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Chat log from R21 of 2019: St Kilda vs Fremantle

Chat log for St Kilda vs Fremantle, R21 of 2019

th3rio: looks like marshall will struggle against sando 🙁
BigChief: Only in hit outs th3rio. Around the ground Sandi won’t see him.
th3rio: heres hoping BC, I need a big score
Breezey: Marshall will go big against Sandi. Possessions and kicks.
duckky: GOD has the C on Hanners
th3rio: hasnt gone bang just yet lads. Ill wait patiently haha
BigChief: Does Jack Steven look a little plump around the middle?
duckky: Its a good paddock down at Moorabbin
BigChief: Uh oh th3rio. Marshall gone.
DrSeuss: Hollering for a Marshall right about now
th3rio: been a pleasure lads, see you in 2020
pcaman2003: There goes my final now. Oh well! Always next year.
BigChief: Carlisle and Bruce to share ruck duties now.
Grimes Jr: opp has marshall captain
th3rio: ball goes other end to walters goal who opp has haha
lukefield9: ross well and truly back in form, MAYBE an underpriced option for next year?
original: Marshall captain in draft final. Damn son
pcaman2003: Fyfe huge rewards for so few possies.
thesilentl: What’s happened to Marshall?
pcaman2003: thesilent. Hyper extended knee. Down in rooms.
LMartos: hyperextended his knee, awkward landing
th3rio: wish I capitained Fyfe
DrSeuss: There goes my leagues – thanks for the memories Marshall
Crave: Captain Fyfe going well hopefully he doesn’t drop off
NoneyaB: hopefully marshall is ok
Grimes Jr: opp has billings and marshall cap
Breezey: Double century coming for Fyfe
Lawls: FML thought Fyfe would get tagged and captained Cripps instead lol
Lawls: And my opponent vc’d macca
BigChief: Red capes for Hanners and Ross and Purple for Fyfe?
Yelse: brought in marshal and yeo for my games this week and looks like ill be knocked out of my only paid league left in 🙁
th3rio: marshall in the huddle. Decent sign
NoneyaB: hes still out there folks marshall is out there
BigChief: Marshall back on (for now)
LMartos: Looking kinda uncomfortable but we’ll see how he goes
th3rio: hopefully gets decent TOG
SwaggyP: Keep going fyfe need a big score from my C
Raspel31: Thought Macrae was a good cap choice but opp went Fyfe- ouch, ouch, ouch.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Do you have a voodoo doll and some pins? Could be useful about now. Lol!
Raspel31: Working on it pcaman.
BigChief: Coffield looks to be done.
NoneyaB: he cant be tooi bad marshall i mean its not the saints have anything to play for?
Raspel31: I’m still wondering how Essendon let last night’s game slip through their hands-had it won.
NoneyaB: lol raspell
OhSoRozee: Got hope for saints ratten would do well with Steele,Ross,Clark in guts n hanners, billings on wing just need to send
NoneyaB: same with the suns they challenged the lions all game
frenzy: geez mundy has hit the wall lately
BestCoast: Afternoon gents any Kangaroos supporters surface yet
OhSoRozee: Bruce back and find a new fwd
BestCoast: frenzy condolences for last night
NoneyaB: all 2 of them are huddling next to a heater best coast
frenzy: haven’t see any BC
Stikman35: Umpire involved here is very ordinary
Raspel31: Every minute without a point to Fyfe is worth it’s weight in gold at the pointy end.
BestCoast: Frenzy happy to see you in here I was worried
BestCoast: Raspel not regretting sending Fyfe to the slaughterhouse are we lol
Raspel31: Whoops.
noobcoach: fyfe is the best player in the comp – no question no debate
Apachecats: I’m here BC ,the rope broke.
Raspel31: Let’s move on to the Don’s unlucky loss BC- umps cost us a closeresult.
