs to make the 8. pies likely to play them 5 vs 8
phivee: can’t wait to use sloane as my last trade
DrSeuss: Come on Treloar, big finish mate
hjd1: id hate to have both crouch boys in midfield…haha…
Danstar: bulldogs will finish 7th if they beat gws tomorrow
Valorlonga: really happy with trading Smith over Clark and for Laird this week
a1trader: Yelse, I think Pies will be playing Brisbane finals week 1 – 1 vs 4
Danstar: did anyone take gawns score ?
KCreed: Matt Crouch hang your head in shame if I lose my Prelim it’s your fault.
Apachecats: Laird nice start then pftt.
Yelse: well all depends if dogs can beat GWS
DrSeuss: Treloar finishing on the bench?
yablettt: Do you know what Adelaide need? A Charlie Cameron.. oh wait
GobChuck: Who’s ready for Zac Clarke to take revenge on his old club tonight
DrSeuss: C Treloar finishing on the bench while Grundy and Crisp (for opponent) finish strong – damnit
pcaman2003: Crows big guns totally imploded tonight.
tommy10: Sloane so disappointing
benzammit: Seedsman 139, Pendles 89 ina winning side best on?
benzammit: CD upto no good tricks again.
benzammit: Taranto to Mcrae pls sub 80 pls
BRAZZERS: benz you muppet, what does that have to do with it? 9 clangers explains it all muppet
benzammit: Nothing i just hate Seedsman😉
benzammit: Score loading for impact?
Gelly: Can we relegate Adelaide out of the afl?

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