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Chat log from R21 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R21 of 2019

BigChief: Hopper and Gunston late outs.
Ash777: geez they spend alot at gws on facilities
Sixty656: Evening all
Ash777: I doubt half the clubs have float tanks and chyro chambers
BRAZZERS: come on hawks, hopefully a good game
BigChief: Jye Caldwell #5 in m0nty
Raspel31: Much more fun to be a loser last week- you get another guaranteed week of pain.
Yelse: need Sicily williams and whitfield to go hugeeee
Baldfrog: Just want to see snow
wadaramus: Are you up at Mount Lofty Baldfrog?
Ash777: I wonder if they removed stewart flats yet next to manuka
StuL: I’m figuring the atrocious weather might mess up scoring.
Raspel31: Hopper out-groan. De Goey, Rampe, Stack- when will the pain end?
Baldfrog: Na Wada closer to semaphore but they were saying could snow in Canberra tonight
beerent11: Evening all. Best of luck to everyone this fine Friday
wadaramus: Haha, roger that 🙂
Ash777: *stuart. and yes they’re gone lol
Baldfrog: Stack is in raspel
Sixty656: Baldfrog – I could throw a rock at you in this wind… From Largs 😉
Apachecats: So is Rampe rasp
Raspel31: Believe so Bald. Evening wada and beer- brought in Green instead of Worpal as dop- fingers crossed.
Baldfrog: Wow sixty you are close to me
BigChief: Caldwell looks good early.
Baldfrog: I got Greene as well raspel
Raspel31: Cheers Apache.
StuL: Looks OK on TV but here it is raining, windy, effing freezing
StuL: OK. Damn should have got whit. Looked outside and thought I could wait a week.
Baldfrog: Stul we have had it since yesterday morning
wadaramus: Howdy Raspel 🙂
beerent11: Vc Whitfield. Cmon.
Sixty656: Thought my roof was going to come off today, jebus!
Baldfrog: You in mount Lofty Wada?
Raspel31: PerhapsWorpel was a better option than Greene, sigh. Ah, at least the EPL starts tonight.
Haydo: Whats hoppers injury?
Apachecats: Sicily will play a blinder tonight -now that is doesn’t matter
Raspel31: Evening Wada.
Baldfrog: Cant wait raspel
Baldfrog: Hammy haydo
wadaramus: Na mate, me down South, Aldinga way.
BigChief: @Haydo they say hammy related.
StuL: TT. Good pick Phantom you numb nut. Thks for the advice
Baldfrog: Nice I was bought up at Christies
DrSeuss: Traded in Greene this week….if you could pick it up Zilliams too that would be awesome
StuL: OK. That worked. You’re a gun timmy.
wadaramus: Seaford for me 🙂
Baldfrog: Lol seems everyone got Greene
beerent11: Whitfield
DrSeuss: Should have bought in Caldwell it seems lol
wadaramus: I only got Greene in AF.
Ash777: go worpedo
Sixty656: Opp put the C on whitfeild, not good so far :/
Baldfrog: VC neale C Macrae
Apachecats: Frankston lost a chunk of pier today wada I hear.
BRAZZERS: thought about putting the vc on whitfield, damn
BigChief: VC Whitfield and C Neale for me.
Raspel31: Same Bald- great minds.
Ash777: yep it floated out to sea
beerent11: Vc Whitfield c Cripps here
Baldfrog: Lookin good so far chief
wadaramus: Those jetties cop a hammering in a storm Apache, but I was talking Seaford SA!
DrSeuss: Greene been moved forward it seems – not good for DT or SC scores 🙁
Raspel31: Ah well, at least I get Hately’s goal as no Hopper.
DrSeuss: Ooops back in the middle now
beerent11: Gee worpels been repaying the faith lately
heppelitis: BT probably going to call Jiath Majak at some point.
Apachecats: SA does make more sense for you actually wada.
Apachecats: probably right there heppil ,he just called someone Gunston
TheOnyas: Onya Shielsy
Sixty656: These games with tony crowds… AFL should provide fake cheers over the load speakers to make more atmosphere
BestCoast: Greetings gentlemen all the best this weekend. The manager has let me have a sip again happy days
Baldfrog: We have snow!!!
BigChief: Here comes the snow.
Gotigres: It is snowing at the game!
Ash777: the sleet has started
Breezey: Claps or Yays @ Sixty656
Raspel31: Groan- last mistake of the year- Greene ahead of Worpel.
Apachecats: Greeting BC ,I’d rather be in Noosa.
wadaramus: Haha, got your wish Baldfrog!
heppelitis: lmao
NugzNiggle: All the play on one side. Lachie can’t get back on.
m0nty: Jiath is a snow specialist, obviously.
BigChief: Nice icon m0nty 🙂
wadaramus: Loving the Worpedo, started with him and held him all year.
thokash: the Giants need Lachie Plowman back
DrSeuss: Taranto stuck on the bench as well – not that I mind 🙂
heppelitis: Daisy the snow bunny
BestCoast: Raspel it was like a summers day today we have the frost coming our way lucky I still have three bottles of Whistlepig
happytimes: He nailed it. FMD
Schillaci: Be nice if Whitfield came back on
Raspel31: I’ll be around in 15 BestCoast.
circle52: Love Qld sitting here in shorts watching them skid aroound in the slow.
