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Chat log from R21 of 2019: Essendon vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Essendon vs Western Bulldogs, R21 of 2019

Baldfrog: My whole season comes down to you Macrae.
pcaman2003: Same here Baldfrog. Good luck!
Baldfrog: Macrae gets a possie for a throw lol
Grimes Jr: think macrae being tagged
Yelse: same here its Mcrea vs Goldstein Captains
pcaman2003: Damn! Clarke on Macrae and my oppo has Clarke.
Baldfrog: Yep clarke on Macrae
BigChief: Go Dylan. Keep Macrae low please.
OhSoRozee: 2 double tons in a yr for dunkley incoming
The0Grrr: Choice of 3 doggies for C and of course I go Macrae
obione05: Brought Macrae in for Dusty. Seriously
Baldfrog: Well it was a nice year whilst it lasted
StuL: Macrae normally breaks tags anyway. I’m hoping
The0Grrr: Thought they’d tag Bonts as he could do more damage
OhSoRozee: macrae will scrape 110
OhSoRozee: hope roos win the other keep brisbane up top
Grimes Jr: fuck off dons. bunch of weak pricks
DrSeuss: Hate it when Zerrett starts on the bench – takes a while to get into it
pcaman2003: OhSoRozee. Not at this rate.
phivee: season is over thanks to a 20 gamer
Lynch_MOB: told you maccrae would be the one tagged
jbjimmyjb: go dogs, essendon don’t deserve to make finals
Grimes Jr: bunch of drug cheat flogs
Yelse: bye bye season Macrea šŸ™ šŸ™
OhSoRozee: 11 cp already fark
OhSoRozee: sorry flower
Lawls: 15 touches for only 43 points is a bit disappointing
original: Lol umpire no advantage
Lawls: Shit efficiency
happytimes: Bombers are cooked
Yelse: seems like coaches don’t care about damage zorko let loose bont let loose
OhSoRozee: probz b top 5 in brownlow odds going into 2020 dunkley only 22 aswell so good yrs to come
Baldfrog: Agree Yelse years ago if a guy got off the chain u would we shut him down
Grimes Jr: come on macrae. backing you in
pcaman2003: That’s a good 2 minutes Macca. Keep it up
Yelse: next year dunks be a mid in Sc šŸ™ pro danger too
jbjimmyjb: clarke can’t keep up with macrae in general play
DrSeuss: Macrae will be fine – Neale on the other hand ugh. Zerrett get of the fucking bench
AuroraBore: Dunkley one of my first picked next year, even as a mid
TigerKid_A: macrae what a comeback lol
Grimes Jr: love watching dons get pumped
OhSoRozee: yeh i dont really like having 2 many from same team but gonna pick macca/bont/dunk
TigerKid_A: dunks cape surely
OhSoRozee: would b awesome to see a 40 CP game
StuL: I’m pretty sure God has the C on Dunks!
pcaman2003: Dons to get smashed big time. Outclassed totally!
GobChuck: Shocking game to watch. Might switch to the Bledisloe if it keeps like this. Macrae too fast for Clarke in general play
jbjimmyjb: the bombers forward pressure is currently the worst in the league, dogs doing as they please
Gotigres: God has vanished
Grimes Jr: dons overrated for a long time
DrSeuss: How do you keep Zerrett on the bench so much – best ball winner and one of your best kicks
OhSoRozee: pls match margin in the vfl ty
m0nty: well the Hooker/Schache is a little contest where we can get together
OhSoRozee: only if u paying
Baldfrog: For a team playing to stay in the eight the Dons are shocking
GobChuck: somethings up with zerrett to be on the bench that much surely
DrSeuss: When Woosha starts him on the bench it seems to screw with his TOG overall
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. Dons emulating GWS from last night.
Grimes Jr: pcaman. Gws were a contender. Dons have never been a contender
duckky: McKernan down the race – raddio says hammy… I say embarrasment embarrasment
pcaman2003: @Grimes. I think they were in their own minds.
Baldfrog: GWS had an excuse they have lost all their first choice midfield Dons haven’t
OhSoRozee: shoulda seen the shocking non call in other game
pcaman2003: True Baldfrog. Dons starting to make GC look good!
Sloan4Pres: dogs never get pulled up on their cheating throws
Ash777: lol they’re just quick with their handballs
Stikman35: Are bulldogs going to win gf
Sloan4Pres: lol “handballs”
Baldfrog: Zerrett and zaha seem to be in the backline alot
OhSoRozee: herea hoping stickman
coldog: Dons keep starting a man down by playing Zac Clarke
pcaman2003: Slow start but Macrae fought back magnificently this qtr.
