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Chat log from R20 of 2019: Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs, R20 of 2019

OhSoRozee: finger’s crossed we stay alive
Burnsy03: amen rozee
DrSeuss: Neale, Macrae and Dunkley to go big and Lions to win – would be a nice end to the weekend
OhSoRozee: robbo probz gonna sit on dunk
Grimes Jr: got rich in this week. sorry guys
m0nty: hands up everyone who chose Macrae (c) over Grundy
Raspel31: Biggie for me- Macrae, Dunks, Neale and Bonts-go lads.
Stikman35: Went Gawn
BigChief: Nope. I took Neale as my C
Raspel31: Hands up m0nty.
Dead_Ned: i had danger vc.. macrae C
OhSoRozee: lots of opp mids dont get a look in against dogs risky on neale c
Raspel31: I decided to sit with Macrae’s 200 m0nty,
GobChuck: Big finish to the week here: Robinson Neale Rich Dunks Macrae Bont Daniel. Hopefully a good end and a lions win
GobChuck: oh and andrews……forgot my defence existed since it sucks so much at this point
DrSeuss: Ok Lachie this is the one week I really need you to go 100+
Wends: Stuck with Grundy after oppt went Dunks last minute Monty (RDT). Hoping Robbo sticks to Dunks like glue.
NoneyaB: geez brizzy are potent
OhSoRozee: dont think wood would get games if wasnt captain
Wends: Gah! stay down Dunks >:{
Raspel31: Dogs midfield shines even when getting hammered.
DrSeuss: You there Lachie? Get a touch or 10 perhaps?
OhSoRozee: in the week u need to b accurate vs #1 scoring team dish up this shower
Dead_Ned: jackson, oh yes
phivee: they missed a bailey smith kick
jbjimmyjb: useless dunkley
DrSeuss: Neale do something FFS
Grimes Jr: stay down jackson
NthsFinest: Dunkley 3 points for a ineffective kick. You can always tell which players these CD statisticians have.
Brian: Oh boy wowee, Lincoln McCarthy just dropped the World Cup.
LuvIt74: Glad i put the C on Macrae in the end over Neale
Erich1036: @NthsFinest it’s almot like he got 3 points for the contested possession. Crazy stuff.
thesilentl: @nrthsfinest the algorithm distributes the pts mate
DrSeuss: Neale just standing around packs – get involved you lazy punk
Grimes Jr: traded in rich this week!
DrSeuss: Thanks Lachie – a lot more of that please
pcaman2003: Bullies in a spot of bother here. One goal in a half is terrible.
DrSeuss: Missed 2 Lachie Tackles there
LuvIt74: Cannot believe Lions will be on top of the ladder in round 20, they have been awesome
pcaman2003: @Luvit. How will they be on top?
Grimes Jr: dunks if u don’t match it with macrae i lose. lift
jbjimmyjb: daniel rich with 0 points for the quarter
OhSoRozee: @luvit would b interesting if they were rd23 vs tigers at mcg and a possible b2b clash final at the gabba
pcaman2003: Grimes jr! Don’t like your chances much unless Macca gets injured.
OhSoRozee: @pca might get a tag having 24 in a half
NthsFinest: @Erich it was uncontested ineffective…
Wends: Need Dunks to get less than 70 more points in 2nd half. Will he go bang? Why did I have that coffee at 3pm??
FlyinRyan2: Since liberatore came back dunks has not been as good
pcaman2003: Abit more TOG for Dunks would help too Macca and Bont have more TOG.
DrSeuss: Ok Lachie – I only need you to get 73 – is that asking too much?
Gandhi: Libba is bad for Dunks, Hunter and the bulldogs in general
Baldfrog: Another team bites the dust for 2019
boges11: Opp has Hunter + Rich + 130pts. I have Neale + Dunckley + Witho. What are my chances?
Grimes Jr: so glad i chose rich over houli this week
BigChief: Now what Doc? Neale got to 73 for you.