StuL: Go and stand in your fridge then turn on a fan and shower yourself in ice somehow. That’s how cold it is.
NugzNiggle: It’s snowing BT. Snow joke mate.
Baldfrog: Raspel just lo like watching an epl game
original: Omeara why u gotta go backwards man
Apachecats: So dry July is over BC ,now you have to do Don’t Remember September.
BestCoast: Worpedo smashing it of late not on my list though have byes this weekend very boring
DrSeuss: Heard anything about Taranto? Spent a lot of time on the bench after a good start
Raspel31: Okay qtr time- who’s your EPL team Bald- me a die hard Spurs man.
wadaramus: Give the man a cape!
casey22: Jiath, 2 firsts on the same night!!!!!
BestCoast: Circle52 beautiful day of sun today wasn’t it lol
seanfc99: Forecast: Snowy
SilverLion: nice touch with the skiers m0nty
wadaramus: Liverpool for me, go the Reds!
pcaman2003: Worps still manages 50 with a 38 DE. Nice work Worps!
heppelitis: Robert Louis Bobby Drake icon for Worpel
Baldfrog: Liverpool raspel the song they sing before game hooked me in
circle52: great Best Coast
BestCoast: Apache 4 weeks without thirst of a thousand camels can’t wait for tomorrow’s edition of the hangover
circle52: Wind getting a bit cooler now though
BestCoast: Baldfrog YNWA
Apachecats: Down hill skier would be a great logo for a few in my team.
casey22: First to admit I’ve never seen snow at a footy game
BestCoast: Good luck to the Crows this weekend gents always a good clash between us
Baldfrog: Saw Liverpool Here in Adelaide and got to sing the song was amazing BC
wadaramus: Craig Johnston back in the 70’s & 80’s for me:)
Apachecats: You should go to a game at Neerim South @casey.
casey22: Going to Canberra on Sunday: asking myself – Why?
Baldfrog: We have no hope BC but hope it’s a good game
Apachecats: Hawthorn goal to Mummy.
BestCoast: Seen nearly weekly back in the late eighties this is Anfield
wadaramus: Word up BC, “This is Anfield”!!
wadaramus: No cape for the Worpedo??
happytimes: These commentators are not even watching this game
StuL: Who was complain about Greene? TT shower pick.
Baldfrog: Giants in trouble here
Apachecats: TT ,1 out of 6 has hit a target.
StuL: BT annoyingly talks crap rather than calling the game
heppelitis: Look at Chad rising to the top, Wingardium Leviosa
beerent11: Very Tasmanian weather in Canberra tonight
DrSeuss: Ok Lachie you can start getting involved again now
Baldfrog: Thought it was Melbourne weather actually 🍺
Gotigres: Whitfield can’t handle the snow
StuL: I’m in my study with a beanie on.
StuL: Don’t stop Worpig.
Gotigres: Forecast should say windy with snow
Sixty656: Whitfeild cant handle the truth!
Breezey: Nice Sic
Sixty656: I have Taranto in SC my opp in AF has him. FML!
Raspel31: Good boy Greene- pegging Worpig back.
Baldfrog: #freekickhawforn
DrSeuss: Lucky everyone has Whitfield – looks like he clocked off just before quarter time
Baldfrog: It’s boring now bring back the snow
Raspel31: Hopper no gun but golly they miss him with no Kelly or Conigs.
OhSoRozee: toby greene is 2 good to not play perm mid was a gun when he avg like 31 early yrs
Sixty656: No more snow please, release THE HAIL
Chelskiman: How was that deemed a push? Terrible decision.
Baldfrog: #freekickgiants
beerent11: Got him vc seuss. Disappeared when the snow came.
circle52: Soft free there –
pcaman2003: Another BS free for a goal.
DrSeuss: Whitfield clocked back in I see
OhSoRozee: id back him to rest fwd as danger/dusty does and i bet he would impact more games
Breezey: I have missed Hore playing for the Dees. I like Bonar now.
Yelse: sicily on my bench naish better not come in
jbjimmyjb: yelse there is no way naish is playing lol
Apachecats: The general tone of the forum has improved with Hore out.
Raspel31: Naish not even an emergency Yelse sadly.
Baldfrog: Haha true Apache
beerent11: Sicily muppet last 2minutes
Breezey: Yeah but who doesn’t have Bonar
Baldfrog: To cold here breezey for a bonar
Apachecats: Now I get it Breezey.I’m getting Bonar next week for sure.
LaHug: Traded out Sicily in DT this week… What a crap season
Breezey: Let’s hope you get Bonar in @Apache
Baldfrog: Wonder if any dees fans in Canberra tonight
heppelitis: lol baldfrog
heppelitis: bonar deflated after disallowed goal
DrSeuss: Some of the tackles Taranto gets +4 for are ridiculous
Pusti: Bonar was a bit stiff there.
wadaramus: Bonar needs to try and stay erect in a marking contest.