Baldfrog: Certainly can’t complain about macca now pcaman
Baldfrog: How come the bombers aint playing this at the mcg?
Ash777: because dons home ground is marvel
OhSoRozee: dons scraping win over suns looking the most important game for them to be able to finish finals bound
Stikman35: Z Clarke is a tremendous ruck emergency
Baldfrog: Oh is it
Stikman35: Better tag Dunkley Clarke…….
OhSoRozee: this is dogs home game pre sure
OhSoRozee: tigers,pies,demons,hawks is the mcg home sides
Lawls: Changed VC from Macca to Bont. Opp has it on Macca and Bont is a unique for me. Need Bont to at least match him.
wadaramus: Should have put the C on Dunks! Hopefully Macrae can still get to a decent total.
yablettt: Essendon even being in the top 8 is a fair effort with these spuds playing
OhSoRozee: screens 2 small penguins make dons bottom half hidden under game chat
italz: Hello? Essendon?
Stikman35: Feel sorry for Essendon.
Yelse: who’s clarke tagging now
Baldfrog: This is a shambles
Ash777: ouch that goal was killer
Stikman35: Clarke kicked it the right way…..
OhSoRozee: wonder how much dogs paid dons to flop to gain %
Baldfrog: About three danks i rekon
Grimes Jr: get going jackson
Gelly: go home essendon you’re drunk
Breezey: This is magic to watch.
Lynch_MOB: this is a piss weak gutless effort
OhSoRozee: hopefully the dogs meet gws of this round next week aswell
Baldfrog: Well don’t think Kelly, Hopper or Cogs will be back
original: Umpire blows whistle. Then goes quiet
Stikman35: Pies and bombers are duds.
Yelse: anyone know where D clarke playing doesn’t seem to be tagging
OhSoRozee: kelly and hopper will be back next week
OhSoRozee: 5 ff and 4 fa macrae dont usually see that
Yelse: de boer back next week too
OhSoRozee: yeh can see deboer on bont
Grimes Jr: #donsfooty
OhSoRozee: he might need a run in 2s tho
Yelse: Mcrae shocking quarter
Baldfrog: De Boer can go on Macrae if I don’t win this week lol
OhSoRozee: gws bye in neafl
OhSoRozee: hadnt played since rd13
duckky: Like the Harlem Globe Trotters vs the Washington Generals
Grimes Jr: tippa is so overrated it isn’t even funny
Catatafish: Well done Merrett, just stay on the bench like a true leader
original: Merrett fine for dive? Sicily maybe too last night (no free on greene was woeful)
OhSoRozee: 15 goals in a row
Gelly: merrett should get a fine for that dive
TheOnyas: Onya Doggy
Lynch_MOB: has a team ever only kicked one goal in a game at marvel before i wonder
DrSeuss: Dunkley stuck on 100 – is he chiling on the bench?
OhSoRozee: at marvel no they havent
Lynch_MOB: well marvel/etihad etc
Catatafish: Essendon, you are shit. Go home.
pcaman2003: Macrae the only Dog without a mark.
OhSoRozee: nah lowest is 3 goals by adelaide i think
Ash777: send out the traffic cones. They’ll provide more of a contest
Stikman35: Goodbye coach # 4.
Baldfrog: Well bombers will smash that rozee
Catatafish: Yep, witches hats time
Kaalia: 100% witches hats time.
OhSoRozee: the 2s didnt go any better
Baldfrog: Adelaide 3.6 is the lowest score
burger01: Bombers lowest score in last 95 years has been 23 pts…
OhSoRozee: rhylee west had 29 kicked 4 and laid 7
Grimes Jr: essendon u bunch u useless flogs!
Yelse: bombers will sack coach next week before pies game so they can beat pies
The0Grrr: Geez. I thought Dees are bad.
Baldfrog: Least McKernan tries hard
Stikman35: Haha yelse
OhSoRozee: nah cant sack coach still in the 8 will when season done
NugzNiggle: This is dead set embarrassing.
Stikman35: This is terrible
pcaman2003: Stringer playing his usual blinder in a tough game.
Ash777: end of the season he’ll be sacked if the board has the balls to do so
NugzNiggle: So many passengers in the bombers side.
Breezey: Nothing better than seeing shower like this.
