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Chat log from R21 of 2019: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R21 of 2019

Hadouken: hi internet
dipstick: i think you mean interweb
BigChief: This is Australia not America dipstick. We call it internet.
StuL: Nice vc neale. Come on boy
pcaman2003: Start scoring VC Neale. Need huge score from you please.
thiccgucci: neale being tagged by touk
CozzieCan: Imagine if Gold Coast won , biggest upset all year
Yelse: zorko is the one needs to be tagged more damaging
Baldfrog: Na cozzie freo beating geelong was
pcaman2003: Gee I hate taggers with a passion this year
CozzieCan: Baldfrog once Adelaide get knocked out of the 8 next week & don’t play finials I’ll ask ya then ha
Seiya: McCluggage is just gonna explode one year, more a matter of when
Baldfrog: What’s that got to do with the biggest upset of the year? Numptie
teddyt: freo beating geelong wasnt really an upset geelong are terrible atm it was expected
CozzieCan: Oh wait you’re already knocked out , jokes on you champ
dipstick: @bigchief internet is a hardware network…interweb is the software portion as in web pages. Your modem is internet
thiccgucci: cozzie so salty lol. baldfrog just gave an honest opinion
tankin: is cozzie having conversation with himself
Baldfrog: With Scott’s finals record wouldn’t be bragging anyways lol
Raspel31: Hmm-Neale VC not working a treat and heading out so, over to you Macrae-go you good thing.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Yep! Macrae looks likely to be C now.
Baldfrog: I know raspel least we have a back up in Macrae
DrSeuss: The one time Miller goes to somewhat not named Zorko. Of course Neale is my unique against every league opponent.
Yelse: so disappointing with neal
frenzy: carn Touk, luv ya work
Lynch_MOB: maccrae will probably get tagged by clark lol
Baldfrog: Probably lol
DrSeuss: I have Neale, oppoent has Rich – some way take out Miller – tagging POS
pcaman2003: Worse is when the tagger outscores his opponent. Grrr!
Grimes Jr: if macrae gets tagged ..
Raspel31: My parting words Bald, pcaman et al- go Macrae and keep us in the comp!
Baldfrog: Think Bont would get tagged first
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Fingers crossed.
Grimes Jr: surely miller goes to zorko now
frenzy: Dunks double ton coming
FLAG: cmon zorks, 200sc
DrSeuss: Zorko killing them so a smart team would tag him. But this is the Suns.
Crave: This happens all the time they tag Neale and then Zorko just kills them
Warney: I think they doing pretty good keeping Neale down, can’t tag everyone
pcaman2003: Nerale 1 CP? I saw 2 at least.
Baldfrog: Warney is a saints supporter?
pcaman2003: Okay! They adjusted Neale’s CP, finally.
Warney: No, my brother does though
Grimes Jr: can still see neale going big for some reason
DrSeuss: Dont mind taggers if they still try to win the ball – Miller just eyes on the player.
circle52: Miller inZorko now
Baldfrog: Gold Coast kicking is shocking
pcaman2003: @circle. Nah! Still running with Neale
_Wang_: Cmon rich.. Dig deep ****
DrSeuss: Miller is still on Neale – Zorko just trying to run him off Neale
Raspel31: I have malingered- must dash. Good luck with all your teams lads-and ladies- and piss off Miller.
FLAG: goal to no neck
lukefield9: anyone know how miles is?