CozzieCan: Fyfe for waffle !!
frenzy: hope to finish 14th or lower, for the better draft picks
italz: really needed marshall to go big today, so i completely understand why he’s having a shocker
thesilentl: Funny how when the dons get injuries like the pies they too are terrible
duckky: It was the timekeeper Rasp – we had the momentum
StuL: Woof woof
BestCoast: Raspel just needed to kick at little straighter and you might of just got home
PlungeMe: andrew is the best brayshaw
duckky: Dons have been terrible for a while – if you need to come from behind against the GC…
Raspel31: Yep dukky- another 5 hours and we were there.
OhSoRozee: I felt the same frenzy after last week but after last night there’s hope
th3rio: +14 for a mark and kick to walters christ
BestCoast: Raspel, Apache and Co that’s what I like about the bomber boys they roll with the punches
frenzy: doggies not done yet, rozzee.
Jackwatt$: What’s wrong with Marshall? Nooooo! Is he still playing ruck?
pcaman2003: My season well and truly over. Opp has Fyfe and Walters to my Marshall. Gonsky!
BestCoast: OhSoRozee we’ll help you out by bouncing The Crows today
Raspel31: Thank your for your delightful condescension BC. BC.
frenzy: if that aint a bluemoon for Hanners, never see one again
PlungeMe: beginning of the year i had hunter clark in contention for worst player in the league
OhSoRozee: Not worried on crows its port dons fighting against
Schillaci: Hanners just playing a blue moon @ frenzy. Want fyfe to keep going to punish those who don’t have him haha
BestCoast: Raspel as a show of respect I will wave the jacket today
OhSoRozee: All in vein if can’t beat gws next week
BestCoast: Looks like I might need to flick Marshall next week but who too
lukefield9: @PlungeMe on what basis? top 8 pick in his second year and had barely played this year
OhSoRozee: Go for key fwd vs Gc if out
PlungeMe: @luke idiocy
BestCoast: PlungeMe Charlie Dixon has that covered
lukefield9: @PlungeMe fairo, well glad he’s got ya covered now
Jackwatt$: Marshall to Toby Greene surely
PlungeMe: any other week you’d be right BC but he just kicked 3
BigChief: PlungeMe must have forgotten Port have Watts, Motlop and McKenzie on their list.
OhSoRozee: Bestcoast go Greene or Cameron vs dogs suns last 2
Raspel31: Had choice of Marshall, Greene or Boak. Thank god I went Greene. Now I can die with dignity
PlungeMe: true chief – many better options than dixon
BestCoast: OhSoRozee great minds think alike was thinking Greene
OhSoRozee: I’d say Kayne turner worst
BestCoast: PlungeMe that’s why he be BigChief
BigChief: Major issue with Dixon is he injury prone.
PlungeMe: surely zac clarke is top 5
OhSoRozee: Backing Cameron to finish with 12 more
thesilentl: Greene will go up front if Kelly comes back
zoomba23: Is Marshall dead orrrr
BestCoast: BigChief and Dixon has a heart the size of a caraway seed
BigChief: Marshall hurt his knee in the 1st 1/4. Doing well to still be playing.
BigChief: That big BestCoast? I was thinking a flea egg.
OhSoRozee: Dixon must b ight if can pull miss universe Australia
BestCoast: OhSoRozee I heard she pulled a train anyway
Apachecats: Or vice versa OhSo.
Haydo: Im so stupid made fyfe captain dammit
Burnsy03: ive been scared to say this, but i went fyfe c to marshall c last night
BestCoast: BigChief best call ever lol
Raspel31: Dixon- really? Might as well stick your head in the oven now.
Apachecats: It good to get it of your chest Burnsy.
BigChief: Ouch Burnsy. You getting burnt by both.
BestCoast: Haydo very stupid and greedy of you
BestCoast: Third degree Burnsy
Haydo: I know bestcoast😭
Apachecats: Whatever Marshall gets is a bonus.Doing OK actually.