HawkTalker: need danile to beat dunkley by 10 pts SC. Send hope and prayers
Grimes Jr: go dunks
DrSeuss: Now I will hope to enjoy the Lions win
Wends: Hope and prayers, HT, hope n prayers….
Wends: Not watching… why has Macrae slowed down so much?
Lawls: I need Bont to outscore Daniel and Rich combined to win my elimination final
DrSeuss: Dogs haven’t had much ball at all Wends
frenzy: maca done? aint been near it
Baldfrog: Zorko done
BigChief: Zorko done. Ice on hammy.
NoneyaB: zorks is probs putting him in cotten wool
BRAZZERS: game on lads
wadaramus: Ryan to Rich not looking so profitable..
wadaramus: Dogs making a game of it, should be a cracking last quarter!
Dead_Ned: Bont, Neale, Answerth. Daniel and Macrae with the C
Sixty656: Need 55 points from Macrae (C) and Neale in AF…
wadaramus: However, Lycett to The Bont is proving more beneficial πŸ™‚
OhSoRozee: its now or back to tanking get a better pick wont make finals if lose this
gIMX7: Well boys, I’ve locked up the win at this point. 100 points behind w/ Answerth, Macrae and Dunkley against Daniel
Apachecats: For sale one Hunter ,low km ,goes well downhill.
BestCoast: Carn Captain Macrae, Bonts, Dunks and Neale big finish for 2700+
wadaramus: Haha very nice sales pitch Apache!
BestCoast: Apache when you don’t have a motor or ticker will only go down hill
wadaramus: Jack Mac is a machine..
Baldfrog: Sounds like he would fit in well at Melb Apache
BigChief: Cmon Doggies. Want you to dump Adel from the finals πŸ™‚
Baldfrog: Be nice Dunstall
BestCoast: Baldfrog as a supporter in the alps
amigaman: Over 2700 and still going πŸ™‚
Baldfrog: Well done amiga
BestCoast: Amigaman how many you still got playing
Lawls: Bont giving me false hope he’s going to outscore Rich and Daniel
Apachecats: Noice Amiga.
amigaman: Neale, Bont, Macrae
OhSoRozee: the goals is the middle 1 doggies
BestCoast: amiga double thumbs up
amigaman: Thanks guys, will be my best ever
Wends: Damnit, well credit to Dunkley for an almost 70 pt 2nd half. Clearly, I didn’t burn enough sage and sandlewood incense.
MercAm: Jesus amigaman, noice work buddy
Baldfrog: Still you smell pretty wends
Wends: well done amiga
Sixty656: 10 more points… come on freaking
Wends: Lol baldyfrog, that’s the patchouli πŸ™‚
Wends: Surprisingly still alive in one of my FF league tit’ead cups tho, thx to Macrae
BigChief: I am not Dunstall Baldfrog. You must be new here.
Baldfrog: Yup I am Chief
BigChief: Then welcome to the madhouse πŸ™‚
BestCoast: Led by BigChief lol
BigChief: Yep. Mad Roy’s man here.
TheLegend6: Another 3 vote game for the Bont?
heppelitis: 2550 with a doughnut happy with that
BigChief: I wouldn’t think so Legend. 2 votes at most.
OhSoRozee: nah cameron will get 3 macca 2 and bont 1
Wends: Dunkley smashed by Robbo
Apachecats: Macrae will get no votes again from any one I bet.
TheLegend6: I jumped on Bont for Brownlow at $17 so here’s hoping! haha
BRAZZERS: no chance
OhSoRozee: dont like having to many dogs players but macca/dunk/bont likely for 2020
Apachecats: Nice 4 point 1/4 Hunter you dirty rat cow pig.
BigChief: Robbo 3, Bont 2, Charlie 1
BRAZZERS: maccrae 3 robbo 2 bont 1
Wends: How bad did Dunks look? Was going to sneaky pick him up next week for remaining finals
Lawls: Bont has stopped me a win in my final!! What a legend.
SangaT13: Up 5 atm, pls don’t upscale Robinson
Lawls: Stolen*

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