NoneyaB: lol Suns u are a joke lol
SilverLion: 3 goals in 40 seconds lmao
NoneyaB: just fold already cold coast
StuL: GC are tragic. Maybe they should merge with University?
zoomba23: Wonder if people were saying the same thing about your mob in the past 10 years Noney. Bit of a low blow mate
megawatts: fuck if we lose to norf then brissys gonna be on top of us
circle52: Still a very scrappy game and if are to win next week big improvement needed
zoomba23: Mega no way you’re losing to us mate. Gut feel says you guys’ll smash us
feralmong: It will take a Melbourne club to make suns great. Just like the Lions.
megawatts: haha we did lose to freo…
Beast_Mode: I wouldnt worry about brissy, they won’t finish top2 imo
zoomba23: Freo are a different team in WA. Plus we play like shit at the Cattery
feralmong: with dusty and cotch out can see the blues winning tomorrow
Beast_Mode: lmao muppet
DrSeuss: I have Neale, Opponent has Rich – someone knock Miller out
arbel: Anyone that plays suns in last 10 rounds gets such an advantage over team’s that don’t.. .
Yelse: @arbel anyone that plays them twice has a great adv
NoneyaB: zoomba23 they need to be moved on they need to go to a footy lovers state or territory
DrSeuss: Looks like Miller has gone to Zorko – MacPherson to Neale now
arbel: @false true… at least in first couple games they are sort of competitive. After byes it’s percentage boosting
DrSeuss: And now Miller back to Neale – just win the ball yourself you lazy tagging flog
pcaman2003: Shame I had Neale instead of Zorko. Hindsight is fantastic.
shaker: Lions feasting on the carcass now
Yelse: neal shocking seriously even with a tag not trying hard enough
DrSeuss: See if Neale can come back and get more than a handball for this quarter
pcaman2003: Get rid of GC and put a Tassie team in. Now’s the time IMO.
phivee: he doesn’t need to try though, there is no pressure on the other mids so he can just relax
DrSeuss: Yelse – little motivation to try when the rest of your team is feasting tbh
shaker: Ain’t gonna happem Pman AFL are stubborn
redwallis: go banana!
pcaman2003: @Shaker. Unfortunately true. But it makes sense to do it I think.
pcaman2003: VC Neale was a failure. Come on down C Macrae.
shaker: Just have to look at it as a bye with 4 points when teams play them Pman
OhSoRozee: Thought zorko did hammy last game and Brisbane said wouldn’t risk players
Grazz: GC need a mercy rule
Yelse: need to bring in one of to finish my mids bont or Yeo. already have mcrae and dunks
Yelse: @ rozeee i think zorko thinks he going for brownlow
circle52: Charlie has probanly sown up the medal
DrSeuss: Going to lose a leage this week because of Rich vs Neale – who would have thunk it.
Grimes Jr: would be typical if the first time i have to put c on macrae for weeks and he gets tagged after recent scores….
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Shhh! Wash you mouth out.
NewFreoFan: It’s a bit Rich Seuss
Yelse: hoping bont gets tagged
GobChuck: keep going robbo and harris need some good scores to cover robbie gray and boak
pcaman2003: Tagging Neale worked out well for ya Dewy. Nearly 100 pts down.Lol!
NewFreoFan: They may have been 200 down if they didn’t tag Neale haha
zoomba23: Would actually laugh if Macrae gets tagged
DrSeuss: I Neale at the quality of your wordplay FreoFan
zoomba23: Seuss and FreoFan putting their Witts on display
DrSeuss: We will both take our Bowes now
NewFreoFan: Gotta keep that level of Harbrow comedy
Gelly: im surprised neale and swallow diddnt play on each other
DrSeuss: Oooh you Touk it up a notch there Freo
frenzy: stay under 80 Lachie
NewFreoFan: Poor old Dewy needs to Swallow a few less Burgess, his health could be Weller
shaker: On todays score Gelly Neale probably the one to swallow
GobChuck: This ain’t looking Weller for the future of the suns
OhSoRozee: That’s just Witt’s given the day to do extra miles to swallow from king
frenzy: good game Touk, ya killed him
DrSeuss: Keep going Lachie – a little more junk
OhSoRozee: Thought charlie would’ve kicked 9 after 6 at 3 qtr time
obione05: Any Day if you Touk a Neale and go the Miles before a Rich King, you might Swallow a Berry and and lose your Witts
Beast_Mode: got a few virgins on FF i see

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