OhSoRozee: Marshall will fall 20 pts shy of fyfe for ur sake
LMartos: I just realised that Carter is a def/mid and that I could’ve fielded Answerth to cover Kelly instead, rip me lol
Raspel31: We at Aspel and Co would like to thank Mr Nathan Fyfe for slowing down.
pcaman2003: Raspel. It’s my voodoo doll slowing him down for you.
BestCoast: BestCoast & Son’s would like to congratulate the Kangaroos on kicking a soccer score last night
Grimes Jr: do something walters
theoc: Thats one monsterous soccer score…
Raspel31: Mine’s almost ready to go pcaman- keep up the good work.
OhSoRozee: Better saying a rugby score
BigChief: I would have said Rugby score.
pcaman2003: Sorry Grimes. Used my voodoo doll on him too. Apologies!
m0nty: Banfield playing CHF was not a thing I was expecting this year.
StuL: 1 goal is a soccer score.if
theoc: Rugby score is more realistic haha
theoc: Savage needs to calm it down, pca whip out the voodoo doll again
SilverLion: Shhh leave Savage alone
BigChief: Not HTB against Mundy? 2 360’s? That’s poor.
OhSoRozee: Newnes to freo for Langdon I can see happening
pcaman2003: Umps put whistle away for Mundy. Crazy stuff!
Jackwatt$: Heart for Marshall m0nty. Give it to him now and make it his permanent icon. Best pick this year
BestCoast: Pulling the Voodoo doll out for Shane, you absolute savages
pcaman2003: As my Voodoo doll works on Fyfe and Walters,the love doll works on Marshall.
theoc: My draft oppponent has him and since Geelong pulled a sneaky on me and withdrew Smith I’m a player down, Shane needs a l
theoc: a low score here*
SilverLion: he’s my pod in all my leagues 🙁
OhSoRozee: Holla for the Marshall to Steele him up
th3rio: is fyfe on 4 pts for the qtr?
lukefield9: fuck me hunter clark gets me excited
SwaggyP: Pls start scoring again fyfe I need you to go huge
BestCoast: Pca that’s not the new divorce Barbie is it the one that comes with Kens Gear
BigChief: That was pathetic from Dunstan. Use your right foot noob.
zoomba23: Dunstan the one footed flog
pcaman2003: BC. Nah. Special home made version for FanFooty fans.
pcaman2003: Fyfe and Walters +3 for the qtr between them. Doll works a treat!
OhSoRozee: Must b the one with a footy for its head
theoc: Spoke too soon
OhSoRozee: Full of nothing
Raspel31: Doing a great job pcaman- I’m ubering a fresh supply of pins to you.
pcaman2003: Cheers Raspel! Will need them all.
original: Please kick a goal mundy. Be kind multi gods
theoc: PCA feel free to head over to the carlton game and work your magic on Curnow for me
zoomba23: Man Switkowski’s footy sense is impressive
OhSoRozee: Ross seems to be the back end king
Grimes Jr: 85pls walters
BRAZZERS: 37sc pt 1/4 for marshall, another one of those pls
lukefield9: @zoomba yeah he looks like he’s gonna be a star
th3rio: is it just me or is marshalls score cooked. 11 cont pos, 5 cleareces, decent efficency for 60
frenzy: CD looking after him th3rio, pffttt
OhSoRozee: Shower game by steele
th3rio: what a joke
lukefield9: @th3rio probs just not getting the hitouts to advantage he normally gets.
Raspel31: Anything above 140 for Fyfe and my cook is goosed- don’t doze off now pcaman.
OhSoRozee: Yeh 16 poss to Marshall usually tons
th3rio: guess so, go marshall either way!
pcaman2003: FGS umpires! Get it right for once.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Floating between games now.