OhSoRozee: if only dogs had this accuracy more often
OhSoRozee: i think scott is only a chance to coach again at dons no other side
Baldfrog: Breezey watch eagles v crows maybe a repeat lol
Breezey: Shiel first goal then Dogs the next 18
Kaalia: I’d give McKernan, Redman, McKenna, Merrett and Ambrose a pass tonight.
OhSoRozee: yeh 100 mins so far without a goal
The0Grrr: Surely all caretakers get the jobs?
Breezey: That many@Kaalia
Stikman35: North v bombers is interesting tonight. Who scores next…
NugzNiggle: Agree Breezey. So good.
pcaman2003: Big percentage booster for Dogs.
NugzNiggle: Woweeeeeeeee.
Stikman35: Poor buggers
BOMBRBLITZ: way to go Essington
OhSoRozee: 6.8% gained atm
AuroraBore: Need fantasia to kick a goal for my multi to land, was gonna go with dale but decided against it
Gelly: if essendon get a goal, the crowd will carry on like its snowing
Catatafish: My fucking god.
Grimes Jr: essendon fans r lucky. can go to game and go home after first 20 seconds.
duckky: I’d only give Redman a pass tonite Kaalia
The0Grrr: Doggies vs Tiges GF would be good viewing I reckon
OhSoRozee: beast mode dunkley
Yelse: they giving essedon crap but do they n
Yelse: they giving essedon crap but do they know norths score
Burnsy03: This is like our seniors earlier, kicked 3.1 in Q! and didnt score after that
Baldfrog: West coast will be there
Ash777: dons trying to cause injury because they cant win a contest
pcaman2003: The press conference will be interesting tonight.
NugzNiggle: uninteresting, boring, vapid, dull, spiritless, zestless, bloodless and lifeless.
The0Grrr: Yeah any of those three would imagine to be good games.
OhSoRozee: lions will b there if they get 2 home games
OhSoRozee: in week 1 and 3
Dream Big: Zac Clarke deserves 2 potatoes.
NugzNiggle: Yelse. Geelong have only managed 62 so far. Dogs- 130.
StuL: This has got to be one of the worst bombers performances ever
Breezey: How many of them words did you Google Niggler
The0Grrr: Merrett deserves a spud too
OhSoRozee: yeh other game isnt under the roof
Baldfrog: Different conditions Nugz
BigChief: Also different standard of opponent Nugz
Lynch_MOB: nth and ess have the same score lol
OhSoRozee: aye macca marked
Ash777: dogs would still win if the roof was open
Baldfrog: Plus gmhbawjklez stadium is horrible
The0Grrr: Shows how bad a judge I am. Thought tonights games were games of the round
OhSoRozee: 120 pts biggest dogs win
jocka: Dons lowest score in 100 years
Stikman35: Dogs cheering. Haha
Grimes Jr: ffs
The0Grrr: If Tippa gets a goal don’t Dons usually win?
pcaman2003: MaCrae had 115 pts before the mark and goal. Where r the pts?
Baldfrog: When tippa kicks a goal essendon win I heard
Stikman35: Iā€™d be picking dogs if they were playing cats over next month.. no doubt.
OhSoRozee: still only 2950 pts gained
Baldfrog: Too quick TheOGrrr
Breezey: Come on Dogs. I took you 120+. Lift
NugzNiggle: You should know I’ve got a fairly elaborate vocabulary breezey.
TigerKid_A: yeah pcaman. Surely he gets scaled
The0Grrr: Only once in my life Baldy
Yelse: Mcrea getting robbed
pcaman2003: @TigerKid. Not just that but given a clanger. FGS!
Stikman35: Bombers really should get scaled out of this by 60% donated to dogs.
pcaman2003: Hacked by the Chinese no doubt.
BOMBRBLITZ: Raining goals GO DONS!
Yelse: handball and kick both hit targets nil SC points macrea
Grimes Jr: macrae will get scaled
OhSoRozee: cmon dogs dont concede now need that %
wadaramus: Why is Macrae’s SC not going up, he kicked a goal and it hardly moved?
Seiya: the game is already over @wada the goal meant nothing in the context of the game hence not as many points
Stikman35: Clarke deserves scaling up for his tagging role
Lynch_MOB: calm you sooks, still 200 sc points to share out still you muppets
Grimes Jr: #donsfooty #drugsfooty
OhSoRozee: 200ish pts to come
wadaramus: A goals a goal Seiya!! I get your point though, but I thought SC rewarded results regardless of game state.
_Wang_: Scaling come on
Grimes Jr: lord macrae

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