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Chat log from R21 of 2019: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, R21 of 2019

BigChief: Who will Cunnington and Ablett hit tonight? Each other?
DrSeuss: Traded Ziebell to Greene this week – watch him go massive
The0Grrr: I wish BC. Think Roos will hit em hard tonight
DrSeuss: Higgins, Duncan, Danger, Stewart and Kelly in this one – too many
Gotigres: Game has started Kelly
Gotigres: Glad i never got Cunnington in when he was scoring big
Yelse: such a bad round this week
DrSeuss: Get a touch or 5 Higgins
StuL: We’re rubbish atm. And how do we have 4 ruckman on the list and not pick ONE!?
DrSeuss: – 7 for Higgins at Qtr time…FFS
DrSeuss: Get involved Higgo
th3rio: Mark and kick and higgo only goes up 2?
circle52: Geez Kangas hard done by with no free and then a goal up the other end.
th3rio: Went down 2 even. Wow
DrSeuss: Higgins and Stewart I need you both to go large
bushranger: North copping umps blunders
DrSeuss: Higgins you useless flog – havent touched it for 20 minutes
redwallis: It’s Higgins, not Hoggins
DrSeuss: Higgins needs to go Piggins
Stikman35: Duncan must kick a goal or it’s a failed employment by me.
DrSeuss: Higgins seems to get 1 or 2 posessions then you dont see him again for a quarter
Stikman35: Kelly year over?
DrSeuss: Bit of kick 2 kick at the back please Stewart
DrSeuss: FFS Stewart get a touch – 1 kick this quarter?
DrSeuss: Duncan stuck on 91
Stikman35: Duncan was stuck on bench for ages.
Xephyrise: roos kick 1 goal to 3qt but not the worst score of the night… geez this round is one sided
pcaman2003: Cunnington doing his usual and had a poor qtr. Unreliable spud!
burger01: North need 5 more points to tie their lowest ever AFL score
Stikman35: Bombers can’t score
Stikman35: North v bombers a good match
Stikman35: I’m Picking north.
DrSeuss: WTF is Duncan doing?
Stikman35: Duncan has gone to Duncan’s.
StuL: North and Bombers playing AFLW? One goal for the game?
pcaman2003: Gee Cunners! You still breathing or what? Get moving!
DrSeuss: Stewart and Duncan sinking me in this 2nd half – was looking good till they disappeared
jocka: Lowest Kangas score ever so far
Stikman35: Footy is shivering awfull tonight…without swearing.
pcaman2003: Both games tonight are a disgrace.
DrSeuss: Someone remind Tom Stewart what the ball looks like
jocka: Glad they signed this coach up quick smart. Someone might have poached him!
StuL: Lol. Lowest score ever for north
pcaman2003: Cunnington 28 pt 2nd half. Weak as!

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