DrSeuss: Marshall gets to 95 and gets the heart. Go big fella
OhSoRozee: Think I’ll have 5 saints in 2020
Jackwatt$: Hello m0nty I can’t help but notice you haven’t added a heart icon for Marshall yet? #justsayin
man0005: Hello m0nty I can’t help but notice you haven’t added a heart icon for Marshall yet? #justsayin
th3rio: carlisle spud
Jackwatt$: PS: nice win on Friday. The cold doesn’t bother them anyway!
CozzieCan: Keep going Fyfe need 150+ for captain this week 😀
frenzy: Lol Jack
Jackwatt$: Is there an echo here?
th3rio: there ya go ack
Raspel31: Based precisely on what OhSoRozee- I won’t have one.
th3rio: cmon marshall
th3rio: BS free its a bloody ruck contest
Grimes Jr: cheers walters
Schillaci: Hunter Clark break out season next year. Another 20+ possession game. Looks a gun!
OhSoRozee: Robertson Clark billings and new recruits probz
Apachecats: When you really need Walters he goes missing.
lukefield9: umpires absolutely hopeless today – didn’t even call that 50
OhSoRozee: Roberton
Schillaci: Billings King Clark fingers crossed for Roberton
OhSoRozee: Boak, dunkley, Marshall will lose fwd so billings lock for me
Pokerface: you might make top 100k next year then rozee
pcaman2003: Sorry Apache! Voodoo dolls still in progress.
pcaman2003: The umpires hating the Saints. So many BS frees against them
th3rio: marshall has to be the most unlucky player on the ground
Raspel31: Rozee- love your game plan. Can I join your league- I might win for a change.
frenzy: I’ll go marshall again thanks
th3rio: again unlucky wow
pcaman2003: Come on Saints and knock em off.
Pokerface: so you wont have grawndy – that worked well for non believers this year. might get a game out of roberton. burnman bill
megawatts: jack steven to the cats next yr?
Raspel31: Pcaman- jab away- can only afford 10 more points to Fyfe.
zoomba23: Does Marshall wanna stop giving away frees
Pokerface: you think clark holds his spot at the grunt with a fit hanners and steven?
th3rio: they’re bs frees zoomba
LuvIt74: how long to go?
Pokerface: king won’t get an afl game next year. even if he has 2 legs
OhSoRozee: Steven is at cats
Schillaci: Hanners will be out after a game or two Poker
lukefield9: @Pokerface surely you haven’t been watching the game, he’s easily top 10 in our team atm if not top 5
pcaman2003: Raspel…straight to the shoulder!
BOMBRBLITZ: Carn the Sainters!
Pokerface: maybe luke, but he needs bulking up
Schillaci: Oh when the Saints
Pokerface: mccartin will be cheap.. should get him next year too rozee.
pcaman2003: Well done Saints.
theoc: @megawatts if kelly leaves and cats dont land coniglio I reckon
BOMBRBLITZ: Thanks Sainters
Schillaci: Oh when the Saints go Marching In. Bad luck Lyon
lukefield9: @Pokerface only a little, can break tackles comfortably and unbelievably composed in the middle
Pokerface: clark 3rd year breakout.. did u by any chance pick mcgrath, petracca, jack martin, mills etc too?
frenzy: sign up Rats
Pokerface: if he is top 5 luke, why not play him this year? he’s not ready
phivee: poor fyfe
OhSoRozee: Injures nuffie
LuvIt74: who kicked saints winning goal?
OhSoRozee: Didn’t pick them coz they shit Clark is different
Pokerface: read m0nty’s game blog luvit!
Pokerface: exactly injuries. he isn’t ready. if he does get a game, his knee will break on you anyway
Pokerface: no, you are probably right. after 20 years, next year will turn and is the year not to go super prems and rookies.
lukefield9: @Pokerface we’re talking about clark yeah? I was responding to your comment that he might not stay in the guts
Pokerface: luke i thought you were talking about king
Pokerface: i was talking about each of the 20 saints players in rozee’s team next year

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