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Chat log from R20 of 2019: Carlton vs West Coast

Chat log for Carlton vs West Coast, R20 of 2019

Wends: Bueller…. Bueller…. Bueller….
The0Grrr: Hurn high Gaff low please fella’s
thesilentl: Need 8 from Sheed to get a h2h finals win here
thiccgucci: goodluck @thesilent
Wends: Need Setters to go high for my one league that counts – held off trading him this wk. Gaff high wld be nice too.
thiccgucci: come on cripps, dont go missing
Raspel31: Think Macrae might get the nod at this stage Mr Cripps
Wends: Good afternoon Raspel, who was yr VC/C combo?
Raspel31: Was looking for pod as lost Rampe, De Goey and Stack- so Cripps/Macrae Wends
Ben_Gogos: Two in a quarter after ten matches without a single!
Wends: Good going. Was so close to going Macrae after solid turns as C last couple of wks.
Raspel31: And you Wends?
Ben_Gogos: Nic Newman take a bow!
Wends: It’s that innate Swans/ex swans hatred of weagles, Ben 😉
pcaman2003: I’ll laugh if Blues win this.
RooBeauty1: Blues aint winning this
Wends: Stayed w Grundy after oppt last minute change to Dunkley Rasp, didn’t work out too bad 🙂 Just need Dunks to go <150
Burnsy03: Need a 120 from walsh for my league after stupid fucking treloar
Wends: …& Setters to go above 60…
Ben_Gogos: @Wends as good an explanation as any! 😉
SilverLion: Go Blues
Wends: Sorry that’s Dunks 150 or under (in RDT)
pcaman2003: @RooBeauty. I’ll hold you to that.
lukefield9: sam walsh just casually shutting down anyone who has questioned his ability to win the rising star
SilverLion: Commentators are commentating like they just expect west coast to win, hate it.
pcaman2003: If Petrol and Answerth get 450 between them,I’ll be laughing and into the prelim.
Wends: Switch on ABC call @Silver, much less high blood pressure inducing. Also Parko special comments.
thiccgucci: cripps projected 130, will sting if he doesnt get near
BRAZZERS: grundy 120sc lol
BRAZZERS: 121 grundy i mean
pcaman2003: Naturally my opponent has McGovern. He hasn’t put a foot wrong.
Wends: Nothing worse than a random POD deciding your finals @PCA…
pcaman2003: @BRAZZERS. He did an awful lot ofr those last 9 points that he earned.
Wends: Anyone pick up Simpson at his lowest?
pcaman2003: @Wends. Nearly all his Pod’s including Treloar have really killed this week. Will have to regroup for next week now.
BRAZZERS: not not complaining, should have been 130 plus imo
thiccgucci: get firing crippps, need u to dominate
Wends: Ouch PCA… Have 3 trades left for finals injuries/upgrades. Expecting all trade ins to underachieve – always the way!
StuL: Sometimes you need Newman in your team. damn
pcaman2003: @Wends. I hear you!
Raspel31: Hmm Cap Cripps or move it to Macrae?. Such a tough decision.
Wends: What’s the gut say?
OhSoRozee: hate advantage rule
thesilentl: Glad I only needed 8 from Sheer….
Raspel31: Stuff the gut Wends- it’s a no brainer. But I think you are exercising irony as was I.
Ben_Gogos: Eagles with 6/7 majors…
OhSoRozee: and that weird commentator that does aflw games i dont like
Wends: 🙂 Indeed…. of course Crippa will have a 90 point 2nd half now we’ve angered the fantasy gods.
zoomba23: Dunno if that’s deliberate
Grimes Jr: good boy hurn
Wends: Cmon Setters…. Lord knows I don’t ask for much? Get to 60!
DrSeuss: Guess who traded out Newman for Simpson this week…genius over here
The0Grrr: That must be why Ur a doctor
DrSeuss: LOL – Surgically removing myself from league finals with that decision
DrSeuss: Simpson and Neale + 20 ish for me vs Yeo and Curnow for opponent.
zoomba23: Lol Ryan just ignoring Yeo after that goal
DrSeuss: Had I kept Newman – all my leagues would be won already…gotta love this game
The0Grrr: Sounds like U might diagnose a nice padded “room” for yourself
pcaman2003: Silvagni still gets games? 11 touches with 6 clangers. Top effort!
pcaman2003: Spoke too soon. Make that 12 and 7
DrSeuss: Yep might need some form of self prescribed therapy by the end of this game.
Dead_Ned: newman limping from the ground
J_Herer: Newman ending my finals game
Raspel31: Diagnosis of Newman’s injury DrSeuss?
lisapizza7: corkie
J_Herer: Going to lose my AF final with a 2340 score dam it
DrSeuss: Didnt view the mechanism of injury – hopefully it is ‘Simpsonus Scoremoreitis’
amigaman: Come back Newman!
BigChief: Mitch McGovern been traded to WCE?
DrSeuss: Ok Simmo – need you to overtake Curnow and Yeo please
amigaman: Watching other game. Is Newman back on. or cooked?
J_Herer: Let go big Yeo!
DrSeuss: Simpson get a touch FFS – Yeo is killing me
amigaman: That answered my question
DrSeuss: Yeo was on 13 or something after 1 qtr
Wends: Setters may just save my bacon yet
Wends: Or in my case, I Can’t Believe it’s Not Bacon.
Grimes Jr: lift shannon
DrSeuss: Thats it Simmo junk it up to 100 +
Wends: Setters apparently just went onto bench from head knock earlier.
ajconodie: Damn you Cripps. There goes my 2700+
DrSeuss: Ahhh Newman – of course you do this the week that I trade you out – might as well keep going

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