OhSoRozee: bonar needs to get a shot off or blue balled
Apachecats: Reckon hawks are home in this.
heppelitis: yes Pusti very stiff but did not score
OhSoRozee: yeh reminds me alot of rd8 this game
Ash777: needs to snow again. It’s gotten boring.
pcaman2003: Ump to go to Specsavers again.
Apachecats: Poor old Toby just got strangled and got a fa.
OhSoRozee: would b interesting to see greene vs sicily in the fwd line
Baldfrog: Must have those new ball rolling bonds jocks on
Ash777: sicily going for a rare ton
Raspel31: Giants got this.
Baldfrog: Cooling*
original: Wow ump
DrSeuss: Wow umps just caused a 12 point turn around
Pusti: I reckon Cameron might pull Bonar off soon.
Raspel31: Bonar playing well now he’s shaken the Strappon tag.
pcaman2003: What a goal! Go Hawks!
Raspel31: Hmm, I might have tipped badly.
Baldfrog: Susan Boyle has started singing
DrSeuss: How many times can they suggest that the win is due to Clarko smiling and wearing a shirt and shorts? FFS
pcaman2003: Great to Sicily get his mojo back tonight.
Apachecats: Rasp I’m running at about 25% for Friday night games for the year.
OhSoRozee: woulda thought taranto b on 100 with those stats in these conditions
Stikman35: Keep going Shaw
BigChief: With 6 clangers and 30% DE @Rozee?
pcaman2003: I’m such a traitor. Picked GWS by 25pts. Doh!
DrSeuss: 30% accuracy Rozee
OhSoRozee: yeh i know that ud still think he would b elite in this conditions
Raspel31: Yep Apache but the pain almost over. Over to EPL and more pain.
OhSoRozee: i just meant as the type of player he is ud back him in to b 100 with those
DrSeuss: Oh ok sorry – you are saying he ‘should’ excel in these conditions. Now I get it.
OhSoRozee: to b 6 cp in 3 qtrs is rubbish from inside mid
Raspel31: Picked Dogs to beat Dons- confusing isn’t it pcaman.
wadaramus: Let’s go Worpel, propel yourself to 150 man!!
pcaman2003: @Raspel. This whole season has been like that I’m afraid.
OhSoRozee: hm games u reckon in 1 new position would it take for dpp in sc for the new yr?
Raspel31: Let’s go Greene- overtake Warpoll.
OhSoRozee: i gave up on tipping for that reason wasnt gonna chase any1 down
pcaman2003: Breeeuuuust!
Raspel31: Hmm?
Pusti: The umps don’t pay Perryman.
beerent11: Think we’re seeing why gws are not serious premiership hopes
beerent11: Good old Chris de burgh
OhSoRozee: hawks nice % now still a chance
wadaramus: They don’t even fix a price?
Baldfrog: Lady in red
pcaman2003: GWS are a inept tonight and look totally lost.
OhSoRozee: got the suns next week to boost even higher so wce vs hawks rd23 looks decent now
Yelse: they should have played kelly think they regretting it
Raspel31: No Conigs, Kelly, Ward, Hopper- no midfield.
Baldfrog: They have their best midfield out atm though
Gelly: ice for gws tonight
beerent11: Can’t play Kelly in these conditions reinjury for sure
beerent11: Fucken soft though. Even with players out.
BigChief: Hawks can’t beat WC in Perth can they?
Baldfrog: Na chief WC are hummin now
Gelly: GWS percentage taking a belting
BigChief: If they do they deserve to play finals.
CozzieCan: Greene has been awesome for the last month , shame he’s to injury prone
beerent11: Nope chief
Raspel31: And he hasn’t hit anyone for simply weeks Cozzie- go Greene!
Baldfrog: Gunston isn’t injured he knew how cold it was gunna be
Breezey: Who would’ve put the VC on Sicily. Me that’s who and I make take it too by the end of this
beerent11: Worpel 6th best 3rnd ave mid before this game.
wadaramus: Greene really getting round the ground for high possession game.
wadaramus: Lock. It. In. Breezey!
Raspel31: Picked Greene rather than Worpel as my ladt trade- coming good.
beerent11: Gotta take that breezey. With the rucks playing each other this week
Breezey: I think I might
Baldfrog: Monty think you have Greene’s DT and SC scores mixed up
beerent11: Do I take Whitfield vc?
BigChief: Damn 10 clangers hurt Greene going huge.
beerent11: 75 not to be sneezed at
BigChief: You can if you want beerent, I won’t be LOL
wadaramus: You’re trolling, surely Beer?
wadaramus: Worpel taking Q4 off..
Raspel31: It is to laugh beer- ha ha. The answer is yes.
beerent11: Points in the bank
wadaramus: Not enough points in the bank
Raspel31: If you want your bank to fail beer.
beerent11: Might put the c on logue

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